Eighteen Minutes: The Battle of San Jacinto and the Texas Independence Campaign

Eighteen Minutes: The Battle of San Jacinto and the Texas Independence Campaign

by Stephen L. Moore
Eighteen Minutes: The Battle of San Jacinto and the Texas Independence Campaign

Eighteen Minutes: The Battle of San Jacinto and the Texas Independence Campaign

by Stephen L. Moore


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It was the decisive eighteen-minute Battle of San Jacinto where the famous words "Remember the Alamo!" were first shouted. In Eighteen Minutes, Stephen L. Moore describes the momentous battle that established the independent Lone Star Republic. Told largely through the eyes of the participants, the recollections included here are words from over 120 Texan and Mexican soldiers. The book follows General Sam Houston as he takes command of the Texas Volunteers to lead them to victory six weeks after the fall of the Alamo at San Jacinto, the town since known as the birthplace of Texas liberty. The battle and its aftermath are covered in great detail and include the capture of Santa Anna, the "Yellow Rose" controversy, and the death of a woman on the battlefield. Special features include rosters of all Texans involved in the battle, a list of casualties, and the details on other companies involved in the campaign. Eighteen Minutes is a comprehensive history of how revenge for the defeat of the Alamo was at last achieved.

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ISBN-13: 9781589070097
Publisher: Taylor Trade Publishing
Publication date: 11/10/2003
Pages: 544
Sales rank: 259,240
Product dimensions: 6.13(w) x 9.26(h) x 1.33(d)

About the Author

Stephen L. Moore, a sixth generation Texan, was born twenty miles from the San Jacinto battlegrounds, where two of his ancestors fought for Texas independence. Author of three previous books on Texas and military history, Steve; his wife, Cindy; and their two daughters live near Dallas in Lantana, Texas.

Table of Contents

Introduction: "Daring Intrepidity"xiii
1."Never Surrender"1
Santa Anna and the Texas Campaign6
Sam Houston's Staff Departs Washington10
2."Anxious for a Fight"18
A Gathering at Gonzales Begins18
Captain Billingsley's "Mina Volunteers"19
Captain Hill's Washington Company22
Captain Sherman's Kentucky Riflemen24
Captain Seguin's Tejano Volunteers27
Baker, McNutt and Rabb's Companies29
Captain Bennett's Company Heads Out34
The Alamo's Fall36
3.Houston Takes Command39
The Mexican Army Departs Bexar42
Houston Arrives in Gonzales43
4."Flying in Terror and Agony"48
Captain Patton's Company Organized52
Gonzales Abandoned57
Captain Bird's Men Join Houston61
Last Stand at La Bahia: March 1467
Houston Marches Army to the Colorado68
Captain Splane Joins69
Navidad to the Colorado74
The New Texas Government78
Texas Rangers Called to Join the Army80
From Crier's to Beason's: March 18-1983
5.Sparring along the Colorado85
Karnes Takes a Prisoner87
McIntire, Martin, and Logan's Companies90
Captain Chance's Washington Guards95
New Units Unite with Sherman's Division97
Major Ben Smith's Brush with Sesma's Soldiers103
6.Falling Back111
Houston Calls for a Retreat114
The Nacogdoches Volunteers118
Sherman Joined by Forbes Battalion120
The Palm Sunday Massacre128
7."Intensely Hungry, Weary and Wet"134
North up the Brazos136
San Felipe Is Burned140
Arrival of Captains Kimbro and Bryant145
Camp Moves to Groce's Landing147
Travels of the Twin Sisters151
Santa Anna on the Offensive154
Fannin Survivors Reach Baker's Detachment157
Court-Martial of Privates Scales and Garner158
8.Camping in the Brazos Swamps162
Prisoner Execution Spared164
Rusk Arrives at Groce's167
Major Smith Raises New Company171
Santa Anna Captures a Texan176
Baker Detachment versus the Mexican Army180
Houston Creates Second Regiment183
Santa Anna Pushes On186
9."I Will Avenge the Death of My Brave Friends"190
Arrival of Fannin's Survivors194
Martin's Men Abandon Fort Bend195
Twin Sisters Reach Bernardo Plantation197
10."The Last Hope of Texas"203
Movements of Santa Anna's Men205
"You Must Fall Back"209
11.The Road to San Jacinto222
Houston Marches to Harrisburg233
Old Whip and Miss Emily235
Spies Capture Santa Anna's Mail237
12."Determined to Conquer or Die"242
"Remember the Alamo"248
13.The First Engagement254
Supply Boat Captured261
Sherman's "Little Squad of Heroes"270
Into "The Hornet's Nest"277
Houston Restrains Infantry280
14."Burn That Bridge"286
Numbers, Guns and Flags294
Blacks and Tejanos in Service at San Jacinto299
The War Council301
"Cut It Down and Set It on Fire"303
15."Dreadful Havoc"309
"Parade Your Companies"310
Sherman's Second Regiment Draws First Blood318
Burleson's First Regiment Engages322
Santa Anna's Forces Overrun326
"I Shot Old Betsy Six Times"329
Twin Sisters against the Golden Standard333
A "Panic Stricken Herd": Flight of Santa Anna337
The Halt Controversy338
16."It Was Nothing but a Slaughter"344
"Colonel Forbes Done It!"350
Pursuit to Vince's Bridge353
Late Arrivals to the Fight357
"Damn Your Manners"360
"The Hand of Providence Was with Us"364
17.Catching "The Old Fox"369
McNutt's Men Arrive374
"A Big Haul": Santa Anna Captured375
18.The Spoils of War387
The Booty Auction: April 26394
Burnet Is Notified400
The Forbes Trial401
Forbes v. Labadie Lawsuit413
Miss Emily and the "Yellow Rose" Controversy415
Who Shot Sam Houston?417
Flags of the San Jacinto Campaign417
How Many Texans Fought?418
Post-San Jacinto Careers420
The San Jacinto Monument and Museum425
A.Texian Casualties of the San Jacinto Campaign429
B.Mexican Officers Killed and Captured at the Battle of San Jacinto433
C.Roster of Texans Present at the Battle of San Jacinto435
D.Roster of Texans Stationed at Texas Army Camp near Harrisburg453
E.Other Companies of the San Jacinto Campaign459
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