Dragons, Monsters, and Imaginary Friends: - and Peter's Field of Dreams!

Dragons, Monsters, and Imaginary Friends: - and Peter's Field of Dreams!

by Clifton F Savoy
Dragons, Monsters, and Imaginary Friends: - and Peter's Field of Dreams!

Dragons, Monsters, and Imaginary Friends: - and Peter's Field of Dreams!

by Clifton F Savoy

Paperback(Edition ed.)

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Dragons, Monsterrs, and Imaginary Friends is a work of fiction and adventure for yyoung adult and up. It's a youngster's southern Field of Dreams with hilarious antics like in The Bad News Bears, magical moments as in Angels in the Outfield, and the heart-tugging, puppy in the rain scenes like in Blind Side.

Dragons... is a blend of nature, history, make believe, dreams, obstacles, sinister actions, and heroism. There are over one hundred sketches and photos. Underdog Peter Marshall battles dragons with imaginary friends. His hero is his dad, who died when he was a toddler. Peter dreams of base hits like his dad. Coaches don't want him, though, as his skills were pitiful. A girl was much better. Peer pressure is constant. His widowed mom is buried in work and trying to save her family. Peter chases his dream alone. His make believe turns real as his imaginary friends-an oak, two owls, and a fox-come to his rescue. They are able to talk with him and help with valuable historic Indian and Spanish treasures for the family. An adult enemy carries out sinister plots to obtain the treasures. The setting is in the historic woods of Tallahassee, Florida. Excitement and drama fill each chapter through the final scene.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781737649830
Publisher: Campfire Press, LLC
Publication date: 02/05/2024
Edition description: Edition ed.
Pages: 372
Sales rank: 881,992
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.83(d)

About the Author

Clifton F. Savoy, Ph.D., is an award-winning author and accomplished online international blogger. His writing passion is resurrecting true and unusual stories from the ashes of history. He has several published works and several in the 'soon-to-be-published' pipeline. His Shades of Color was a medal winner in the Florida Authors & Publishers 2023 book competition. And, his Fred & Sally - The Decision, the leadin to his sci-fi murder mystery three-book series was a First Place winner in the Oklahoma Writers Federation 2022 Competition. Clifton and wife, Judith, live in Tallahassee, Florida, and within walking distance of its many historic sites, including places like the State Capitol and site where de Sota and his large Spanish soldier group camped over the winter of 1539. It's siignificant, as the location for the likely celebrattion of the first Christmas in what would be the United States. Clifton and Judith had three sons who played baseball. During their youth league play over a period of seven years, Clifton witness the interactions among players and coaches on the field and among adults and youngsters on and off the field. Clifton's experience began as a baseball ignorant parent, but one who was overly enthusiastically supportive of his sons. Soon, he was drafted by their oldest son's coach to be the team statistician, and then for the league all-star team the same year. BTW, this team won a fantastic district tournament championship game with a HR from a player off the bench inserted into the game because, "His stats revealed he was due to hit a big one!" Clifton did a crash course to learn all the rules. Over the years, he served as assistant and head coach, game announcer and statistician for the league, pulled hoses around the field to water the grass to keep it alive, and five years as President of the Myers Park league. Clifton observed, after being the announcer for over sixteen thousand pitches in one season, how play of young boys and girls were influenced by home life and adult agendas. He also observed at Myers Park field the awesome encounters with nature and the wildlife that ventured onto the field at different times. Savoy was convinced this story must be written for every underdog and determined achiever in life. If you have a comment about Dragons..., contact Savoy by email or through the contact page on his author website. Both links are given below. Thanks, cs Author Website: www.CliftonSavoy.com Email: www.CFSavoy@Nettally.com
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