Deadpool and Philosophy: My Common Sense Is Tingling

Deadpool and Philosophy: My Common Sense Is Tingling

Deadpool and Philosophy: My Common Sense Is Tingling

Deadpool and Philosophy: My Common Sense Is Tingling


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Deadpool is the super-anti-hero who knows he's in a comic book. His unique situation and blood-stained history give rise to many philosophical puzzles. A group of philosophical Deadpool fans delve into these puzzles in Deadpool and Philosophy. For instance, if you know that someone is writing the script of your life, can you really be a hero?

Is Deadpool really Wade Wilson, or did Wilson have his identity stolen by the monster who is now Deadpool? Are his actions predetermined by the writers, or does he trick the writers into scripting his choices? And what happens when Deadpool breaks into the real world to kill the writers? What kind of existence do literary characters have? How can we call him a moral agent for good when he still commits murder left and right and then left again and then right? Since Deadpool gets paid for his good deeds, can they be truly heroic? And which of the many Deadpool personalities are the real Deadpool? And of course, why does Deadpool love to annoy Wolverine so much?

Deadpool challenges us to think outside the box. Deadpool and Philosophy shows us the profound implications of this most contradictory and perplexing comic book character.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780812699494
Publisher: Open Court Publishing Company
Publication date: 01/12/2017
Series: Popular Culture and Philosophy , #107
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 1,093,874
Product dimensions: 8.80(w) x 5.70(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Nicolas Michaud is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Florida State College Jacksonville. He is the editor of Adventure Time and Philosophy: The Handbook for Heroes and Frankenstein and Philosophy: The Shocking Truth. He lives in Jacksonville, FL.

Table of Contents

It's About F*$&ing Time ix

I These Timelines Can Get So Confusing: Why I Want to Rub Patrick Stewart's Head 1

1 Breaking Sixteen Walls Rhiannon Grant 3

2 Deadpool the Dark Angel Christopher Ketcham 15

3 The Only Chapter in This Book You Need to Read! John V. Karavitis 27

4 How Much Deadpool Is Too Much Deadpool? Krista Bonello Rutter Giappone Caleb Turner 39

II I'm No Hero: Seriously, Why Do We Like This Guy? He Has No Redeeming Qualities Other than a Moderately Sized Dick and I, for One, Would Rather F$*#% the Avocado 51

5 The Anti-Hero's Journey Andy Vink 53

6 The Accidental Hero Darian Shump 61

7 Why Deadpool Isn't a Hero (Yet?) Matthew Brake 71

8 How Shitty Can a Hero Be? Corey Horn 81

III Wade, Is That You? Is It Just Me Who's Getting Tired of That F$*%ing Avocado Joke? 89

9 Is Headless Deadpool Still Deadpool? Ben Fulman 91

10 Always a Pallbearer, Never the Corpse Heidi Samuelson 105

11 Immortality Is Misery John Altmann 115

12 Only Deadpool Is Sane Chad William Timm 125

13 Weapon X Machina Cole Bowman 137

IV Looks Aren't Everything: Why Ryan Reynolds Can't Act 151

14 I'm an X-Man! Daniel Malloy 153

15 Good Citizen Deadpool? Jorge Humberto Sanchez Perez 167

16 The Beautiful Face Behind the Mask Kyle Alkema Adam Barkman 175

17 Wade Wilson Fights Like a Girl Michael R. Berry Christopher Natale 187

V Really? Was That Necessary?: Why We Would Like to Apologize to Mr. Reynolds Who Really Is Trying the Best He Can, We're Sure 205

18 Thus Slaughtered Deadpool Nicol Smith 207

19 Deadpool Can't Know Fear Louis Melançon 217

20 Deadpool's Genocide of the Marvel Universe William R. Livingston 227

VI I'd Love to Get a Blow Job: Why Existence Sacks 237

21 A Naughty Little Puppet, but Still a Puppet Shawn McKinney 239

22 How to Solve the Contradictions in Deadpool Killustrated Jamie Cawthra 247

23 A Chimichanga for the Mercenary Soul Gabriel Cruz 259

24 Won't the Real Wade Wilson Please Stand Up? Ben Abelson 271

VII Are You There, God?: It's Me, Abandoned and All Alone in the Universe, You Stupid Mother- $*#($*%! 281

25 Deadpool Kills God Nicolas Michaud 283

26 Why We Love to Watch Deadpool … Play with Himself Jacob Thomas May 293

27 The Mystic with the Mouth John Thompson 299

28 Zen and the Art of Deadpool Gerald Browning 311

References 319

Author bios 325

Index 331

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