Dragon Destiny

Dragon Destiny

by Helen Henderson


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Lord Branin of the dragshi, is more than just a man, but two beings-one a dragon, the other a human. The pair share one body in space in time and are able to change forms with the other at will. From the time Branin's twinned soul, Llewlyn, awoke, Branin knew the freedom of flight. However, being a shifter comes with a price. Branin and Llewlyn are the only two of their kind who have not found their intended mates, despite millennia of waiting... and searching.

The red-haired firebrand, Broch of Ky'Port plans to fill that position in Branin's life-with or without his cooperation.

For eons, he fears he would never find a woman with her own dragon soul partner-until one day another's mind touched his.

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ISBN-13: 9781497346642
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 02/19/2014
Pages: 250
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.53(d)

About the Author

Although I wrote fiction for myself as long as I can remember, and been a professional writer for many years, pursuing publication for my fiction is a more recent endeavor. Published fiction includes two fantasy series: the Dragshi Chronicles and the Windmaster novels.

Among other topics, my published non-fiction covers antiques, history, and battlefield archeology. (Yes, I do know the subject and have participated in digs using both traditional screen and trowel methods and the new-fangled metal detectors.) I'm also proud of my two local histories, "Matawan and Aberdeen - Of Town and Field" and "Around Matawan & Aberdeen."

As a person, I have tried to find a balance between my typical Gemini characteristics. My heritage is also a reflection of contrasts -- the descendent of a coal-miner's daughter and an aviation flight engineer. I grew up knowing the simple life on a farm, yet my professional career was designing computers.

This dichotomy shows in my writing which crosses genres from historical adventures (written while listening to the Ashokan Farewell), westerns to western movie themes and science fiction/fantasy to the lilting tunes of Celtic harp and flute.

Join me as we journey among the stars, to the past both near and far, or to worlds of imagination.

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Dragon Destiny 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I picked this up because it was about dragon shifters, a favorite theme of mine, and it had a 5 star review. The problem was the ho hum boring ending!!! I was reminded of Geraldo Rivera and the days of hype and build up to his TV show where he would open Al Capone's vault live on the air. Well he did and it was empty --- what a let down. Thats the ending of this book, a real disappointing let down *sigh* I wanted to give this book a 3, but the story and writing really are good and held my interest till the snoozefest ending. Oh yes there's a predictable HEA but I expected it to be less tame and have a lot more heat! I mean he spends the whole book mostly apart from her and sharing moments in mindspeak that he acknowledges are less than satisfactory. He barely forces himself to keep his hands off her when they are together because she is too young and "not ready". The book is all about her being trained and groomed to be ready to be his mate when she comes into her own and becomes a dragon shifter. There are pages and pages of them longing for each other and wishing they didnt have to be apart. Soooo when she shifts for the first time and they are FINALLY alone together in a romantic setting with no barriers to being together and no holds barred I expected a little more than what was essentially a hug and "I love you"... I expected fireworks after their long low boil of a relationship and instead was rewarded with a frustrating fizzle out. Aw well thats why we have imaginations right? *smiles and waves goodbye*
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Michelle Randall for Readers' Favorite Take a step back in time to a world when dragons flew the skies, travelers arrived on horse or foot, and trading caravans of horse carriages still existed. Branin is one of a rare breed, a dragon shifter or dragshi, that can change form from human to dragon and back, but he is the last. There hasn't been another born in over three hundred years, and Branin has been alone. The dragshi can mind speak, and one day in flight Branin hears someone in his mind; all he is able to get is her name, Anastasia. That is enough - he puts everything and everyone he can into finding her. Anastasia is a trader girl of immense intelligence, but feeling alone and that she doesn't quite fit in. When she meet Branin, her life feels so much richer, but he keeps distance between them and she doesn't understand why. Dragon Destiny is Branin and Anastasia's story of finding each other and of awakening in her the sleeping dragon that only Branin believes is there. Helen B. Henderson gives the reader a powerful tale of young love, of holding back, of understanding and of making life work. Dragon Destiny is Book One of the Dragshi Chronicles and I can't imagine where the series will go from here! This book not only has Branin and Anastasia's love story, it has the jealous ex-girlfriend, although she thought she was more important to Branin. Actually, she thinks she is more important than anyone; she takes the cake when it comes to narcissism, but she makes for some great reading at times. Author Helen B. Henderson is refreshing in that this book takes you out of the modern world for a time. You can read and relax in the calm of a world with no beeps, bings or bells. There is a richness in her writing that allows you to get into the characters and feel for them; you want them to succeed, and not just Branin and Anastasia, the other characters in the book, the old ones, or the true dragons and the other dragshi. You find yourself being pulled into the story and not wanting to put it down. There is no sex at all in the book; there is some violence, I'm talking highwayman attacks on the trail and animal attacks, but they are not graphic at all. I would easily recommend this to teen readers all the way up to adults. Worth reading and one enjoyable read!!
JacquelineSeewald More than 1 year ago
Dragon Destiny is an exciting, extremely well-written fantasy romance. It is a fast-paced novel full of action and romance with well-developed main characters. Lord Branin/Llewlyn is a dragon shape-shifter-a “dragshi.” His sanctuary is Cloud Eyrie in the Valley of the Mist. Branin is lonely. For three hundred years he has yearned for a soulmate. Through “mindspeech” a woman calls to him and he feels her loneliness. He senses there can be a true connection between them. However, fiery-tempered, red-headed Broch desires Branin. He does not want her. She chooses to marry Hicca, another high-born human, but vows revenge against Branin for his rejection. Anastasia is Branin’s choice, but she is only eighteen years old and a human. Branin senses she will come into dragshi powers, but until she does, he feels advances would be inappropriate. Stasia travels with a caravan, a wagon train of traders led by her father and uncle. She longs to teach children and feels trapped. She is also talented at martial arts. There is much action and adventure in this novel. For example, early on, Branin saves Stasia from an attack by a pack of gryphlors. Broch learns of Anastasia and tries to buy the young woman from her father. When that fails, Broch arranges for an attack on the wagon train, which Stasia and Branin prevent from ending in disaster. Lady Eirwen, female leader of the dragshi, is impressed by Anastasia when Branin arranges for her to be presented. Lady Eirwen invites Stasia to study for two years at the Ceoltier Guild Hall, an honor normally reserved only for males. Branin is sent away for those years and the would-be lovers are frustrated. In the meantime, Broch has not given up on her evil plans. She captures a dragshi, Crisiant, and  holds her prisoner. Stasia is called upon to save the dragshi, but she needs the help of Branin. Will they survive the ordeal? Will love triumph over evil? You will likely wish to read this novel through from beginning to end and discover it is very hard to put down.