Van Helsing

Van Helsing

Director: Stephen Sommers Cast: Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman
, Kate Beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale
, Richard Roxburgh
Richard Roxburgh
, David Wenham
David Wenham
Stephen Sommers
Van Helsing

Van Helsing

Director: Stephen Sommers Cast: Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman
, Kate Beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale
, Richard Roxburgh
Richard Roxburgh
, David Wenham
David Wenham
Stephen Sommers

Blu-ray (Wide Screen)

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The greatest monster hunter of them all has his work cut out for him as he tracks down three deadly foes in this action-adventure saga. Gabriel Van Helsing (Hugh Jackman) is a man who has dedicated his life to battling evil forces who exist outside the bounds of nature; Van Helsing's work has not always made him friends, and a false accusation of murder still trails him. But when he's summoned to Transylvania at the behest of Anna Valerious (Kate Beckinsale), whose family has been fighting supernatural beings for generations, Van Helsing wastes no time answering her call. There, Van Helsing discovers that the undying vampire Count Dracula (Richard Roxburgh) has put a misshapen creature named Igor (Kevin J. O'Connor) under his spell, and, in turn, has forged an alliance with a hideous monster (Shuler Hensley) who was created by the misguided Dr. Victor Frankenstein (Samuel West). Adding to Anna's burden is her brother, Velkan (Will Kemp), a lycanthrope who becomes a bloodthirsty wolf under the light of the full moon. Van Helsing also co-stars Elena Anaya, Silvia Colloca, and Josie Maran as Dracula's vampire brides.

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Product Details

Release Date: 09/15/2009
UPC: 0025195053624
Original Release: 2004
Rating: PG-13
Source: Universal Studios
Presentation: [Wide Screen]
Sound: [DTS 5.1-Channel Surround Sound, Dolby AC-3 Surround Sound]
Time: 2:00:00
Sales rank: 5,111

Special Features

Van Helsing: The Story, The Life, The Legend - An in-depth look at each of the film's characters, original set designs, Industrial Light & Magic effects work, the evolution of the legendary character Van Helsing throughout film history; ; Track The Adventure - The Secrets behind each fantastic set are revealed; ; Bringing the Monsters To Life - From pencil sketches to complete digital composition, the experts at Industrial Light & Magic show how the Van Helsing monsters were brought to life; ; Dracula's Lair Is Transformed - Witness the building, filming, and ultimate destruction of the Coffin Room and Dracula's Lab through time lapse motion photography; ; The Music Of Van Helsing; The Art of Van Helsing; Two Feature Commentaries; D-Box Motion Enabled

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Hugh Jackman Gabriel Van Helsing
Kate Beckinsale Anna Valerious
Richard Roxburgh Count Vladislaus Dracula
David Wenham Carl
Shuler Hensley Frankenstein's Monster
Elena Anaya Aleera
Will Kemp Velkan Valerious/Wolf Man
Kevin J. O'Connor Igor
Alun Armstrong Cardinal Jinette
Silvia Colloca Verona
Josie Maran Marishka
Tom Fisher Top Hat
Samuel West Dr. Victor Frankenstein
Robbie Coltrane Mr. Hyde
Martin Klebba Dwerger
Stephen H. Fisher Dr. Jekyll
Dana Moravkova Barmaid
Zuzana Durdinova Opera Singer
Jaroslav Vizner Gendarme
Marek Vasut Villager
Samantha Sommers Vampire Child
Dorel Mois Dracula's Ball Performer
Marianna Mois Dracula's Ball Performer
Laurence Racine Dracula's Ball Performer
Patrice Wojciechowski Dracula's Ball Performer
Alan Silvestri Conductor

Technical Credits
Stephen Sommers Director,Producer,Screenwriter
Gregory P. Alcus Stunts
Charles Alleneck Animator
Steve Aplin Animator
Christopher Armstrong Animator
Steve Arnold Art Director
Artist Robinson Associate Producer,Asst. Director
Paul Babin Camera Operator
Sandy Berumen-Justus Stunts
Pavel Bezdek Stunts
Nancy Bishop Casting
David M. Blitstein Special Effects Supervisor
Rudolf Bok Stunts
Petr Bozdech Stunts
Richard Bradshaw Stunts
Troy Brown Stunts
Allan Cameron Production Designer
Greg Cannom Makeup Special Effects
Derrick Carlin Animator
Debbie Lee Carrington Stunts
Scott Carroll Animator
Viktor Cervenka Stunts
Milan Chadima Camera Operator
Marc Chu Animator
Joanna Colbert Casting
Jonathen Collins Animator
Tom Connole Camera Operator
Karin Silvestri Coye Stunts
Keith P. Cunningham Art Director
Laura Dash Stunts
Allen Daviau Cinematographer
Frantisek Deak Stunts
Debra Brown Choreography
Zuzana Drdacka Stunts
Petr Drozda Stunts
Bob Ducsay Editor,Producer
Zdenek Dvoracek Stunts
Hana Dvorska Stunts
Jann K. Engel Set Decoration/Design
Grant Fletcher Stunts
Christian Fletcher Stunts
Ian Fox Camera Operator
Luke Freeborn Set Decoration/Design
Ronald Friedman Animator
Klaus Fuxjager Camera Operator
David Gainey Animator
Robert Gianino Animator
Tad Griffith Stunts
Joseph S. Griffo Stunts
Michal Grun Stunts
Mike Gunther Stunts
Rene Hajek Stunts
Romana Hajkova Stunts
Antonin Hausknecht Stunts
Freddie Hice Stunts
Petr Hnetkovsky Stunts
Jan Holicek Stunts
Petr Horacek Stunts
Jiri Horky Stunts
Jana Hrbkova Production Manager
Eda Hubata Stunts
Blanka Jarosova Stunts
Priscilla John Casting
Mike Justus Stunts
Filip Kadlec Stunts
Maia Kayser Animator
Peter Kelly Animator
Mary Kim Production Manager
Jindrich Klaus Stunts
Ales Kosnar Stunts
Heather Kraft Stunts
Jiri Kraus Stunts
Robert Krejcik Stunts
Milos Kulhavy Stunts
Ladislav Lahoda Stunts
Robert "Robin" Lahoda Stunts
Leonid Larionov Animator
David Latour Animator
Alison Leaf Animator
Oakley Lehman Stunts
David Leitch Stunts
Ellen Lewis Casting
Miroslav Lhotka Stunts
Dimo Lipitkovsky Stunts
David Listvan Stunts
Victoria Livingstone Animator
Billy Lucas Stunts
David Luckenbach Camera Operator
Mirek Lux Asst. Director
Jonathan Lyons Animator
Wesley Mandell Animator
Ivan Mares Stunts
Robert Marrs Stunts
Kevin Martel Animator
Giles Masters Art Director
Kelly Matsumoto Editor,Production Designer
Jim May Editor
Matt McColm Stunts
Bob McDougall Stunts
Robert McIntosh Animator
Mark McKenzie Musical Arrangement
Phil McNally Animator
Jan Mensik Asst. Director
Sam Mercer Executive Producer
David Minkowski Associate Producer
Christopher Mitchell Animator
Heidi Moneymaker Stunts
Klara Moravkova Stunts
Philip Morris Animator
David Mottl Stunts
Michael Munoz Stunts
Mario Munoz Stunts
Mark Munoz Stunts
Pavel Myslik Stunts
Leo Napolitano Camera Operator
Miroslav Navratil Stunts
Douglas Neithercut Stunts
Larry Nicholas Stunts
Rick O'Connor Animator
Harry E. Otto Set Decoration/Design
Vaclav Pacal Stunts
David Parker Sound Mixer
Christian P. Della Penna Asst. Director
Loni Peristere Executive Producer
Gabriella Pescucci Costumes/Costume Designer
Tomas Peterac Stunts
Jaroslav Peterka Stunts
Jan Petrina Stunts
Carlo Poggioli Costumes/Costume Designer
Bob Porter Stunts
Mark Povinelli Stunts
Mark Powers Animator
Captive Audience Prods. Makeup Special Effects
Jaroslav Psenicka Stunts
Ales Putikk Stunts
Tony Reading Art Director
Jason Rennie Animator
Magali Rigaudias Animator
Tim Rigby Stunts
Debbie Rondell Stunts
Misty Rosas Stunts
Deep Roy Stunts
Ervin Sanders Camera Operator
Dennis S. Sands Sound Mixer
David Schultz Stunts
Petr Sekanina Stunts
Leslie Shatz Sound Mixer
Alan Silvestri Score Composer
Jiri Simbersky Stunts
Klara Slavikova Stunts
Milan Slepicka Stunts
Stephen Forrest Smith Consultant/advisor
Easton M. Smith Set Decoration/Design
Douglas Snively Stunts
Tom St. Amand Animator
Matthew Stillman Associate Producer
Monty Stuart Stunts
Eric P. Sundahl Set Decoration/Design
Jaromir Svarc Art Director
Vasilios Tanis Makeup
Carly Thomas Stunts
Tomas Tobola Stunts
Susumu Tokunow Sound Mixer
David Listvan Tomas Stunts
Delio Tramontozzi Animator
Tim Trella Stunts
Marjolaine Tremblay-Silva Animator
Miroslav Valka Stunts
Jan Van Buyten Animator
Keith Vanderlaan Makeup Special Effects
Karel Vavrovec Stunts
Petr Vlasak Stunts
Pavel Vokoun Stunts
Jan Vosmik Stunts
Aaron Walters Stunts
David Weinstein Animator
Mary Stuart Welch Executive Producer
Andy Wong Animator
Troy Wood Stunts
Dana Woods Stunts
Danny Wynands Stunts
Kamila Zenkerova Stunts
Daniel Zizmor Animator

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