Devolution Z July 2016: The Horror Magazine

Devolution Z July 2016: The Horror Magazine


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13 original short stories and poems from talented authors of horror from around the world. Published monthly.

Werewolves will be leading the charge in this month's issue, followed by a cacophony of moans from spirits, demons, ghosts and the undead. Read on, if you dare!

Devolution Z Magazine accepts supernatural horror short story and poetry submissions.

We now also accept articles based on local and urban legends, myths, terrifying encounters, and all things supernatural and frightening.

In this issue:


"A Guide to Recognize Your Ghouls" by Sudeep Adhikari


"The Breed" by Daniel Soule

"TMI" by Johnny Compton

"Apology" by Matthew Howe

"Under Her Skin" by Ben Howels

"Forever Mourning" by Kris Kabiru

"Zombie Love" by Kate Franklin

"Oblation" by S.E Bailey

"A Slow Metabolism" by Simon McHardy

"Time Stands Still" by Melissa Cuevas

"Scars" by Glen Damien Campbell

"Zombie Killer" by John Martin

"Give It Teeth" by David Southam


Luke Spooner

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