Dark Transference: The Sequel to Estate of Horror

Dark Transference: The Sequel to Estate of Horror

by Anita Jo Intenzo


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There is a battle being waged at Anita's house and the combatants aren't alive. The once docile, dormant ghostly residents of Anita Jo Intenzo's 1800's property are now enraged over the recent "dark trespassers" that have joined their household.
These sinister entities were unknowingly transported along with hundreds of ancient artifacts left to Anita by her deceased friend,Paul Jaeger, an anthropologist.
A disruptive force transferred with the "trespassers" dark nature soon becomes apparent when violent poltergeist activity begins on Christmas Eve 2009, only two months after
Anita settles Paul's estate. She has a sickening realization that her home is now what Paul Jaeger's house once was-Haunted!
With the help of paranormal investigator Laurie Hull and deliverance minister Bill Bean the spiritual battle lines are drawn against some of the darkest evil the world has ever known.
Who will win this battle of wills with their sanity intact?
Read this compelling sequel to Anita's popular and successful debut book, Estate of Horror, which was the inspiration for the episode "Portal of Doom",
aired on A HAUNTING TV show on Destination America in December 2014 and an enhanced episode "Demonic Possession: Episode 2" on September 2015.

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ISBN-13: 9780692770566
Publisher: Allined Books
Publication date: 09/21/2016
Pages: 204
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.43(d)

About the Author

Classically trained as a fine artist, Anita Jo Intenzo graduated with honors from Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia, earning a B.S. Degree in Art Education. She taught art classes at day and evening schools for twenty-five years. Her oil paintings currently hang in collections throughout the United States, and she has had several gallery shows. She started restoring old photos over thirty-five years ago and created her business, Past Images by Anita, in 2000 where she preserves and restores family treasures: photos, paintings and antique dolls, so that their history will endure for future generations. Genealogical and historical societies seek her out for her expert consultations, lectures and appraisals.
In January of 2009, Anita Jo Intenzo's life took a dramatic turn when, as executrix of a dear friend's estate, she became involved with the paranormal. She was so moved and profoundly changed by these experiences that Anita wrote a successful debut book, Estate of Horror: A True Story of Haunting Hatred and a Horrific Family Secret. Published in 2014, to very successful reviews, her book was the inspiration behind the December 2014 aired episode called "Portal of Doom" on A HAUNTING TV Show on Destination America. That followed with an expanded episode, A HAUNTING: EPISODE 2: DEMONIC ACTIVITY that aired in September 2015, with never before shown scenes and updated information on Anita and her family.
Anita has been a guest on numerous radio shows to tell her true haunting story including Darkness Radio with Dave Schrader and repeat LIVE Skype video shows with Norene Balovich on "Do YOU BELIEVE" on PZTV.
She has done joint interviews with well-known media star, author and deliverance minister Bill Bean; with psychic medium and paranormal investigator Laurie Hull McCabe; and with her son Chris Levis who has become a psychic medium, much to his surprise. Anita has written articles on supernatural topics for online magazines and she also writes a popular blog based on her ghostly experiences with over 82,000 page views on her seventy-seven blogs in the last three years. http://anitajointenzo-hauntedauthor.blogspot.com
Now with the publishing of her sequel, Dark Transference, Anita hopes to answer many readers questions behind the continued haunting in her home. Anita lives with her family and several stubborn resident ghosts in the Philadelphia suburbs, on a property dating back to the early 1800's.

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