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Dawn of the Tobacco Wars: The Sequel to Dawn of Hope

Dawn of the Tobacco Wars: The Sequel to Dawn of Hope

by Peter Prichard
Dawn of the Tobacco Wars: The Sequel to Dawn of Hope

Dawn of the Tobacco Wars: The Sequel to Dawn of Hope

by Peter Prichard


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Dawn Mortenson is a teenager who simply cannot let bad things happen to people. That behavior led to her being kidnapped by a scientist who wanted to leave her brain dead while her former high school principal kidnapped her in order to tie her in chains and throw her into the ocean. She then helped save lives after the attempt to blow up the building she was in failed, leaving two security guards who stopped the attempt dead. She got to know FBI agent DuBois as he investigated these attempts on her life, insisting that her employer the Information is Power Consortium provide a 24 hour a day bodyguard for her after her house was burned to the ground after the fire alarms had been disconnected. She then accelerated the tobacco industries attacks on her by agreeing to serve as the emcee at the Madison Square Garden Make Big Tobacco Unprofitable concert where she introduced her good friend Johnny Cardone who sang his hit song UR Not Killin Our Kids. "I am a father and hope to be a grandfather, and I have had the privilege to meet tens of thousands of amazing young people over my career. And here's the deal. The tobacco companies are targeting young people because if they don't get young people to start smoking, they will be unprofitable. It's as simple as that. So we are going to sing some kick ass rock and roll and encourage you to support the good guys in the tobacco wars who have set up tables out in the lobby." And he launched into UR Not Killin Our Kids and flat out ripped it up. He walked down into the crowd, pulling people out of their seats to sing a line of the song with him, and kept walking. And then he said, "Alright folks upstairs hold on, I'm coming up." And he did the same for those in the upper seats. And he sang the song and walked the whole distance of the iconic venue, singing his anti-tobacco anthem to all twenty-thousand-and to what would actually be a much larger audience, since the concert was being video-recorded and streamed live. Cameramen and women were scrambling after him as he walked, talked, and sang. William Gomez, the CEO of Global Tobacco Corporation and a hard-core rock-and-roll fan, was startled when he opened his tablet the morning after the concert and read the reviews of what had happened at the Garden. He threw his cereal bowl against the wall of his five-million-dollar Charlotte, North Carolina mansion after the second review mentioned how much money was contributed in one night toward the efforts to make his company less profitable. He impetuously emailed his executive team the concert review and commentary, with the words, "What part of make Dawn Mortenson's life a living hell did you not understand?'' Different reviews have described Dawn Mortenson, the heroine of both Dawn of Hope and the sequel Dawn of the Tobacco Wars as a person whose "strength of character was an inspiration, I would love to see her in a movie!" a "super heroine," as someone who "is the person we all aspire to be, she has the courage of her convictions - even when she is standing alone," "a passionate, intelligent, and courageous young woman who will be an inspiration to everyone," as a person who is "imbued with a courageous voice and resolute nature," and an individual who "is a force to be aware of, a kind of young woman her readers may strive to be." An additional review stated, "Young actresses should start lining up to play Dawn Mortenson, the feisty, determined and very timely heroine of Dawn of Hope."

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ISBN-13: 9781478766704
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.
Publication date: 11/17/2015
Pages: 218
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.46(d)

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