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Detection of Liquid Explosives and Flammable Agents in Connection with Terrorism / Edition 1

Detection of Liquid Explosives and Flammable Agents in Connection with Terrorism / Edition 1

by Hiltmar Schubert, Andrey Kuznetsov
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ISBN-13: 9781402084652
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 05/27/2008
Series: NATO Science for Peace and Security Series B: Physics and Biophysics
Edition description: 2008
Pages: 233
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.02(d)

Table of Contents

Preface     v
Acknowledgement     vii
The Terrorist Pallet of Liquid Explosives and Flammable Fuels   H. Schubert     1
Overview of Liquid Explosives' Detection   A.V. Kuznetsov   O.I. Osetrov     7
Chemistry and Properties of Liquid Explosives   P. Mostak     15
What's Special About Liquid Explosives?   J.C. Oxley     27
Search of Explosives in Vehicles by Using Tagged Neutrons   G. Viesti   A. Donzella   G. Bonomi   C. Botosso   D. Fabris   M. Lunardon   S. Moretto   G. Nebbia   S. Pesente   F. Pino   L. Sajo-Bohus   A. Zenoni     39
Optimization of Hardware for Tagged Neutron Technology   M.D. Karetnikov   A.I. Klimov   K.N. Kozlov   E.A. Meleshko   I.E. Ostashev   G.V. Yakovlev     47
Detection of Liquid and Homemade Explosives: What Do We Need to Know About Their Properties?   D. Menning   H. Ostmark     55
Detector of Hazardous Substances Based on Nanosecond Neutron Analysis   V.A. Kalinin   A.V. Evsenin   A.V. Kuznetsov   O.I. Osetrov   D.N. Vakhtin   P.D. Yurmanov   I.Y. Gorshkov     71
Some Detection Procedures for Liquid Explosives   M. Stancl   M. Kyncl     79
Detection of Explosives Using Nuclear Resonance Absorption of Gamma Rays in Nitrogen: A Russian/US Collaboration   T.J.T. Kwan   R.E. Morgado   Tai-Sen F. Wang   B. Vodolaga   V. Terekhin   L.M. Onischenko   S.B. Vorozhtsov   E.V. Samsonov   A.S. Vorozhtsov   Yu. G. Alenitsky   E.E. Perpelkin   A.A. Glazov   D.L. Novikov   V. Parkhomchuk   V. Reva   V. Vostrikov   V.A. Mashinin   S.N. Fedotov   S.A. Minayev     97
A Device for Detecting Concealed Explosives   V.A. Teryokhin   Yu.I. Chernukhin     117
Trace and Bulk Detection of Explosives by Ion Mobility Spectrometry and Neutron Analysis   D. Rondeshagen   G. Arnold   S. Bockisch   K.-P. Francke   J. Leonhardt   A. Kuster     123
Possibilities of Liquid Explosives Countermeasures at Airports   J. Turecek     133
Close-Range and Standoff Detection and Identification of Liquid Explosives by Means of Raman Spectroscopy   I. Johansson   M. Norrefeldt   A. Pettersson   S. Wallin    H. Ostmark     143
Directional Detection of Nitrogen and Hydrogen in Explosives by Use of a DD-Fusion-Driven Thermal Neutron Source   Kai Masuda   K. Yoshikawa   T. Misawa   K. Yamauchi   Y. Takahashi   S. Shiroya   E. Hotta   M. Ohnishi   H. Osawa     155
Discrimination of the Explosives from Other Materials by Using the Tagged Neutron Beam   D. Sudac   V. Valkovic     167
Detection of Liquid Explosives and/or Falmmable Liquids by Different Techniques   G. Bunte   W. Schweikert   J. Deimling   F. Schnurer   H. Krause     179
Hilbert Spectroscopy of Liquids for Security Screening   Y. Divin   U. Poppe   K. Urban     189
Liquid Explosives - The Threat to Civil Aviation and the European Response   C.J. De Ruiter   O.M.E.J. Lemmens     205
Miniaturized Photonic Sensor Devices for Real Time Explosive Detection   W. Schade   C. Bauer   R. Orghici   S. Waldvogel   S. Borner     215
Conceptual Design of a Hand-Held Liquid Detector Based on Compton Scatter   Liu Guorong     227

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