Echoes among the Stones

Echoes among the Stones

by Jaime Jo Wright


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After Aggie Dunkirk's career is unceremoniously ended by her own mistakes, she finds herself traveling to Wisconsin, where her grandmother, Mumsie, lives alone in her rambling old home. She didn't plan for how eccentric Mumsie has become, obsessing over an old, unsolved crime scene—even going so far as to re-create it in the dollhouse.

Mystery seems to follow her when she finds work as a secretary helping to restore the flooded historical part of the cemetery. Forced to work with the cemetery's puzzling, yet attractive archeologist, she exhumes the past's secrets and unwittingly uncovers a crime that some will go to any length to keep quiet—even if it means silencing Aggie.

In 1946, Imogene Grayson works in a local factory and has eyes on owning her own beauty salon. But coming home to discover her younger sister's body in the attic changes everything. Unfamiliar with the newly burgeoning world of criminal forensics and not particularly welcomed as a woman, Imogene is nonetheless determined to stay involved. As her sister's case grows cold, Imogene vows to find justice . . . even if it costs her everything.

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ISBN-13: 9780764233883
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 12/03/2019
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 142,154
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Jaime Jo Wright is winner of the Christy, Carol, Daphne du Maurier, and INSPY Awards. She's also the Publishers Weekly and ECPA bestselling author of three novellas. Jaime works as a human resources director in Wisconsin, where she lives with her husband and two children. Visit her at

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Echoes among the Stones 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 91 reviews.
Becky5 5 months ago
My mother told me that when the boys came home from the war, people thought the world would go back to the way it was before. But it didn’t. The war lived on in souls for years after, and people were just never really the same again.” This quote by Jaime Jo Wright in Echoes Among the Stones so aptly captures the mood of Mill Creek, Wisconsin in July of 1946. Wright recreates the ominous heaviness that the war brings to America's hearts. Some people, like the young men who survive, come home brooding or unable to find their way out of the horror now relegated to memory. Others are affected by the loss of family members or the great personality change in a family member who returns. Still others like Imogene and Hazel are also affected second-hand by the war brought to America. Jaime Jo Wright has penned yet another mystery novel with spooky, ominous undertones that beckon the tentative reader in. Echoes Among the Stones is a time-slip novel, marrying two distinctly different and at first seemingly unrelated plots, no pun originally intended. In the present day, Aggie loses her real estate job and returns to her selfish, demanding grandmother’s home, while working a cemetery job. Collin, the archaeologist who works with Aggie, frustrates her, intrigues her, and challenges her by turns. There was enough eerie mystery, romance, and humor (“You have all the sense of an addlepated muskrat, ”) plus faith scattered throughout the book that this book is a big winner for me. Also, I loved the way the solution took me by surprise. Look for this book among my favorites in 2019. Quotes: " must step outside of your own strength and realize there’s a greater Strength waiting to hold you.” "All I can say right now is that we sell God short when we look at the pain. Instead, we should focus on what He’s provided us to help us heal.” I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House through NetGalley. This in no way affected my opinions, which are solely my own.
JenniferPurcell 11 days ago
Echoes Among the Stones is a poignant, gripping suspense that probes the depths of grief. This dual timeline goes between 1946 and present day, weaving together the stories of Imogene Flannigan and Aggie Dunkirk. In post-WWII Mill Creek, Imogene tries to solve her sister’s murder. And in present-day Mill Creek, Aggie tries to figure out who wants to keep her from working at the cemetery. Jaime Jo Wright weaves these stories together seamlessly, dropping hints and clues in one storyline and following through on an explanation in another. Just when you think you’ve begun to piece together what’s going on, Wright throws you a curve ball. And she manages to keep the suspense going throughout the novel, making it a fast read. You won’t want to stop reading from the moment Imogene discovers her sister’s body. And the characters’ struggles with grief make the emotion raw and personal, giving you a vested interest in seeing a happy ending. Speaking of happy endings, there was one ending I wasn’t too happy about. But I can see why Wright chose that ending. And I can appreciate that she chose something that fit the character rather than preconceived expectations. Even fictional novels need a bit of truth. Which is why I love this novel’s cast. The supporting characters and the family connections add something special to the main characters’ journeys. Make them relatable and raise the stakes. And the ginger archaeologist makes everything better. Jaime Jo Wright earned a spot on my TBR when I read The House on Foster Hill.. With Echoes Among the Stones, she solidified her place as a must-read author.
J_Augustine 13 days ago
The past, the present, and future, all bound by grief... There are some reviews that are nearly impossible to write. Not because you dislike the book, but the exact opposite. Sometimes it's hard to rein in your thoughts and get them organized in a way that makes sense because some books are just so emotionally involving and thought provoking. Echoes Among The Stones is one of those books. You see, author Jaime Jo Wright takes on a topic that is all-consuming and not often delved into with such depth in Christian fiction. That subject is grief. Why is grief so hard to talk about? It's something that has touched everyone in one way or another. But it's also so very very personal. As Mumsie says in the book “Death deals a wicked hand. We all respond differently, and not always the way we should.” But Jaime Jo Wright does indeed take it on, with a sensitivity and kindness wrapped in the pages of an entertaining suspense novel. Echoes Among The Stones is heartwrenching in the pain it lays open for the world to see, but, it is also beautiful in its wisdom and gentle nudges towards faith even when it seems like God couldn't possibly be there. The book itself is very well written, Jaime Jo Wright being one of the most talented Christian fiction authors that I've ever read, and it's a real page-turner that's impossible to put down. But Echoes Among The Stones is much more than its technical form and entertaining qualities. It's also its message, how it makes you feel, how it makes you think, that makes it the lovely, though bittersweet, book that it is... (I received a copy of this book from the publisher. All opinions are entirely my own.)
MelissaF 19 days ago
I love anything written by Jaime Jo Wright. I have thoroughly enjoyed each book I have read by her (all of her releases except one). Her stories are unique but if you are sensitive to "spookier" stories then this might not be for you. There are strange things happening in Mill Creek and although they might seem supernatural all comes to light and there are natural reasons for what is going on. Jaime had me guessing until the end about what happened to Hazel, I bounced back and forth trying to figure out who had killed her and even when I figured it out there were still a few more layers to uncover. A lot of truth in this book. One quote I highlighted from the book (location 5263), spoken by Mumsie, "You go ahead and let the grief consume you, because then it will heal you, free you, and the good Lord can move into its place and show you promise. Promises that there is so much more life to live. So many more people to love. And the footprints of those who've gone before you? They'll still be there. Memories to warm you when you're old." A copy of this book was given to me through All opinions are my own
Christy41970 22 days ago
I loved Echoes among the Stones, just like the other books I've read by Jamie Jo Wright. Wright has a way of writing that draws you in and takes you to another place and time. Echoes among the Stones takes place in both the present and the past (shortly after WWII). The present is Aggie's story, and the past is Imogene's., Aggie's grandmother, whom she calls Mumsie, has been obsessed with an unsolved crime from 1946 that completely wrecked her. You will find yourself so immersed in the story that it will wreck you too. I felt as if I were a grieving Imogene in the past (and present) and a worrying Aggie in the present. That's just how well Jamie Jo Wright tells a story. You are living the story as you read. Along with Aggie and Imogene, there are a number of side characters that are extremely well-written. You'll feel as if you know them as well as Aggie and Imogene know (or knew) them. I love how the past and present intertwine. If you, like I, enjoy solving a mystery, this one will captivate you. There are so many possibilities as to the who, why and how of the crime that you'll be guessing until the end. I love that Jamie Jo Wright weaves having a relationship with Christ throughout her novels in a way that isn't "preachy." Aggie is struggling with her faith throughout the book, and anyone who has been through a great loss can almost certainly relate. This is a book you need to add to your TBR piles. I absolutely loved it and think you will too.
Bonnie DeMoss 24 days ago
Echoes Among the Stones is present day story of Aggie, who is still grieving the loss of her mother when she is informed her grandmother, Mumsie, has been injured. Aggie goes to stay with and care for her grandmother and also starts a new job at the cemetery cataloguing graves. Meanwhile, back in the post war 1940's, Imogene's sister Hazel has been murdered. While Imogene begins investigating Hazel's death and becomes obsessed with finding her killer, Aggie is finding that the graves in the cemetery don't quite add up. As things escalate, both Imogene and Aggie find themselves in danger. Aggie and Imogene both also have a chance at romance in their respective timelines. Do they dare take that chance or does their grief destroy any possible happiness? The main theme of this book is grief, and how we deal with it. Do we let it imprison us or do we move forward? Do we ever let the people we love go? At what point is grief healthy and when is it unhealthy? This book made me think about my own losses, about losing my Dad last year, and about how the little things, like making a recipe he enjoyed, made me feel like he was right in the room with me. I liked this book very much. It seemed slow at times but Imogene was dealing with all the stops, starts, and roadblocks of a cold case, and that is a slow process. You definitely feel Imogene's frustration as she searches for answers. When the answers finally come, they are quite shocking.
MzKCKitty 25 days ago
Aggie has moved back to Mumsie’s hometown to take care of her. Mumsie is her grandmother. Aggie gets a job at the local cemetery, straightening out the records. She is working with an archaeologist who is also trying to figure things out in the old cemetery. It soon becomes apparent that her grandmother is holding onto a mystery from her youth. Aggie gets interested in it too and it leads them through some dark places. This is an interesting mystery that flips back to Mumsie’s (Imogene’s) youth when the event occurred and Aggie in the present. I really enjoyed this one! I have voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from NetGalley. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.
Stacey724 26 days ago
Well, I definitely started my reading year off with a bang! Echoes Among the Stones is my first Jaime Jo Wright book but it certainly won't be my last. This is a complex split time story skillfully woven around the murder of a young woman and her sister who can't let her go. I was spellbound from the first line to the last word.
Melissa Andres 27 days ago
Jaime Jo Wright is a master at time-slip novels! She can weave a tale...or two, that will keep you engaged throughout the entire story. They come together perfectly, but will keep you guessing until the end. I enjoyed every page of this magnificent tale. Aggie and Mumsie are a fantastic duo that you will quickly learn to love. Along with the mystery, this tale reminds us that although grief is an important part of life, it can also steal life. If we allow it to control our emotions and never let go, it will take our future. Such an incredible story! I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions expressed are my own.
swissgranny 28 days ago
With a gripping plot, a unique historical setting, memorable characters, and subtle inspirational messages woven in, Jaime Jo Wright has once again penned a riveting, convoluted story. The book cover sets the stage perfectly and establishes a gothic feeling for the tale. Wright excels at penning dual timeline stories. I admire her ability to take two different, but related, stories and tie them together and make them not only work, but intertwine cohesively. She’s also a master at creating complex, multi-layered characters. Her ingenious and intricately woven stories pull me right in from the beginning and won’t let go. The main characters in this story were vividly drawn and engaging. Imogene is tenacious in trying to solve the mystery of her sister’s murder, Aggie is thrown into her grandmother’s obsession, and Collin is a calming, leveling force in the tale. “Sometimes . . . you must step outside of your own strength and realize there’s a greater Strength waiting to hold you.” “You can’t compare your grief to another’s. It’s yours to hold, and yours to heal from.” Wright fills her books with enough suspense, mystery, and intrigue to keep the reader turning pages far into the night. She throws in enough romance to provoke some sighs and also adds inspiration in the form of redemption, healing, and mercy. “. . . don’t let grief tie your years up into a lifetime of regrets. Let the good Lord take care of your aches and heal you. So that you don’t miss out on the good---on the blessing He hides in the middle of all that hurting.” This story drips with atmosphere and enough creepiness to keep you on the edge of your seat. I would recommend it to those who enjoy dual-timeline suspense with a touch of romance. 4.5 stars I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy from Bethany House. All opinions are my own.
EElizabeth 29 days ago
If your're looking for a way to stay awake, Echoes Among the Stones by Jaime Jo Wright would definitely keep you up! With a murder, a dollhouse recreation of the murder scene, and mysterious events, this book is a spooky read that made it hard for me to sleep until I finished the book and figured out the mystery. It is written in two different time periods which helped tell the same connected story from two different people’s perspectives. Although I did enjoy this book, there were parts that got a little too violently detailed for me. Just a warning for anyone highly sensitive to violence like I am. Also, there is one part of how the book ends that I really wanted to be different. It makes sense, but still, it wasn’t the ending I wanted to see. However, it was a very exciting book full of many different suspects, history, and a little bit of romance. I would recommend this book for those who enjoy detailed mysteries, and time slip novels. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
Lori782 30 days ago
I think that this is the best book by Jamie Jo Wright ever!! Just wow! Told by Imogene of the past and Aggie of the future. Almost had me confused but towards the end I began to figure it out! Just wowsers!! Best story plot and wonderful characters that will keep you guessing until you can't believe who it is! I really think the best part (well, maybe not best but still.....) was when Imogene's parents passed away within days of each other. I say this because it was a coincidence that my grandparents did too. We had moved to Kentucky then and had to turn around and come back for grandpa's funeral. I guess that's what makes two people into one soul. I guess that's how you say it. I finished this book at 2 a.m. in the morning because I wanted to see what happened next! Jamie didn't disappoint me! Not at all! I was hung onto every word of this mixture of weird but wonderful story! Here's a quote I like and this is from Collin " Grief isn't wrong, but it can paralyze. It can thwart a life. A person can choose to let time stand still, and while they hold the pieces of the past, the hope of their future passes them by." So so true. And another one " A person shouldn't miss the promise of whatever is in store. Grief is like the moment you close a chapter in a really good book. It leaves you suspended , unfinished, even remarkably unsatisfied". In other words the story isn't over in a person's life. You should learn to go on. But even at times that isn't easy. Do you ever hear your loved one's voice? Sometimes guiding you along the way with the Lord's help of course. Yes, I do talk to my mom and the weird part about it, I can still see her there standing there shaking my head at some of the things I do, say and even some of the friends that I "supposedly" pick. She'd say " Lori you've got a doozy of a friend this time don't you"? I'm like, " I don't pick them, they pick me:"! Here's my most favorite saying of all from Mumsie, "Ohhh Agnes. Regardless of where faith may take us and what the good Lord has in store, we'll never stop hearing their voices. The voices of the ones we've loved before. I'm so glad that we don't have to stop. I think that in some ways the Lord still lets us "hear and talk" to them because they are our guardian angles. Heaven knows we need divine help from time to time. I normally don't put quotes from the book but this time I felt the Lord giving me a little nudge in the back to do so. I'm guessing He needed for someone to read my review and know that there is Hope, forgiveness and love along the way to help them. I nearly cried writing this review because it was a sweet reminder that He's still there even when at times when we think He's not. Believe me, He is more than you know! I just can't get over this wonderful story! I really enjoyed it and I'm even going to ask my husband to buy the paperback when it comes out!! Cause this is a KEEPER!! for sure! I strongly recommend this to readers of all ages! My hope is that you will be blessed as I was. My thanks to Netgalley. NO compensations were received and all opinions are my own.
BookwormMama2014 3 months ago
I am completely overwhelmed with emotion after finishing Echoes Among the Stones. Jaime Jo Wright has totally and completely wrecked me! Each of her books just becomes more poignant and goes far deeper...I cried...I laughed...I was scared stiff and jumped at my dog making sounds because I was in the middle of a tense part and I forgot everything else around me...Oh yes! This book had me captivated. *~*~TRIGGER WARNING~*~* Even though this was BY.FAR. my favorite book Ms. Wright has written(and that's saying a lot because they are ALL amazing!!!)...It was also the hardest to read. I am glad I chose to listen to it because I could skim through the hard parts a little easier. I won't beat around the bush, Aggie's mom dies of breast cancer. While my mom is alive and well after her diagnosis several years ago, it was a long hard battle. Add that with the medical PTSD I already experience because of my son's health issues (he is healthy and well NOW), all the anxiety and emotions came to the surface. I don't want anyone to jump into this book without a head's up. That said, the women in this book travel a path of grief and unanswered questions. Digging for answers, the truth is uncovered and it looks so completely different than anyone expected! Through this story, we see several different ways that people cope with grief. In Aggie's case, she bottled all her feelings inside. Mumsie re-created the crime scene in the dollhouse. Imogene inserted herself into the investigation and would not relent. Walking the path alone though can be so difficult, and I believe that it is so important to not only open your heart to let God help you walk the path, but to let people support you too. Your church family, your family, a close friend...We can't make it through this life alone. The "creepy factor" for this story is pretty high by my standards (I don't do creepy as a general But I think The Curse of Misty Wayfair was more so. If you enjoy a good mystery, aren't deterred by a little blood, and love historical fiction...THIS is your next read! You won't be sorry! I received a complimentary copy of Echoes Among the Stones from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are mine alone.
RachelChapman 3 months ago
Another Jaime Jo Wright masterpiece! The way she weaves a story in and out of time seamlessly is as much a mystery as her stories! This book, a time slip between modern day and the war-torn 1940s, carefully tells the story of Mumsie, a woman who has been existing, but not living, completely tied to her younger years. When her granddaughter Aggie comes to help her recover from a “broken hip” the past and present are quickly tied together. Imogene is a young woman living in a world of grief after the untimely loss of her sister. Unwilling to accept apathy, she is determined to find answers on her own. With the help of the somewhat mysterious Collin, Aggie works in modern day to piece together the story that Imogene is living in the 40s. You will thoroughly enjoy learning the inner workings of each character as Mumsie, Aggie, and Collin work together to build a story that is definitely worth reading. As with all of Wright’s books, may not always be suitable for bedtime reading!
DarleneLTurner 3 months ago
In present day, Aggie Dunkirk loses her job and reluctantly travels to visit her grandmother Mumsie. She starts a new job working in the town’s cemetery but finds herself thrust into a haunting mystery with her grandmother at the center. Plus, she has to deal with a quirky archeologist and can’t deny her growing feelings for him. In 1946, Imogene Grayson finds her sister’s dead body and has to deal with painstaking grief while she tries to solve Hazel’s murder. When all leads only turn over more mysteries, Imogene struggles with moving on. Can these two women solve the puzzles in their own eras without losing their lives? Echoes Among the Stones is another gothic delight by Jaime Jo Wright! She is an excellent storyteller and this fourth novel proves it. I loved the time switching between 1946 and present day. The two eras link together for an amazing mystery. The plot is solid and will keep the reader turning the pages to find out what happens next. This novel has a little bit of everything—romance, intrigue, and suspense. My only negative comment is that there were times when the descriptions overtook the page and I found myself skimming. However, the story held my interest. The imagery used throughout was superb. These descriptions place the reader right into the cemetery and you find yourself holding your breath as you wait for the mystery to unfold. The characters jump off the page and resonate with the reader. Well done! I give Echoes Among the Stones four gravestones. The story will keep the reader guessing to the very end! **An e-copy of this book has been provided by the publisher in exchange for my honest review.
BonnieDeMoss 3 months ago
Echoes Among the Stones is present day story of Aggie, who is still grieving the loss of her mother when she is informed her grandmother, Mumsie, has been injured. Aggie goes to stay with and care for her grandmother and also starts a new job at the cemetery cataloguing graves. Meanwhile, back in the post war 1940's, Imogene's sister Hazel has been murdered. While Imogene begins investigating Hazel's death and becomes obsessed with finding her killer, Aggie is finding that the graves in the cemetery don't quite add up. As things escalate, both Imogene and Aggie find themselves in danger. Aggie and Imogene both also have a chance at romance in their respective timelines. Do they dare take that chance or does their grief destroy any possible happiness? The main theme of this book is grief, and how we deal with it. Do we let it imprison us or do we move forward? Do we ever let the people we love go? At what point is grief healthy and when is it unhealthy? This book made me think about my own losses, about losing my Dad last year, and about how the little things, like making a recipe he enjoyed, made me feel like he was right in the room with me. I liked this book very much. It seemed slow at times but Imogene was dealing with all the stops, starts, and roadblocks of a cold case, and that is a slow process. You definitely feel Imogene's frustration as she searches for answers. When the answers finally come, they are quite shocking.
Ian_Acheson 3 months ago
Gosh, this lady can write. Wright has a style of writing that draws you into the heart and soul of the places her characters dwell. It's simply breathtaking. It's not so much the characters but the storyline, it's themes and the general melancholic atmosphere she creates which captures one's attention. How one deals with grief underpins this story. And it's fascinating the perspectives two of the characters, Mumsie and Collin, bring to it. Mumsie or Imogene Grayson is an elderly widow who still grieves her long lost sister, Hazel. Her story line, set in the years immediately after WW2, tell of Hazel's death, Imogene's commitment to finding her killer and her unwillingness to enjoy life until that person is found and appropriate justice dolled out. Aggie Dunkirk is Mumsie's late-twenty something granddaughter who has returned to live with her in her final years. She soon discovers Mumsie's longing for resolution of Hazel's death, seventy or so years on. She happens to take up a job at the local cemetery where she meets Scottish archeologist Collin and they together become amateur sleuths in trying to close this long open chapter in Mumsie's past. Strange and dramatic events occur in both storylines that keep them moving along and have the reader questioning whether they are somehow linked to the murder and the killer. The events also serve to throw Aggie and Collin closer together and Mumsie and Ollie Schneider likewise. It was interesting that I found both Collin and Ollie to be very alike. It frustrated me for much of the book, however, I believe it was a very deliberate ploy of Wright's. Wright's characters aren't immediately likeable in this story and the four of them just mentioned are definitely a slow burn. On ending the novel my thoughts aren't about the characters but this theme of grief and how it really can imprison if not intentionally dealt with. For Mumsie she almost made a conscious decision to hold onto it. It was her way of holding onto her sister, the injustice of her murder never being resolved and feeling responsible for not being able to put it to bed for her sister. For Aggie, who has recently lost her mother (Mumsie's daughter), she is stuck in the thick of it, unsure of how to cope without her dear mom and unable to see a future without her being a part of it. The story ties up well at the end. A lot happens in the last 50 pages with a number of surprises so keep reading. I found the pace at times to be a little too slow together with going over the same ground multiple times and wonder if the story could have been a tad shorter to maintain more suspenseful momentum but once again, Wright's story telling in managing such a powerful theme keeps you turning the pages. I'd suggest this will feature prominently in next year's awards season. I received an early e-book version from the publisher via NetGalley with no expectation of a favourable review.
More_Than_A_Review 3 months ago
Echoes among the Stones by Jaime Jo Wright was a tad slow for me in the beginning but the ending totally made up for it. The book has two parallel stories. Present day is Aggie who comes to stay with her grandmother. Aggie is dealing with the loss of her mom and struggles with God. Aggie has lost her job and is working at the cemetery. She works with an archeologist who was the love interest that I just could not find attractive or endearing. His ‘Love’ got on my nerves. The story with Imogene from 1946 was fascinating. Imogene’s sister was murdered in her bedroom. The author revealed clues throughout the story as Imogene was trying to help solve the mystery. I was disappointed that we didn’t learn more about what happened to Ollie. Otherwise this was a wonderful ending to the two parallel stories. I received this book from Netgalley. I was not required to write a positive review. You can see my full review at More Than a Review dot com where I rate the level of sex, violence, language and drug/alcohol use in books.
FHlady 3 months ago
This is the third book I have read by Jamie Jo Wright, and I really enjoyed the first two. But this one didn't flow as well for me. It is a split time between World War 2 and contemporary. Both story lines revolve around the murder of Helen Grayson. I felt the pace in this novel was rather slow and left me feeling as though I would never get to the end of the story. I also felt the suspense was drawn out and didn't keep me riveted like her previous novels. I did enjoy the three main characters: Aggie, Imogene and Collin. They were well developed and realistic. Also the role the doll house played in both timelines was quite unique. ***I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House through NetGalley. Opinions are mine alone. I was not compensated for this review.
Virginiaw 4 months ago
Each time I read a book by this author I wonder how it can beat the last book. This one definitely is even better. I did not want to put this book down because I needed to find out the mystery that took place in the past and the present. This author made me love stories that go back and forth from the past and the present. This builds up the suspense. I loved the characters. I also loved reading about the use of miniatures to look at a crime scene. I look forward to what this author will write next. I received a copy of this book from the author for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will.
annelr 4 months ago
Echoes Among the Stones is another great read from author Jaime Jo Wright. It is a dual time story with mystery and edge-of-the-seat suspense that lures the reader in immediately and doesn't let up. Readers are caught up and compelled by the lives of the characters and their stories. Wright has permeated the story with mystery, drama, and emotional tension as the intense action is seen from several characters' points of view. I enjoyed how the mystery of a seventy-year-old murder of passion is woven into the present story of the contemporary characters. Echoes Among the Stones is a well-written yet gritty tale that offers a look at grief--grief that can tie one's life up into a lifetime of regrets and asks the age-old question of 'Why, God?' And with a sweet romance (who can resist a man who calls you 'Love'!) woven into the story, this is a book that readers who love a great suspense book will not want to miss. I read a complimentary copy of the book and was not required to write a review. The opinions are my own.
Homesteading 4 months ago
'There was never a good time for Death to visit.' Jaime Jo Wright is in a league of her own. Echoes Among the Stones held me captive with its deep story, fabulous mystery, and exceptionally well-written characters. I had several theories early on of which person was the killer, one of them being a long shot. In the end, it paid off. I had the correct killer but for the wrong reasons. Dual-time stories have become some of my favorite to read. There are always lessons to be gleaned from the past and in Echoes Among the Stones, one of the things Aggie is going to learn is how to deal with her grief over the loss of her mother and not let it stymie her from having a fulfilling future. My heart stuttered more than once through the emotional storm of Imogene’s narrative. If you’ve ever lost someone you dearly love then you know agony. You know you would give anything to be with them one more time. In one scene, Imogene’s brother asks if she’s even been inside Hazel’s room since their sister’s murder. Imogene nodded her head.”I have.” She’d considered moving into it. To be closer to Hazel, wrapped in the faint, lingering scent of her. (Pg 276) Oh my. I could totally relate. When my mom passed away, the first thing I did when I went back to her home was go straight to her bedroom, grab her pillow, bury my face in it and breathe in her scent. I did the same thing when my daughter died. Sometimes I still hold her favorite blanket close, imagining I can smell the ‘lingering scent of her’. It’s such a tangible scene in the book that even now, my heart aches and I tear up. “…Their voices will always echo, here, among the stones, and in our hearts. It is how it was meant to be.” These are just a couple of thoughts about one of the best books I’ve read in 2019. I highly recommend it. You can’t go wrong with a Jaime Jo Wright book. I received a copy of this book from the author and publisher. The opinions stated above are entirely my own.
GailHollingsworth 4 months ago
This was the fourth novel by Jaime Jo Wright and the best one yet in my opinion. This was a split time novel with part in present day and the other in 1946 right after the end of WWII. The soldiers were returning home different than when they left, full of sadness, anger, and grief. The small town was experiencing a mysterious murder, along with destruction of government property which had the police force baffled. Modern day finds Aggie returning to small town Mill Creek, Wisconsin after an eight year absence. Her grandmother, or Mumsie as she calls her, needs her because she has broken her hip. After arriving Aggie finds she’s been duped. Her ninety two year old Mumsie is getting around just fine with her walker. But strange things begin to happen shortly after her arrival, like a skelton in the backyard and cryptic messages arriving with no signature. I held on tight to my seat as I read on and felt my poor old heart beating faster and faster. Surprise moments, danger, intrigue and a smidgen of romance was included but the coming together of these two time periods brings about eye-opening clarification. Dealing with grief seemed to be the main takeaway from this story. It can grip you and take away your joy if you don’t properly process it and learn to live again. Interestingly to me was the fact that the two Grayson sisters, especially Hazel, loved reading Grace Livingston Hill romance books just as I did growing up. Also Mumsie washed out plastic bags and hung them to dry just as my grandmother did, post depression day habits. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author through the publisher but was not required to write a review positive or otherwise.
vics49548 4 months ago
As far as I’m concerned, author Jaime Jo Wright has become the premiere writer of suspenseful time slip stories. This is her best to date! The characters in this book are very human with all the flaws that go along with that. The spiritual aspects are “normal”; not pushed in any way. Wright deals with a few touchy subjects and does it gracefully. While eerie, I could read this book after dark, which I can’t with her others. Thrilling and goose-bumping raising with all the twists and turns, I couldn’t read fast enough to find out who dun it. Fascinating, uncanny, yet with forgiveness and even a light romance, I highly recommend Echoes Among the Stones be added to your library. I received a complimentary copy of this book but was not required to leave a review.
BrendaLee 4 months ago
WOW! Jaime Jo Wright has done it again! A masterpiece story that will hold your attention from the first to the last!! Not a creepy book even though the beautiful cover is a graveyard. The mystery itself was something I had to get back to. I had to see what was happening next. The characters captivated and charmed me. From the book; “Aggie pulled her near and rested her cheek against Mumsie’s hair. This is why I came, she whispered.” Oh the emotions in this one statement! Both stories in this book are unique and the spiritual aspects I absorbed. When a person dies I’m glad God made it where we can remember them and their good works for years and years. Grief is a terrible thing it seems but somehow God gives us hope. You will definitely want to read this story that has mystery, grief, emotions to galore, forgiveness and most of all hope. I strongly recommend this book to my friends that love to read. This will definitely be a keeper book! I received a copy of this book from Barbour House on the behalf of the author. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own.