Embracing A.D.D.: A Healing Perspective

Embracing A.D.D.: A Healing Perspective

by Lynn Weiss PhD


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Embracing A.D.D.: A Healing Perspective by Lynn Weiss PhD

Rather than treat ADD/ADHD as a disorder, Dr. Lynn Weiss celebrates this "brainstyle"—a diversity in thinking—and provides a caring, humanized perspective. Via insights and exercises and using her experience as a counselor and social scientist, Dr. Weiss harnesses the positives in ADD/ADHD rather than the negatives by giving readers the tools they need to embrace their unique brainstyle.

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ISBN-13: 9781589798373
Publisher: Taylor Trade Publishing
Publication date: 08/03/2015
Pages: 264
Sales rank: 1,214,166
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Lynn Weiss, PhD, is a nationally recognized authority on ADD and ADHD. Her work is the outgrowth of field research, clinical psychotherapy, and counseling experience. She lives near Dallas, Texas.

Table of Contents

Preface xi

Acknowledgments xvii

1 Diversity, Not Disorder 1

My Perspective Changes 5

Diversity Considered 7

Introducing ADD as a Diversity Issue 10

Confirming My Perspective 14

Milele's Magic 14

Thus Speaketh a Healed Healer! Cesario's Magic 15

Jeannine's and Kevin's Magic 17

The Magic of Diversity: The Relationship Between Analogue and Linear Brainstyles 20

"Girls 'Weekend Out" (Later Renamed "Brain Diversity Workshop") 22

ADD 101 for Prison Administrators, Teachers, and Guards 27

More Discoveries 29

2 Understanding Yourself 35

The Five Stages Following Recognition of Our ADD 37

Let's Get Started on the Work 39

The Core Components of Human Nature 41

We Need What We Need When We Need It! 42

The First Core Component: A Sense of Trust (Birth to Eighteen Months) 43

Outcomes 47

The Second Core Component: Separation and Identity (Eighteen Months to Three Years) 47

Outcomes 52

The Third Core Component: A Sense of Competence (Three Years to Four Years) 52

Wild and Neglected 55

Making Mistakes 56

Try This: Make a Mistake a Day! 56

The Story of Three-Year-Old Budding Engineers 57

Outcomes 60

The Fourth Core Component: A Sense of Powerfulness (Four to Five or Five-and-a-Half Years) 60

Outcomes 66

The Fifth Core Component: A Sense of Self-Control (Five to Six-Plus Years) 67

Outcomes 70

Henry Tells His Story: "I'm Not a Label, but a Work in Progress"-A Story of Self-Control Late in the Making, But Worth Waiting For 71

Part I Henry The Kid 71

Henry's ADD Makeup 73

Henry, the Kinesthetic Learner 73

Henry and Patterns, Interconnections, and the Big Picture 74

Henry and His Strong Sensing Capability 76

A High Level of Sensitivity 76

The Adult Years 77

3 Being Helped and Helping Others 81

From Wounding to Getting Help 81

Self-Help 83

Response to Trauma (PTSD) 88

Chronic Stress Response (CSR) 94

"Diagnosis" versus "Identification:" Follow-Through and Aftercare 99

The Email Dialogue Approach in an ADD Mentoring Program 102

Overcoming Fear 104

What To Do About Destabilization and Fear and What Not To Do 107

Clearing Guilt: Forgiving Yourself and Changing Values 113

Changing Your Values 116

4 The Different Faces of ADD 121

Type I: ADD with Hyperactivity (ADHD), Belle (Belinda) 124

You and Belle: Type I, Outwardly Expressive ADD 128

Type II: ADD Without Hyperactivity, Jai 129

You and Jai: Type II Inwardly Directed ADD 134

My First Glimpse of Type III: ADD, Quentin, Roderick, Max, and Joe 134

You and Quentin, Roderick, Max, and Joe: Type III Highly Structured ADD 139

Mixed Types of ADD 139

Scotty's Story, Mixed Types I and II 140

You and Scotty, Mixed Types I and II 143

Olivia's Story, Mixed Types II and III 143

You and Olivia, Mixed Types II and III 146

5 Finding, Dealing With, and Growing the True You 147

How Do You Find and Build Your True You? 148

Finding Your Fit in the Past, Present, and Future 151

Identifying Your Tools 152

Stages of ADD Awareness 152

Attributes of ADD 152

Types and Forms of ADD 152

Core Components of Human Nature (CCHN) 153

Exploring Your True Fit 154

Remembering and Dreaming 155

Consider Your History and Thinking 156

Exploring Your True Timing: Is It Time? 157

Timing and Rhythm Come Into Play 159

What Can You Not "Not Do?" 160

Different Journeys for Different Folks 161

What Do You Think/Feel Your Raw Material Is? 161

Parameters of Your Path 162

Dealing With Your True You 163

Zero to Sixty in How Long? 163

Let Your Self Unfold in Its Own Time 164

In Addition to My True Self, I Want… 164

Where Else Might Signs of Your True Self be Hiding? 165

Ferreting Out the Simple Things 165

Barricades and Detours 167

The Critic 168

Here's the Judge 172

Growing the True You 173

Signs of Wrong and Right Paths 173

What I Wish I Had Done … 174

Self-Quiz Time 175

Two Types of Growth Experiences 177

Success on the Way; HJ 177

Sometimes Things Don't Work Out So Well: Nadine 180

Your Time to Embrace the True You 184

Nine Lives and a GPS Have Nothing on You 184

6 The Accommodating You 187

Wounding and Secondary Wounding Can Lead to Healing: One Woman's Odyssey 188

Going Beyond Wounding to Forgiveness: A Powerful Tool to Healing 190

Forgiveness Time is Now 191

The Accommodating You Goes to Work 191

Accommodation in Action 193

Skill-Building, Great and Small 194

One Man's Pathway to Healing and Accommodation 194

Doing His Part 196

Finding and Protecting the Brainstyle That Works for You 198

Accommodation Tools We Have to Work With 200

Big Picture Structuring and Organizing 201

Caution: Where the Big Picture Can Cause You Trouble 204

The Gifts That You Offer Your Project 205

How Things Function 207

Wisdoms 209

Caution: Where the Functional Approach Can Cause You Trouble 210

Structuring By Virtue of Patterns and Relationships 211

Caution: Where Pattern and Relationship Focus Can Cause You Trouble 213

The Gift That You Offer Your Project 214

High Levels of Activity Get a Lot of Everything Done, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and Verbally While Rhythm Greases the Wheels 214

The Popcorn Popping Model 216

Self-Gratitude for My Way of Managing Me 218

Time and Timing Skills 219

Managing Your Energy 220

Emotional Activity 222

Verbal Activity 223

Caution: Where Your High Activity Level Can Cause You Trouble 225

Kinesthetic Learning: Hands-On Activity at Its Best 226

Words of Advice 228

An Inner Locus of Perception and Control and a Strong Sensing Capability 229

A High Level of Sensitivity: Sight, Sound, Taste, Smell, Touch, and Intuition 233

Family Setting 235

Job Setting 236

Emotional Skill-Building to Help You Accommodate 237

How Nice to Have Learned How to Protect the True You: A Work in Progress 243

Epilogue 245

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