Dying to Control: The 21st Century Dilemma

Dying to Control: The 21st Century Dilemma

by Leon R. Hayduchok


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ISBN-13: 9781449758189
Publisher: Nelson, Thomas, Inc.
Publication date: 07/31/2012
Pages: 147
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Leon R. Hayduchok is the founding pastor of Cornerstone Community Church in Utica, New York. With a master's degree in theology from Dallas Theological Seminary and nine years of pastoral experience, Leon brings seasoned insight to navigating the joy and pain of interpersonal relationships. In 2010, Leon, along with his wife and three daughters, relocated to Houston, Texas, where he now offers his distinct perspective and style to a broader audience through his writings, seminars, and workshops.

Table of Contents

Introduction vii

Part I Dying to Control 1

1 Do You Trust Me? 3

2 The Merryless-Go-Round 19

3 Mannequins on Display 31

4 The Blame Game 43

Part II The Knowledge of Good and Evil

5 The World According to Me 61

Part III The 21st Century Dilemma 79

6 Curses! Curses? Curses 81

7 No Pain, No Gain 97

8 The Fight for Control 111

9 For the Shame of It All 129

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Dying to Control: The 21st Century Dilemma 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
KRuffcorn More than 1 year ago
One of the mystical and powerful characteristics of the Bible is its ability to reveal the truth about both humanity and one's self in its stories. The struggles of the men and women in the pages of the Bible to be faithful and obedient to The Lord shine a light on our own battles of will. God's demonstrations of forgiveness and grace remind us of how God has acted in the history of humankind and in our own lives. This characteristic is clearly demonstrated int he book, "Dying to Control" by Leon Hayduchok. In this book, Hayduchok enables his readers to catch a glimpse of themselves and God in the story of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden. Hayduchok's book is an extensive, fresh and enlightening exegesis of the third chapter of Genesis. As a practical theologian (read "parish pastor") I am fairly well acquainted with the story of Adam and Eve. Still, I gathered some new and helpful insights about this story, while reading the book. Hayduchok helped me view the story from a different perspective, and equipped me to see my life's story from that perspective. I appreciated Hayduchok's clear and straight forward writing style. Though this book is an exegesis of a portion of scripture, it is not written in an academic style. It is not difficult to understand and it relies on solid, Biblical scholarship and accepted practices of Biblical interpretation. I recommend this book. It is well written. For those who want to understand their struggles to be trusting followers of Jesus Christ, it is a very insightful and helpful book.