Earthly Delights: Gardening by the Seasons the Easy Way

Earthly Delights: Gardening by the Seasons the Easy Way

by Margot Rochester


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ISBN-13: 9781589790780
Publisher: Taylor Trade Publishing
Publication date: 04/20/2004
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.20(h) x 0.95(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Breaking Ground1
True Confessions of a Leisurely Gardener2
Just Say No to Unpleasant Tasks5
Give Me Five ... or Ten8
Garden Smarter11
Getting Personal in the Garden14
The Grand Tourist17
Chapter 2Autumn21
A Time of Renewal22
September Separates the Optimists25
Autumn Joys28
Keep Your Eyes on the Groundcovers31
Mixing It Up in the Border34
When the Tough Get Going37
Bulbs Predict a Glorious Spring40
Good Things Come in Small Bulbs43
The Great Cover-Up46
Love Those Loropetalums49
Lighten Up the Shade52
Splendor in the Grasses55
Shrubbing It Up58
A Kick out of Cleaning Up61
Chapter 3Winter65
Leave the Leaves66
Some Gifts Cannot Be Wrapped68
Divide and Expand71
A Twisted Tale of Vines74
Sometimes the News Is Good77
Them Bones, Them Bones80
Follies in the Foundation82
Variations on Variegation85
A Camellia Is a Camellia Is a Camellia88
An Epiphany in Every Seed91
It's Dangerous Out There in the Garden94
To Prune or Not to Prune97
Chapter 4Spring101
It's Spring ... and Time to Shop102
If You Plant Them, They Will Bloom105
The Hydrangea Puzzlement109
Turning Yard Work into Garden Joy112
Reba and Me in the Garden115
Put the Xip into Xeriscaping118
Consider the Lilies121
The Dazzle of Daylilies124
A Love-Hate Relationship with Iris127
Gardening with the Enemy130
I'll Never Be a Bedder133
Turf Battles136
The Show Goes On139
The Siren Sound of Water142
Chapter 5Summer145
Summer Shrubs on the Shy Side146
A Rule of Green Thumb: Prune after Bloom149
Tomatoes Are for Everyone, Almost152
Tropical Pizzazz155
A Lust for Lantanas158
Mints Get a Bad Rap161
Just Give Me a Fig Tree and a Vine164
Put It in a Pot167
More, Gotta Have More170
A Wandering Mind Wants to Grow173
Herbs with Allure176
Save Me a Salvia179
Secret to Success: Succulents182
Crepe or Crape? I'll Take Both185
Weed War188
Something that Bugs Me191
Chapter 6Winnowing195
Walking in a Woodland of One's Own196
Good Friends, Garden Differences199
Laurie's Garden: A Work in Progress202
Other People's Gardens205
Passalong Some Friendship208
Who's in the Habitat?211
Say Goodbye to Garden Guilt214
About the Author239

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Earthly Delights: Gardening by the Seasons the Easy Way 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
bezoar44 on LibraryThing 5 months ago
Lots of information, with solid advice for North and South Carolina gardens, but all the book's stories seemed to reflect well on the author and not so well on everybody else, which became tiresome. Perhaps it's a matter of temperment, but I preferred Henry Mitchell's One Man's Garden, which balances deep knowledge with self-deprecating humor. Both books were repetitive at points, but that's an unavoidable hazard with a book of collected newspaper columns. Earthly Delights was good book to skim.
BJ80 More than 1 year ago
This book should get a ten-star rating. The conversational style is delightful and should be a must for every beginning gardener. Experienced gardeners will love her chatty opinions like "too much of a good thing, is not nearly enough". I wish that I had discovered her two books before she passed away so that I could have told her personally how much I enjoyed them. I read the first one with a pen and highlighter in hand so that I could comment on her wise, amusing, and" oh, me, too!" passages. She is now the sage advisor that I quote to all of my friends; they all know about Margot. I've passed my annotated volume on to a friend who will also make comments in it and then pass it along, too. But I didn't do that until I had taken notes on it during a second reading and copied favorite quotes. What fun! Margot is truly an inspiration.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Earthly Delights, by Margot Rochester is not a book that gives pictures and growing conditions of a hundred plants. It is more an easy conversational style that takes the reader through the stages of the garden year and how Ms. Rochester approaches her garden chores. Her nature, she admits, is to being a lazy gardener and thus tilling, or removing sod, to install a new garden is bypassed by laying down newspaper and mulch instead. Her attitude to her garden is summed up in one phrase, when describing her neighbor¿s garden: ¿..her garden is much neater than mine and possesses a sense of order that mine lacks. But I say ¿Each to her own.¿ I find rigidity and neatness stifling myself, but the beauty of a garden is in the eye of the gardener.¿ Many of us have garden friends who eagerly lead us to their garden to view the latest flowering horticultural wonder. This is a curl up in the middle of winter and be led into the authors garden for a while.