Edison and the Rise of Innovation

Edison and the Rise of Innovation


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Edison presents, in intimate detail, the man who helped engineer the modern world. One of history's most prolific inventors, and perhaps America's first celebrity, Thomas Alva Edison did more than bring incandescent light into every household and industry; he created a world-renowned brand, raised capital to support research and business, and pursued patents for his 1,000+ inventions. Leonard DeGraaf, archivist for the Thomas Edison National Historical Park, chronicles Edison's life and work, making lively and lavish use of never-before-published primary sources, including Edison's personal and business correspondence, lab notebooks, drawings, and advertising material, along with both historic and modern photographs.

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ISBN-13: 9781402767364
Publisher: Sterling Signature
Publication date: 10/01/2013
Pages: 272
Sales rank: 1,233,790
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About the Author

Leonard DeGraaf is an archivist at Thomas Edison National Historical Park. Before joining the National Park Service in 1991, he was on the staff of the Thomas A. Edison Papers. DeGraaf is the author of Historic Photos of Thomas Edison (Turner Publishing, 2008), and his articles have appeared in the New York Daily News, Seaport magazine, and Business History Review, among other publications. He received an MA in history from Rutgers University.
This book was produced in collaboration with the Edison Innovation Foundation, the Charles Edison Fund, and Thomas Edison National Historical Park. The Edison Innovation Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports the Edison legacy and encourages students to embrace careers in science, technology, and engineering. A partner of the National Park Service, the Foundation raises funds to support Thomas Edison National Historical Park. The Charles Edison Fund, based in Newark, NJ, is an endowed philanthropic institution dedicated to the support of medical research, science education, and historic preservation.

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Edison and the Rise of Innovation 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am a high school sophomore and I read this book for my research project. Reading this book really helped me with learning more about Thomas Edison and his innovations. It kept me interested. I didn't get bored reading this, which is not very common considering that I don't really like reading. I liked how it showed a lot of pictures of his inventions. I also enjoyed seeing the picture of his personal life like his wife and children and how he looked throughout his life. I liked how it talked about his work career and his personal life like his family and how his life was when he was a child. I also enjoyed reading about how his inventions effect us now and how he has brought so many brilliant things into our lives. This book was also not very hard to read. It was very descriptive especially with dates which made it easy to know the time frames of different events. It also named all the companies, factories, the different places he moved to, and the people he worked with. Another thing that was pretty helpful was how they put the value of what something would cost now. This book was very helpful.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am a high school student and I am supposed to read this book for my project. I found it to be really hepful to my work. The book with the images describes clearly and vividly the life of Thomas Edison. I have known Edison was the inventor who created electric lights since I was a child. However, after reading the book, I am really surprised at the numbers of his innovations that have impacted on the world nowadays. I like this book because it is not only a biographical book, but also a scientific book. For each invention, the author mentions its components and how to create it in details. This helps me enhance knowledge of science and technology by many specific words. The book also impresses me by the images that illustrate the items that Edison made and their drawing draft, and the events that related to the person. Thank to those, it is easier for me to find interesting in, and understand a variety of information. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am a high school sophomore and I chose to read this book for my project. I found this book to be very helpful when doing my project. It broadened my knowledge of a man I knew very little about. After reading Edison and the Rise of Innovation, I feel like I know more about Thomas Edison than before. Before I read the book, I thought all he did was invent the light bulb and our electrical lines. But after reading the book, I learned that he did more than that and he invented many things that are still used today. I liked that the author mainly stated Edison’s popular inventions and how he came to invent them. I liked how the he started with Edison’s early life and what he did when he was younger to when he became older. I liked how DeGraaf described the life of Edison, not just him as an inventor. The book had a lot of information about how he invented motion pictures, which was my favorite part. Another part I liked that DeGraaf described was the AC/DC controversy. I was surprised that when experimenting, they used the live animals to see how many volts were needed to kill someone. I liked many of the small things the author included in the book, like when he described how Edison proposed to his second wife, Mina.  The book was very interesting and entertaining to read, and gave more than enough information about Edison and his inventions. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Edison remains ever-relevant, and a role model for the legions of inventive minds that continue to be inspired by this most inventive man. Teachers: buy this book and teach your students about Mr. Edison!