Drinking sea water: Using Dr. Hamer's 5 biological laws on self-healing

Drinking sea water: Using Dr. Hamer's 5 biological laws on self-healing

by Francisco Martin
Drinking sea water: Using Dr. Hamer's 5 biological laws on self-healing

Drinking sea water: Using Dr. Hamer's 5 biological laws on self-healing

by Francisco Martin


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The book explains, with over 60 illustrations, how to use sea water for health and for cooking.

Sea water was prescribed by the French health system until 1980 to be taken orally or by injection (no contraindications!). And many traditional typical dishes are prepared with sea water and the dishes cooked with it are tastier.

The medicinal virtues of salt water have been known since ancient times. In modern times, Richard Russell in the 18th century recommended taking it orally and bathing  (and thanks to his sea water therapies Brighton was transformed from a fishing village to a city).

More recently, at the beginning of the 20th century in France, many children died of cholera. René Quinton saved their lives by injecting them with sea water. René Quinton discovered the reason for its beneficial properties: its identity with the blood serum.
But the pioneers of the medical use of sea water didn't succeed in all diseases.

Now, thanks to Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer's GNM (New German Medicine) and his discoveries about body-mind relationship, we understand why, and his "five biological laws" open its use for a wider range of ailments, including most common and critical (cancer, heart attacks, allergies, arthritis, mental disorders, ...).

The book explains in a practical way how to use it on a daily basis:

  • with cooking recipes,
  • how to prepare sports drinks,
  • to heal ourselves when we are sick (for that, the book has an introduction to the basics of Dr. Hamer with many graphics).

Sea water is especially helpful in detoxifying people who have received chemotherapy.

It is also beneficial for external disorders (psoriasis) and internal (constipation, gastritis, kidney problems, ...); even for hair loss, as documented in the book.

For ailments, instead of giving detailed dosages, the book provides the reader with criteria to optimally guide their healing.

Injected subcutaneously, it is used to treat herniated discs (as shown on the back cover and on the companion website).

It is also good for pets and livestock and for the survival of castaways.

Currently in France, the USA, Canada and around the world many companies bottle and sell sea water at popular prices.

You can download the first two chapters and the index from the book's website.

A book to be useful in the kitchen for many years!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9788412442359
Publisher: Francisco Martin Garcia
Publication date: 07/01/2020
Pages: 172
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Francisco Martin is a researcher on the medicinal use of sea water. He knows very well its use in Nicaragua, where he studied its application at the invitation of Dr. Ilari, who promotes sea water medical use and Dr. Hamer's discoveries in Nicaragua and Latin America.

He considers Dr. Hamer's discoveries a fundamental foundation on which to build any sea water medical practice.

He lives on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and has used seawater for cooking and as a remedy for many years.

Feel free to send him your questions or comments through the book's website.

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