Debates in the Measurement of Global Poverty

Debates in the Measurement of Global Poverty

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Oxford University Press

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Debates in the Measurement of Global Poverty

The international community's commitment to halve global poverty by 2015 has been enshrined in the first Millennium Development Goal. How global poverty is measured is a critical element in assessing progress towards this goal, and different researchers have presented widely-varying estimates. The chapters in this volume address a range of problems in the measurement and estimation of global poverty, from a variety of viewpoints. Topics covered include the controversies surrounding the definition of a global poverty line; the use of purchasing power parity exchange rates to map the poverty line across countries; and the quality, and appropriate use, of data from national accounts and household surveys. Both official and independent estimates of global poverty have proved to be controversial, and this volume presents and analyses the lively debate that has ensued.

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ISBN-13: 9780199558032
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication date: 04/30/2010
Series: Initiative for Policy Dialogue Series C Series
Pages: 304
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Table of Contents

List of Figures vii

List of Tables ix

List of Abbreviations xii

Contributors xv

Acknowledgments xvii

1 Introduction Sudhir Anand Paul Segal Joseph E. Stiglitz 1

Part I Measuring Global Poverty

2 The Debate on Globalization, Poverty, and Inequality: Why Measurement Matters Martin Ravallion 25

3 How Not to Count the Poor Sanjay G. Reddy Thomas Pogge 42

3a A Reply to Reddy and Pogge Martin Ravallion 86

3b How Many Poor People Should There Be? A Rejoinder to Ravallion Thomas Pogge 102

4 Raising the Standard: The War on Global Poverty Surjit S. Bhalla 115

5 Irrelevance of the $1-a-Day Poverty Line T. N. Srinivasan 143

6 Use of Country Purchasing Power Parities for International Comparisons of Poverty Levels: Potential and Limitations Bettina Aten Alan Heston 154

7 Measuring Poverty in a Growing World (or Measuring Growth in a Poor World) Angus Deaton 187

8 Poverty or Income Distribution: Which Do We Want to Measure? Robert Johnston 225

9 A Note on the (Mis)Use of National Accounts for Estimation of Household Final Consumption Expenditures for Poverty Measures Ivo Havinga Gisèle Kamanou Vu Quang Viet 238

10 Unequal Development in the 1990s: Growing Gaps in Human Capabilities Sakiko Fukuda-Parr David Stewart 246

Part II Regional and Country Studies

11 Improving Measurement of Latin American Inequality and Poverty with an Eye to Equitable Growth Policy Albert Berry 263

12 The Changing Nature of Urban Poverty in China Carl Riskin Qin Gao 300

13 China is Poorer than We Thought, but No Less Successful in the Fight against Poverty Shaohua Chen Martin Ravallion 327

14 Poverty Decline in India in the 1990s: A Reality and Not an Artifact K. Sundaram Suresh D. Tendulkar 341

15 Living Standards in Africa David E. Sahn Stephen D. Younger 372

Index 427

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