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Demon at My Door

Demon at My Door

4.2 27
by Michelle A Valentine
Gothic outcast Natalie Sugarman bartered her soul for her dying mother's life sixteen years ago to a boy demon that could stop time. Now, days before her twenty-first birthday, the lifelines on her palms are slowly vanishing, and she knows it's just a matter of time before Satan's little helper collects.

Natalie's tried numerous times to kill the demon and regain


Gothic outcast Natalie Sugarman bartered her soul for her dying mother's life sixteen years ago to a boy demon that could stop time. Now, days before her twenty-first birthday, the lifelines on her palms are slowly vanishing, and she knows it's just a matter of time before Satan's little helper collects.

Natalie's tried numerous times to kill the demon and regain control of her soul's destiny, but she always falls short. When she decides to try and gain the element of surprise for her next attempt, Natalie seeks answers about his location from a freaky, glowing-eyed fortuneteller. Creeped out by the psychic's methods, she bolts from the reading and misses the warning that the demon who stole her soul is always closer than she thinks.

After some strange incidents with her new boyfriend, including a hot, levitating sex session, she realizes he's the grown-up version of her little nightmare and he's returned to collect on their deal. Natalie must figure out how to win her soul back from the demon before her lifeline completely disappears and she becomes his forever-even if that means making a deal to damn three other souls to take her place.

*Demon At My Door is a New Adult Paranormal Romance with very mature scenes*

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Meet the Author

New York Times and USA Today Best Selling Author Michelle A. Valentine is a Central Ohio nurse turned author of erotic romance and New Adult novels. Her love of hard-rock music, tattoos and sexy musicians inspired her BLACK FALCON series.

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Demon at My Door 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 27 reviews.
LisaR0 More than 1 year ago
Demon at my Door was an interesting book full of twists and turns. Be careful what you say yes to, because your life can be forever changed. Natalie has been trying to live a life of normalcy, but since she gave into that demon boy many years ago, she knows her time is running out.  Poor poor Natalie, is a lonely soul. She is known as the town outcast, and is even snubbed at school because of her known status. Natalie has only a few months left of her natural life, until she fully becomes a Demon. Living with this fear that she can be turned into a Demon at any minute, eats at her. She is constantly watching her back, making sure the little Demon boy isn't near. But she knows when he is lurking, she can feel him in her bones. As much as she is the outcast, she has a "secret" boytoy named Stew. He is the hot boy next door. They have been pining after one another since the start of summer break , but of course only her and Stew know. This eats at our darling, because she doesn't want to be anyone's dirty little secret.... do you blame her? I don't. So she gives the jerkoff Stew an ultimatum of either telling the world that they're a couple or she's ending it. Since Stew says he can't, she gives him the boot. TTFN (ta ta for now) Stew.....   Enter the hot and fantastic man, Rick. Only there is something about him that strikes Natalie as odd, but she is intrigued by him. She tells Rick that it's a bad idea for him to hang around her, since she doesn't want his reputation to go to the waste side. Rick doesn't care what other people think, because he likes her. They form a tight friendship that turns hot, fast. But things get weird. Uhoh....      Suddenly, the beans have been spilled on the wonderful Rick.....dun dun dun. Natalie is freaking out, so she turns to Stew. (What an idiot.) But, she knows that isn't going to make things better for her. Because she knows her time is limited. Things are getting thick fast. Nat, Rick, and Stew are all fighting the battle of love. Only Natalie isn't quite sure what her heart wants. Is it Rick who will leave her happy, or the craptastic Stew?               I really tried to get into this story, but it didn't hold my attention enough to enjoy. But I enjoyed Rick, Nat, and Stew. They were a great asset to the story line, the love triangle that they had was different and realistic. But it just wasn't enough for me. As I drew to the end of the book I started to question what had happened to certain characters or something that had happened in the book. I don't know if the author left these questions unanswered, because A.) she is going to write a sequel or B.) she didn't make it relevant for her story. Either way, I needed more. Overall, I love how Michelle Valentine took a walk into the realms of paranormal writing. She is a wonderful author, and she has some great tricks up her sleeves. She writes a story with meaning and passion, and I look forward to reading any of her books in the future. I give this book 3.5 Stars!
Hesperia_Loves_Books More than 1 year ago
After falling in love with Ms. Valentine’s Black Falcon series, I jumped at the chance I was given, to read this newest book of hers.  Demon At My Door was a great introduction for her, into the Paranormal Romance genre.  The story concept was unique and refreshing and the character development revealed just enough to keep us turning the pages and wanting more.   Natalie sold her soul when she was 5 years old, to save her mother.  After years of psychiatric visits, mental illness diagnoses, being shunned by kids at school and her parents; Natalie hides within herself.  She never lets anyone see the real her; which she admittedly doesn’t even recognize anymore.  She has come to terms with, what she believes will be her death, on her 21st birthday.  What I love about Natalie is her fierceness and her never quit attitude.  She wants to protect those she loves, at all costs, from the demon that she has grown to hate.  And, even though she has no doubt that she will die, she continues to fight, until the very end, for the life she’s never had a chance to live. Rick is a demon, but not by choice.  If he could go back and change the circumstances of why he was turned he would; that would allow him to live the life he’d dreamed of.  Instead, he has to settle with the hand he was dealt and the who, what, when & why of that, was one of the best parts of this book.  Rick’s character was enigmatic and intriguing.  From the start I knew he would be integral to the story.  Several aspects I guessed right off, but others, totally blindsided me ;)  For me, what made Rick’s character so fabulous, was the love and confidence that he helped Natalie find.  She was just a shell of a person, who was constantly on guard when they met.  With his help, she breaks that shell and becomes the woman she always wanted to be. While I loved most everything about this book, there were aspects that caused me not to rate it higher.  Even though this should be considered a New Adult genre book, since the characters were in college, it read more like a YA.  With all of the sexual tension between Natalie & Rick, I wanted to be shown more of a connection between them.  The heat was there, just very mild.  My other issues with the book concern the editing.  There were several scenes that I felt were unnecessary to the overall storyline, some scenes that were very redundant and quite a few grammatical errors throughout.  I had to re-read passages and, in the end, the book felt longer than it actually was.   Overall, I really enjoyed being immersed in Natalie’s world.  After the ending, I hope that we get a 2nd book; Ms. Valentine has laid the groundwork for an exceptional series.  Lovers of Paranormal Romance will definitely want to add this one to their TBR list! 
shannschoice More than 1 year ago
I know Michelle Valentine by her fabulous Black Falcon series.  So imagine my surprise when she reached out to bloggers for reviews on her paranormal book.  Let me tell you, Michelle can a demon just as well as she can a rocker. Natalie Sugarman knows she's living on borrowed time.  After bartering her soul with a little demon boy to save her mother's life, she knows with her approaching twenty-first birthday everything is about to change.  What she doesn't understand are the images the little demon boy keeps sending her each time their paths cross.  What she doesn't realize is the new guy at school, the one who isn't turned off by her freakishness and likes her for who she is, is so much more than she could have ever imagined. I loved the story.  I loved how a five year old girl battered for her mother's life.  I loved how Rick Steele showed Natalie how she was so much more than the freaky goth girl everyone thought she was and she should be no one's dirty little secret.  But most of all, I loved the story of how Rick became what he was and what he's done all in the name of true love. I'm interested to see what could happen next.  It was left with an ending the begs for a second book (or maybe more).  You can't leave us wondering what will happen with Natalie and Rick. What Stew finds as he goes off in search of his mother.  And more importantly, what is going to happen with Lilim now that Rick and Natalie are together.  Inquiring minds want to know!  Hopefully Michelle Valentines hears my pleas and gives us some more Demon books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good read
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Fabulous read! Pulls u in right from the start! Loved it!!!!
SBMorales More than 1 year ago
I loved this book! It grabbed my attention right from the start. I was immediately drawn to Natalie. She loves her family so much she will do anything even giving up her own soul. She wants to belong and find romance, but her reputation keeps her alone. Once I started this book I just couldn't put it down. All the characters were so interesting and I can't wait to find out more about the world Valentine has created. If you love paranormal romance like I do you WILL love this!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
mbaker633 More than 1 year ago
From the start, this book promised me a story about demons and how they affected the life of Natalie. What things did Natalie have to give up and what did she have to do to get her soul back? There was promise of action, adventure, and romance. I did find a discernible argument behind this story. There is a perceived notion that demons are evil and the only feelings they have are anger and resentment towards us as humans. This is certainly because we have life and they don’t. But, this story doesn’t present that. Instead, the demons in this story act more like humans than demons. They have feelings they portray (at least you believe so) and the only evil is outside the inner circle of characters. There certainly isn’t anything wrong with portraying demons as you wish as an author, but then why not chose a different entity? Something more perceived in our society as being able to exhibit feelings?   The only importance I feel there is behind this book is the ability to forgive even in the face of pure evil. This happens with our characters as they grow throughout the book and become the characters needed to face something of this magnitude. The author has built an empire of characters that can sustain not only themselves but each other as well. Without one, the other doesn’t exist. This in turn created something of a family that can easily forgive each other even when the offense is unforgivable.  I can though disagree with this as well. I was under the impression that I was going to read a demon novel and in turn got a demon romance novel. Where this was exciting in itself, the blurb is a little misleading. Not that I don’t love to read romance novels, but sometimes I want to read the nightmares of our time as they truly are. Not romanticized. The author should have been more forthcoming with the information that this really is a Paranormal Romance and not just a Paranormal book. So, the idea of a family atmosphere completely throws what I believed of this book out the nearest window. For the target audience, if you are looking for an almost horror book about demons, think “Exorcist”, you are in the wrong place. Instead, the target audience for this book should be the “evil romanticizers” which I can say I am a part of as well. But in this case, if you are looking for a good, quick, read about romancing the demon, this is your book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Job well done
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
JoannaDursi More than 1 year ago
To say that Natalie has had a rough time growing up, would be an understatement. She's an outcast at school and doesn't have any friends. Her parents barely speak to each other and neither pays her any attention. When she was five years old, she made a deal with a demon in order to save her mother's life. No one in her life believes her and everyone thinks she's crazy. The new college semester is about to begin and over the summer Natalie has fallen in love with her neighbor Stew. They have kept their relationship secret so his father doesn't find out. His father doesn't want them together because of her reputation. She meets Rick on the first day of classes and tries to warn him that he'll be committing social suicide if he is seem speaking to her. Much to her surprise he doesn't care. They spend some time together but when Stew tells her that they can go "public", she tells Rick that they can't be friends any more. Being fed up with Stew and when Rick is the only one to save her when she needs it the most, she decides to give their friendship a chance. She is worried that she won't be able to give him what he wants because she knows that her life will be over soon. While she's trying to find a way to get her soul back, she finds out than many people in her life are not what they seem. When she finds out who her demon is and how deep their connection is, she is told that there is a way to reclaim her soul. She needs to get three souls to take her place. She struggles with a lot of guilt because she believes that if she captures these souls that she is truly evil. While dealing with her feelings she is betrayed over & over by those closest to her. Just as things maybe looking brighter will she have to make another deal to save more people that she loves? OMG this is a great paranormal romance. Even if it's not your regular genre, you WILL NOT be disappointed The way Natalie is written is so believable and her internal monologue is hysterical and keeps you laughing even when things are rough. I cannot wait to see what's in store for all the characters in book two.  -"You're right. I deserve eternal torture for what I did to you. I had no right to take you like I did. It was selfish....."
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was an amazing book wish there was another one like it
Andreat78 More than 1 year ago
I am a huge fan of Michelle Valentine's Contemporary Romance books, so I was definitely intrigued when I learned she had written a Paranormal Romance. Demon at My Door was fun and intriguing. Paranormal books are always a bit iffy with me, so I usually begin them cautiously optimistic. But Demon was a win for me from the beginning, and that held true throughout the story. I generally like stories about demons and demon hunters, but I'd never read one quite like this. I loved the mystery, with Natalie trying to find a way to evade the demon who will soon take her soul. Can she kill him? Can she outsmart him and gain her soul back in the process? I loved the darkness of the story, that the tone wasn't too dark, but that it was appropriate for the story and didn't try to make light of Natalie's situation, and come off as "cutesy". I liked Natalie, who was tough girl, without being hard to connect with. She was smart and engaging, easy to root for. She got into her situation by being selfless, but will do almost anything to get her soul back. As for the two guys in Natalie's life, Stewart and Rick, there is only one obvious choice as the winner, and that is Rick. I loved the childhood connection she had with Stew, but he was such a jerk! Now, I won't say he doesn't have his reasons, and I do feel sorry for him, but still, not good boyfriend material. As for Rick, HOT! I loved him from the moment he appeared in Natalie's life. Sexy, tough, mysterious guy with sexy hair and tattoos? YES, PLEASE. And best of all, Rick seems to really care for Natalie. Now obviously, the romantic aspects of the story do not go smoothly, and Natalie is pulled by both guys, but I loved it. I want to mention the cover: It's really perfect for Demon at My Door. The darkness of it is spot-on for the story, and the cover models look exactly how I picture Natalie and Rick. With dangerous demons and a smart and endearing heroine, Demon at My Door is a story that will appeal to Paranormal Romance lovers.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Holy yeah! this books was great! I', seriously becoming a fan of this author!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
sugarpine721 More than 1 year ago
I fell in love with Michelle Valentine's Black Falcon Series and was excited to read her new novel Demon at My Door. It was a new step in Paranormal Romance with Natalie giving up her soul to save her mother...I loved the plot and how it twisted and turned. Nick's character was great. Great Job! You won't be disappointed when you read it while waiting for the next Black Falcon novel:)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was a good read but i had a hard time remembering that they were 20 year olds. I just felt like they all were acting like they were still in high school and not their second year of college. I have read other books by this author and didn't get that feeling. I still recommend it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I need you to kill riverrush.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Fine then but u must bear the mark of the contract ( she pads up to snowypetal and smirks she places her paw with a strange circle on her eyes a replaeces snowypetals eye with the circle on blackfangs paw ( there now were is this cat misstress)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Really liked it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
shelshkr More than 1 year ago
I had the privilege of receiving an Arc of Demon At My Door from the author herself Michelle A.Valentine. I mostly read romance/erotica novels and that is how I came about finding this AMAZING author. Keep in mind I never read paranormal. But let me tell you that I AM SO GLAD that I gave this book a chance. It had me from the start of the story till the very end.But it did leave me wanting more!! This story revolves around a girl named Natalie at the age of 6 who had to make a decision that would alter her life for ever." HIS DARK GRAY EYES STARE INTO ME AND MY INSIDES CHURN.WHY DOES HE LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT,LIKE THERE'S MORE HE WANTS TO SAY? IT SCARES THE HELL OUT OF ME, BUT I CANT LET HIM SEE MY FEAR" Did she make the right choice or will it hurt her in the end? Will her life always be about the fear of the unknown? Will she ever feel like she is where she belongs? Can she find happiness in all the crazy that goes on? Just a few things you think about when reading this story.  So if you are into paranormal( which I am now because of this story) then this is deft the book for you. If you tend to steer away from it I would give it a shot. Honestly this is such a good read. Thank you for the opportunity to read and review your book.  ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!