Darkverse: The Shadow Hours
Darkverse: The Shadow Hours

Darkverse: The Shadow Hours

by Lori R. Lopez


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BN ID: 2940158807916
Publisher: Fairy Fly Entertainment
Publication date: 12/12/2017
Series: Darkverse , #1
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 765 KB

About the Author

Lori R. Lopez has been writing and drawing since she was roughly the size of a pumpkin, if babies were round and knew how to hold a pencil. They usually don’t, so perhaps we should stick with the facts. And be a little more crepuscular in tone, for this is about her dark side. If this were about her lighter side, there would be the obvious comparison to a balloon. It isn’t, hence the pumpkin. Oh well, let us skip to the details about her life. Or we could if she had one to speak of. It is pretty much all about the writing with occasional conversation, adventure, bedlam thrown in. And five kitties. Who are semi-feral and mostly live in a Catio built by her sons. None of that is especially scary or macabre. Or literary! Right. Good point. We should probably talk about her poetry! Lori’s verse has difficulty deciding whether to be eerie, absurd, or existential. At times it all gets mixed together and she is helpless to prevent it, like tipping over a bottle of very black ink that spills and splashes everywhere on everything . . . Sorry about that. The lines can even smudge or blur between poetry and narration, as her poems often tell a tale. But this is not entirely what Lori does. When she isn’t coming up with strange verse, she poses for photos wearing hats. Or invents rather odd prose. And when she isn’t doing any of those or all at the same time, she can be found doodling weird illustrations to go with whatever sort of lettered lines she concocted in a manic fugue of genius babble or her sleep — at least, that’s how it seems. There really isn’t much more to describe or conjecture. Being shy, Lori avoids crowds except when author duties require her to be in the midst of one. You will not easily notice the timid lady as she won’t be terribly talkative in a group. She might seem a bit quirky and distracted, pensive about her latest project or a new idea that just sprang to mind. And then again, she may be focused on an urgent errand, a purposeful endeavor. Observe her like a creature in the wild, with care not to startle or spook. Leave that to her.

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