Dear Friends: POPS the Club Anthology

Dear Friends: POPS the Club Anthology

Dear Friends: POPS the Club Anthology

Dear Friends: POPS the Club Anthology


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Kat Secaida, wearing white Converse sneakers, wanders through her hood, collecting "the stories of the Culver City projects." Julian Izaguirre recalls the drama at school that starts "when you don't want it to." The young artists and poets in Dear Friends, the eighth anthology from POPS the Club-a nonprofit serving youth impacted by the Pain of the Prison System-forged their work largely during the pandemic and in isolation. Though they were separated by screens from friends, teachers, counselors, and peers, their work still brims with hope and curiosity. It is searing, straightforward, sensitive, and sometimes startling in its wisdom and honesty. Mikey Estrada writes that he is "a kid who likes to read and learn… a kid who grew up in violence and in gangs... where others were waiting for me to fail." Instead, this volume speaks of these students' success and of all they have to teach us. This collection represents the work of students from California, Georgia, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781952197123
Publisher: Out of the Woods Publishing
Publication date: 04/12/2022
Pages: 232
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.60(d)
Age Range: 12 - 17 Years

About the Author

POPS the Club is a nonprofit [501(c)(3)] designed to provide support to youth whose lives have been impacted by incarceration. The organization creates and sustains middle- and high-school-based clubs across the country for this long-ignored population.

Table of Contents

My Earth Nathalie Gonzalez vi

Introduction Arielle Harris Valeria De La Torre xiii

Dear Friends Kennedy King xvi

Six-Word Memoir Lucy Rodriguez xvii

Dear Friend Kamari Griffin xviii

Dear Friend Kamari Griffin xix

Our Hoods

Ice Kennedy King 2

I Come From: POPS the Club members 3

Walks in the Hood Kat Secaida 5

From West Los to Crenshaw Julian Izaguirre 6

From West Los to Crenshaw drawing Julian Izaguirre 8

Shoes Nick Griffin Quay Boddie 9

The American Poems Nathalie Gonzalez 11

Untitled Nathalie Gonzalez 13

First Generation Kat Secaida 14

I Miss You, Venice High School Donaji Garcia 16

Our Humility

Portrait of Joshua Rah-San Bailey 20

My Portrait by Rah-San Bailey Joshua Francis 21

Six-Word Memoir Lucy Rodriguez 22

My Higher Self Joslyn Stevenson 23

I Am Carlos Aragon 24

About Me Jesus Saldan 25

Stranger to Self Rinah Gallo 26

Blue and Untrue Nathalie Gonzalez 27

Character and Reputation Hugo Sanchez 28

Confusion Imari Stevenson 30

My Life as a Metaphor Nathalie Gonzalez 31

Self-Portrait Rah-San Bailey 32

Self-Portrait Poem Rah-San Bailey 33

Our Homies

On the Road Kennedy King 36

Six-Word Memoir Phil America 37

Sneaky John Rodriguez 38

Between Friends Donaji Garcia Brianna Carrington Myricks 41

Dear Friend Alberyonna Varner 48

Radiant Love Joslyn Stevenson 49

Dear Friend Will Barrett 50

Dear Friend Lzyah 50

Dear Friend Stormy 51

Dear Friend Deuce 52

Dear Friend Niyah 52

Dear Friend Xavious "Xae" Anderson 53

Dear Friend Jada Burden 54

Untitled Nathalie Gonzalez 55

Dear Friend Makayla Rippy 56

Dear Friend Kelly Braswell 56

Dear Friend Kieron Pope 56

Dear Friend Kiera Trone 57

Dear Friend Abi McGownse 57

Our Homes

Salcura Nathalie Gonzalez 60

Six-Word Memoir Donaji Garcia 61

Wearing Huaraches on the Other Side of the Rio Grande Donaji Garcia 62

Song of the Day Rinah Gallo 69

Home Valeria De La Torre 70

Canopy Kennedy King 71

Atrapasueños Entrelazados Dalias y Amapolas de California Donaji Garcia 72

No Home Nathalie Gonzalez 77

Our Honesty

Untitled Nathalie Gonzalez 80

Introduction and Poem Mia Anju Violet Fox-Pitts 81

Start Nathalie Gonzalez 84

Life in the Valley Mikey Eliott Estrada 85

Four Poems Nathalie Gonzalez 87

The Song Riva Goldman 89

Disgusting Jessica De La Mora 92

Juice x Kid Laroi, POPS Song John Bembry 95

Our Happiness

Turning Head Rinah Gallo 98

Six-Word Memoir Lucy Rodriguez 99

Graffiti Soma Faye 100

What Is Beauty? Rinah Gallo 102

Pain(t)-Nick Griffin 103

Form One Rinah Gallo 104

Form Two Rinah Gallo 105

Happy Nathalie Gonzalez 106

Our Hearts

Self-Portrait Rinah Gallo 108

My Skin. My Colors. Rinah Gallo 109

Dear Friend Kat Secaida 111

Friends Forever Justin Casteneda 114

I Love You Imari Stevenson 115

Dear Friend Sky Reid 116

Two Months/Two Poems Imari Stevenson 117

To Whom This May Concern Anonymous 118

Dear Dance: Kobe Bryant Tribute Leahnora Castillo 121

Misfortunate Heart Nathalie Gonzalez 124

His Tattoos Kat Secaida 125

2013 Angela De La Cruz 126

Our Hunger

For the Girl That Missed Christmas Nathalie Gonzalez 132

Six-Word Memoir Brianna Carrington Myricks 133

My Stolen Time Polina Asaulyuk 134

Note to God Jessica De La Mora 135

Beautiful Mask Angel Lopez 137

Eating Tyanni Gomez 138

Our Health

Blooms Kennedy King 140

Especially Aaron Riveros 141

Dear Friend Jaylynn "One Jay" Nelms 143

Lost in My Head Imari Stevenson 144

Absorption Holland Capps 145

What I Never Said: 2018 Tyanni Gomez 147

LEAP Milena Bennett 151

PrisonPandemic: The Interviews 153

Our Healing

Colorless Stress Nathalie Gonzalez 160

Heartbeats Calm Me Down Tyanni Gomez 161

Passive passion Nick Griffin 162

Cloud Phenomenal Woman Leilani Perez 163

Lil Grosero Julian Izaguirre 164

Letter to Lil Grosero Julian Izaguirre 165

Me in Solitude Nathalie Gonzalez 167

For the Love of a Daughter Tyanni Gomez 168

Waves Rinah Gallo 169

The Flower and the Castle Leahnora Castillo 170

Light and Dark Nathalie Gonzalez 171

Our Hopes

Unforget Nathalie Gonzalez 174

Jaguar Cologne Eddie Curiel 175

POPS Meaning John Bembry 176

Flight Rah-San Bailey 177

Where Odds Are Stacked for Us Nathalie Gonzalez 178

Dear Hope Polina Asaulyuk 179

Self-Portrait Rafael Winge (Ren) 180

Stone Although Gold Nathalie Gonzalez 181

Untitled Gigi Duarte 182

I Wrestle Alba Navas 183

Stories Left Unfinished John Bembry 184

Dear Friend Nyla Griffin 188

Dear Friend Nyla Griffin 188

Epilogue Nigel L. Walker 189

Author/Artist Bios 191

Acknowledgments 203

Flower in Hand Kennedy King 207

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