Dynamic Capabilities Between Firm Organisation and Local Systems of Production

Dynamic Capabilities Between Firm Organisation and Local Systems of Production


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ISBN-13: 9781138010482
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 02/01/2007
Series: Routledge Studies in Global Competition Series
Pages: 432
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.86(d)

About the Author

Riccardo Leoncini and Sandro Montresor are both at the University of Bologna in Italy. They are co-authors of Technical Systems and Intersectoral Innovation Flows (2003).

Table of Contents

List of figures     xi
List of tables     xiii
List of contributors     xvi
Acknowledgements     xviii
Introduction   Riccardo Leoncini   Sandro Montresor     1
Firm and organizational level     15
Learning and firm dynamics: theoretical approaches and empirical analysis of dynamic capabilities   Riccardo Leoncini   Sandro Montresor     17
Dynamic capabilities and entrepreneurial team development in SMEs   Donato Iacobucci     73
Group dynamics and growth strategies   Giandemetrio Marangoni   Stefano Solari     91
Demand for skilled labour services, job design and the 'revealed learning function'   Gilberto Antonelli   Mario Nosvelli     107
Local and mesoeconomic level     137
A morphogenetic approach to the evolution of technological capabilities   Mauro Lombardi     139
Global value chains and technological capabilities: a framework to study industrial innovation in developing countries   Andrea Morrison   Carlo Pietrobelli   Roberta Rabellotti     157
Learning at the boundaries for industrial districts between exploitation of local resources and the exploration of global knowledge flows   Fiorenza Belussi   Luciano Pilotti   Silvia Rita Sedita     181
The role of agglomeration and technology in shaping firm strategy and organization   Giulio Cainelli   Donato Iacobucci     216
MNC-dominated clusters and the upgrading of domestic suppliers: the case of Costa Rican electronics and medical device industries   Luciano Ciravegna   Elisa Giuliani     236
Sectoral and macroeconomic level     265
Macrodynamic capability: concept and monetary and financial conditions   Maria de Lourdes R. Mollo   Joanilio Rodolpho Teixeira     267
Knowledge endowment and composition as dynamic capabilities   Gilberto Antonelli   Giovanni Pegoretti     289
Vertical and horizontal patterns of intra-industry trade between EU and candidate countries   Hubert Gabrisch   Maria Luigia Segnana     324
ICTs and the digital division of labour   Nicola de Liso     346
Persistent seasonality of demand and local tourist market development   Anna Serena Vergori   Luca Zamparini     375
Author index     391
Subject index     398

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