Dixie [Bonus Tracks]

Dixie [Bonus Tracks]

by Avail



If only more labels looked at re-releases the way Jade Tree does. With more bang then just a standard reissue, the 2006 repackaged version of Avail's 1994 classic, Dixie, not only contains the remastered original album with a plethora of photos, but presents it alongside the Attempt to Regress 7" (from 1992) and the Live at the Kings Head Inn 10" (from April 1993). Dixie, along with 1992's Satiate, proves the guys didn't so much as ease themselves into their career, but rather exploded out of the gate with mosh-worthy breakdowns; vocals that both growled and soared; and earnest lyrics of empowerment, struggle, and hope. It's the early days of the sound that would define Avail -- a seamless mix of Southern-tinged, gritty hardcore with nods to punk, classic rock and even country rounded out with a rough edge and raw attitude. The songs are obviously coarser, but even the gruffest of songs still exhibit their melodic sense ("Clone," "Sidewalk"), and the band is just as comfortable and adept in barreling through schizoid blasts like "Song," "Virus," and "Southbound 95." And while punk cover songs are generally known for just speeding up the pace and turning up the volume, Avail tackle John Mellencamp's "Pink Houses" with a crashing conviction that makes the song feel as though it was always one of their own. Since the Attempt to Regress songs also appear on Satiate, the highlight of the reissue definitely appears in the addition of the roughly recorded Live at the Kings Head Inn -- an album previously only available in a 10" format -- and not just for their rousing cover of the Violent Femmes' "Kiss Off." As vocalist Tim Barry simply states in the liner notes, "It captures a time period." The sound is grainy (but not distracting), the vocals are hoarse, the music is blistering, and the energy is undeniable -- pretty much everything a dirty punk show should be. As most reissues work out better for new as opposed to old fans, this release is a good way to begin a lesson in Avail, as it shows them taking a step forward from Satiate but not yet reaching the level of their records to come. However, hardcore completist fans who don't already own the live release might consider it worthwhile to pick this up as well.

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Release Date: 04/11/2006
Label: Jade Tree Records
UPC: 0792258110920
catalogNumber: 1109

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