Divorce, Simply Stated (2nd ed.): How to Achieve More, Worry less and Save Money in Your Divorce

Divorce, Simply Stated (2nd ed.): How to Achieve More, Worry less and Save Money in Your Divorce

by Esq. Larry Sarezky
Divorce, Simply Stated (2nd ed.): How to Achieve More, Worry less and Save Money in Your Divorce

Divorce, Simply Stated (2nd ed.): How to Achieve More, Worry less and Save Money in Your Divorce

by Esq. Larry Sarezky


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Divorce, Simply Stated offers a laser-focused yet compassionate approach to navigating the divorce process. You will become empowered with knowledge and insight to maximize results, reduce costs, and care for yourself and your children during this difficult time.

With a rare blend of wisdom, wit, and sensitivity, the author, a 35-year career matrimonial lawyer, explains the mechanics of divorce, principles of divorce law and finance, how to find, afford, and work with the right divorce professionals, and how to avoid the dysfunctional conflict that traditional divorce actually encourages, and much more. In addition to all the divorce essentials, Divorce, Simply Stated contains a wealth of tips and strategies from a divorce veteran that cannot be found elsewhere.

There's a reason Book Authority has named Divorce, Simply Stated the #1 Best Family Law Book of All Time: Its treasure trove of information and advice are offered to readers in a uniquely engaging way. Extensive use of checklists eliminates the excess verbiage that overwhelms readers of other how-to-divorce books. An array of skills to help you cope, organize, and relax during this process are punctuated by the author's 9-year-old granddaughter's drawings to keep you focused on your children, stress-reducing quizzes to keep things light while you learn, and a golden retriever named "Chuck" to guide you through the divorce thicket.

Among many other things, Divorce, Simply Stated will help you:

  • Maximize settlements
  • Avoid common divorce mistakes
  • Learn to recognize divorce myths
  • Avoid unnecessary battles over children
  • Take advantage of tax opportunities... and avoid tax traps
  • Learn "Inside tips" for working with and saving money on divorce lawyers
  • Protect your children during and after divorce

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780996380959
Publisher: 21st Century Divorce Books
Publication date: 02/01/2019
Edition description: Expanded
Pages: 382
Sales rank: 553,254
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.85(d)

About the Author

Larry Sarezky has spent 35 years as a matrimonial lawyer who has seen first-hand the impact of divorce on spouses and their children. With compassion and the well-being of children in mind, Larry has developed an approach to divorce designed to maximize results while minimizing financial and emotional costs. Larry presents that approach in Divorce, Simply Stated (2nd edition), an award-winning book that breaks down the divorce process into easy-to-understand essentials supplemented by a divorce insider's tips that cannot be found elsewhere. Furthering a career-long concern for children of divorce, Larry also wrote and directed the Telly Award-winning short film, "Talk to Strangers" to help parents and professionals prevent the harm to children caused by unnecessary child-related litigation. In addition, Larry has worked to improve the family court system in his home state of Connecticut. As Chair of the Connecticut Bar Association's Family Law Section, Larry designed a program to provide divorcing spouses pro bono representation and consulted on court rule changes with justices of the Connecticut Supreme Court. Larry's articles on divorce have appeared in The Huffington Post, Authority Magazine, DivorcedMoms.com and Ezinearticles.com. He has spoken on divorce issues to judges, lawyers, mental health professionals, and consumers throughout the U.S. Larry currently resides in Connecticut where he continues to write about family law issues, and enjoys the company of his wife, granddaughter and golden retriever.

Table of Contents

Summary of Contents

Chapter 1-Ending a Dysfunctional Marriage With a Functional Divorce 1

Chapter 2-Divorce Fact-Checking 33

Chapter 3-Divorce Pearls and Perils: Secrets of Saving Money and Avoiding Mistakes 41

Chapter 4-Choosing the Right Divorce Lawyer For You 55

Chapter 5-Alternative Dispute Resolution: Saving Time, Money, and Your Sanity 75

Chapter 6-Using Financial Planners, Coaches, and Other Non-Lawyer Professionals 91

Chapter 7-Embracing the Tiger: How to Work With, and Spend Less on Lawyers 101

Chapter 8-Preparing and Analyzing Financial Disclosure Statements 123

Chapter 9-Taking Advantage of Divorce Tax Rules 139

Chapter 10-Providing for the Custody, Care and Comfort of Your Children 149

Chapter 11-Understanding Child Support 181

Chapter 12-Understanding Spousal Support 195

Chapter 13-Understanding Property Distribution 223

Chapter 14-Negotiating Your Divorce Successfully 253

Chapter 15-Scared Witless to Star Witness: A Testimony Primer 277

Chapter 16-Same-Sex Marriage and Divorce 293

Chapter 17-Your Divorce Afterlife 299

Chapter 18-More Divorce Resources 307


Appendix 1: Statutory Criteria Summary 317

Appendix 2: Initial Consultation Checklist 319

Appendix 3: Children's Bill Of Rights When Parents Are Not Together . . . 321

Appendix 4: Negotiation Chart 322

Appendix 5: Sample Separation Agreement 324

Index 341vii


Dedication iii

Acknowledgments iv

Getting the Most Out of This Book xvii

Why I Worry About Your Divorce xvii

What's In This Book? xviii

What's in a List? xviii

What's So Funny About Divorce? (Nothing.) xx

Speaking of Your Children . . . xxi

Break-Upportunities xxii

Chapter 1: Ending a Dysfunctional Marriage With a Functional Divorce 1

The Functional Divorce 1

Deciding When to File 2

Filing Now 2

Filing Later 3

Alternatives to Divorce 3

Residence Requirements 4

Parenting During Divorce 5

The 10 Steps to a Functional Divorce 6

Obtaining Professional Advice 6

Why Is There So Much Bad Advice Out There? 8

Protecting Yourself With Automatic Restraining Orders 9

Protecting Yourself From Violence 10

Thinking About Your Divorce Goals 11

Deciding on Your Divorce Goals 16

Locating Key Documents 17

Financial Documents You May Need 18

Non-Financial Documents 20

Beginning to Plan For the Future 21

Creating a Paper Trail to Success 21

Educating Yourself About Divorce 22

Universal Divorce Principles 22

Basic Family Law Principles 22

Where State Divorce Law Comes From 23

Learning About Divorce in Your State 24

Divorce Procedure: The Steps to Your Divorce 25

What to Expect at Your Uncontested Hearing 28viii

Caring For Your Children 30

Caring For Yourself 31

Chapter 2: Divorce Fact-Checking 33

Separating the Wheat From the Cow Chips 33

Divorce BS and Semi-BS 33

Divorce BT (Basic Truths) 39

Chapter 3: Divorce Pearls and Perils: Secrets of Saving Money and Avoiding Mistakes 41

Find the Quality Lawyer Bargain Table! 41

When More Can Be Less: Learn About "Effective Billing Rates" 42

Discover the Secret Fount of Family Law Knowledge 42

Learn the Witness's Magic W

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