Dirty Revenge

Dirty Revenge

by Ella Miles


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ISBN-13: 9781722368159
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/17/2018
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.55(d)

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Dirty Revenge (Dirty Series, #3) 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Jackie Dye 4 months ago
Phew! The final book in the Dirty Series! Princess Carini decides to take her life into her own hands, or so she thinks, the outcome is a dark and deadly one, that leaves her in the hands of some dangerous people. Escape is her only chance of survival, but that means going from one bad man to another will decision be the right one? Extremely dark, with a small bit of light and heart shining throughout the evilness, this emotional rollercoaster full of frustration by the bad to the very last bone woman set to inflict havoc on those who have wronged her and a monster whose cold heart beats only for revenge. Had me on the edge of my seat, cringing yet entirely enthralled by the dark web of pain, strength, heat and malicious heart-pounding action. Was not how I anticipated Gia's story would go and was honestly surprised at how little her brothers had to do with her but regardless a helluva way to end the series that has had me all over the place! 4.5 Heart Pounding Stars!!
goldie642 7 months ago
Ella Miles takes us to the darkest corners in this final installment of the Dirty Series. This one is an emotional and sexually charged, nerve racking ride you won't want to miss! When a villain become a tortured hero and the sweet, pampered princess is the holder of her own darkness. Dark Revenge had my heart pounding in fear, anticipation and sexual excitement throughout the entire book, taking me to the pits of Hell and the peak of freedom. You won't want to miss this exciting conclusion!
valeen 7 months ago
When Gia Carini (Arlo and Matteo Carini's little sister from Dirty Obsession and Dirty Addiction) decides she wants some freedom from being the princess of the Carini clan locked away in the tower of their protection, she gets her wish; unfortunately for her, the man who gives her a little liberation also decides to sell her into slavery to a man just as bad as the men in her own family. But...is there a little bit of light in Gia's captivity in the form of her captor's security specialist? Caspian Conti is a man who wants revenge. Gia Carini will get in the way of his quest if he lets her. So he doesn't let her, at first. But when he can no longer stand to see what Dante is doing to her, he saves her, only to take her captive for himself. By this time, Gia's formed her own plan for vengeance, and she's going to use Conti to help her get that revenge. Neither expected to develop feelings for each other. Or do they? Caspian says he isn't capable of love anymore, but Gia thinks differently, knows differently. Dirty Revenge is my favorite of this series. Caspian and Gia are twisted af characters for sure, but in each other they find a kindred soul. Revenge may be the driving factor in their relationship at first, but I could see the feelings creeping in, even if Caspian couldn't (wouldn't). If you like your love stories on the twisted side, with dark deeds and evil all around, I highly recommend you 1-click Dirty Revenge today. It's not for the faint of heart, it's not pretty, but it's supremely satisfying, and Gia and Caspian are an intense, seriously passionate couple.