Empowering Your Indigo Child: A Handbook for Parents of Children of Spirit

Empowering Your Indigo Child: A Handbook for Parents of Children of Spirit

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Empowering Your Indigo Child: A Handbook for Parents of Children of Spirit by Ellen Dosick Kaufman MSW, Wayne D. Dosick Ph.D.

Since the 1980s people have been writing about the indigo children. Today, many believe that nearly 80 percent of all children born are indigos. These are exceedingly creative, high-energy, perceptive kids who often don’t fit in. They seem to have an awareness that is light years beyond their age and quite often they are labeled as ADD, ADHD, or ODD when in actuality they are, in the words of the Dosicks, simply “children of spirit.” What sets this book apart from other books is that it approaches the issues facing indigos on a spiritual-energetic rather than purely cognitive level, and it is prescriptive, teaching a specially developed set of games that can help heal indigo children both in their own bodies and in their earthly relationships. Here the Dosicks name seventeen particular emotional wounds indigos hold in their bodies and give specific exercises for healing each one. The games have proven enormously helpful to these often-troubled kids—even preteens and teenagers. They celebrate the children’s different ways of perception and calm their agitation. The games involve some hands-on healing techniques, some scripted meditations, and other quick and simple techniques. Each game takes no more than two minutes to play, and this book features 101 black-and-white photographs showing parents exactly how to use the practices.

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ISBN-13: 9781609258467
Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser
Publication date: 03/01/2009
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 216
Sales rank: 1,165,388
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About the Author

Ellen Kaufman Dosick, MSW has been a practicing psychotherapist for over twenty-five years. She has served on the faculty of USC's School of Social Work and has taught children and their parents at every level.
Wayne Dosick, PhD is a rabbi, educator, writer, spiritual guide, and healer. He is the author of more than 400 articles and six books, including Golden Rules: The Ten Ethical Values Parents Need to Teach Their Children.

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Empowering Your INDIGO CHILD

A Handbook for Parents of Children of Spirit

By Wayne Dosick, Ellen Kaufman Dosick

Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC

Copyright © 2004 Wayne Dosick and Ellen Kaufman Dosick
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-60925-846-7


Trailing Clouds of Glory

* * *

We believe that children being born today are coming to Earth as pure channels of God.

They come, in the words of the poet, "Not in entire forgetfulness ... but trailing clouds of glory ... from God who is our home."

These children are still basking in the glow of God's light. They are filled with God's love. Their old, old souls are still warm with the memory of eternal and universal knowledge. Their deep, deep eyes hold the wisdom—and the secrets—from before the beginning of time until the end of days.

Most of all, they know the divine blueprint for our universe. They come to Earth holding a clear and immediate vision of peace and perfection for us and for our world.

Yet "the rules" of living in this Earth world make it impossible for our children to retain their complete knowing. If every person on Earth had universal knowing, then Earth would be a perfect place, a place just like Paradise. That, of course, is the ultimate goal for our world. But Earth is not yet Eden.

An old legend teaches that, in the high heavens, all souls are close to God and spend their time learning all the secrets of the universe. But when a soul comes to Earth, it cannot bring all its knowing. So, just as a soul—now in a body—is to be born, an angel taps the baby on the upper lip, leaving that little indentation right under its nose. With this gentle touch, the soul forgets all the knowledge and the secrets of the whole universe, and keeps just enough wisdom and understanding to be a human being on Earth. Until they are four or five or six years old, our children, fresh from the other side, continue to reflect divine light, and hold onto some of the knowing and the secrets.

One story tells of a newborn that was brought home to his family. His older brother asked to be alone with the baby. The parents were puzzled by the request, but they granted their older son's wish. Standing near the crib, the older brother was heard to whisper, "Quick, baby. Tell me the secrets that I'm supposed to remember but that I'm already forgetting."

Perhaps the story is just a myth. Some claim it is true and others insist it is an "urban legend." But here is an account that I know is true, because I was there as witness.

Four-year-old Joey was in preschool, and had become "best friends" with William. Joey's parents thought that William was a very nice boy, but they were surprised that Joey felt so close to him; they thought that there were a number of other children in the class with whom Joey would have more in common. So, I asked Joey a simple question: "Did you know William from before?"

"Sure" he replied.

"When?" I asked.

Joey pointed his thumb straight upward and, matter-of-factly said, "When we were with God."

More and more of us are becoming aware that the lens through which our children see and perceive is open wider than ever before. Yet it is not just these parental reports that confirm our children's knowing and remembering. Now, scientific research is affirming what these stories tell.

A recent study holds that babies have perfect musical pitch when they are born. But, according to the researcher, "the ability serves no useful purpose in day-to-day life." We can only begin to imagine what other many perfections our children bring to this Earth life that "go away" because they "serve no useful purpose." Sadly, the limitations and realities of Earth life drain our children's knowing and diminish their perfection.

If they are asked at the right time and in the right way, sometimes our children will remember and tell of the other side. But, slowly, they forget. Day by day, year by year, they lose their eternal soul wisdom and soul purity; their vision of perfection slowly dims, and they become "citizens of the Earth as it is now." Much forgetting is according to plan.

Yet there is always a faint light in the shadows; the forgetting is never total. Every soul retains sparks of eternal knowledge, and every now and then, we can get a "hit" or see a glimpse or a glimmer of what we once knew but have now forgotten. Some call it "intuition"; some call it "déjà vu"; some call it "extra sensory perception." We call it "soul memory."

Because of—or perhaps beyond—their inherent knowing and their vision of perfection, these children are often described as "highly intelligent," "extremely bright," "gifted," "quick," "precocious," "full of energy," "exceptionally talented," "incredibly creative," "wise beyond their years," and most often "get it" far more quickly than the adults around them.

They are highly self-reliant and self-sufficient, and they usually have very high self-esteem.

They are said to possess an almost "royal" sense of entitlement.

They are not comfortable with "old forms." They have little tolerance for "rules that make no sense," and little patience for people who don't "get it" as quickly and thoroughly as they do.

As a result, they hold little regard for societal norms, and have little respect for authority. They rarely meet preconceived expectations. They can often be quite demanding, and are often seen as nonconformist and, even, antisocial.

Clearly, they fit into no predetermined "mold."

These are the Indigo Children.

We sense that fifty years ago, some 5 to 10 percent of the children coming to Earth were Indigos. We believe that now, more than 80 percent of all newborns are Indigos, giving our world an extraordinary and ever-growing circle of wise and wondrous souls.

Away from Home

Even with—and perhaps because of—the light and love they bring, and even with the expansion and evolving consciousness they mean for our world, our children have a big problem.

More and more of our children are having a terrible time living this Earth life. They come in perfection, and they are tossed into our wildly imperfect world. One mother tells of her experience telling her son about the facts of life. She got age-appropriate books and read them to him. Gently—and beautifully—she explained about love and sex. As the crowning lesson, she got a videotape of an actual child-birth and, together, they watched the birthing.

The young boy got more and more upset as he watched the tape. Finally, quite concerned, he said to his mother, "That hurts a real lot, doesn't it?"

"To be perfectly honest with you," she said, "yes it does. It hurts a great deal."

The young boy thought for a long moment, and, then, very quietly, he asked, "And does it hurt the mother, too?"

On the "inside," children—who still retain some of the purity of having recently been with God—intuitively know what is right and good. They remember the gentle, sweet love of the other side, and they hold within themselves a vision of a perfected world, an eternal knowing of what our world can be.

Yet children see and experience this world—the "outside," with all that is wrong and evil—and feel the stark differences. They hear of warfare, abject poverty, debilitating hunger, rampant disease. They learn of murder and mayhem, hatred and bigotry. They know that their own schools and playgrounds have become killing fields. They experience injustice and inhumanity. They see the damage of drugs and drink. They feel the darkness that so often envelops our world.

When our children experience this great chasm between the perfection and holiness of their source and the battered, bruised existence they find here, they feel wounded at the core of their spiritual, energetic beings. Their hearts and their souls ache.

When they feel the huge gap between what they intuitively forever know from the Divine, and what they encounter here in Earth experience, they become like shattered vessels, unable to hold holy light, unable to sustain holy energy.

In their pain, so many of our children are angry and sad and in despair. They feel so uncomfortable in their bodies; they are disillusioned and confused and uncertain. They have a very hard time coping with life. So, in their fear and desperation, they "play out" and "act out" their pain. Many of our children lash out in ways that are deeply harmful to themselves and to those around them.

That is why, these days, we get reports about three-, four-, five-, six-year-old children—innocent babies—who sadly yet adamantly tell their parents, "I don't belong here. I don't want to be here. I want to go home. I want to be dead."

Our children experience additional emotional woundings here on Earth. As much as we want to care for them and protect them, no child lives in a totally safe cocoon. No child is free from hurt. Every child experiences emotional woundings that come as a natural part of childhood.

Now and then, a sorely misguided person will purposely try to injure a child. But most often, children are unwittingly wounded. Parents, caretakers, teachers, coaches, playmates—anyone and everyone—can say and do things that wound a child's emotional body and cause bewilderment, confusion, and pain. Because of their heightened awareness and sensitivities, so many of our children are now much more susceptible to feeling the effects and the consequences of these emotional wounds.

And So

Because we, their parents and teachers, often think in "traditional" terms, and because we are not always aware of the uniqueness of these special children and the pain they are experiencing, we often consider these young ones to be "difficult children" who are hard to manage and hard to control, who "act out" and are unable to fit in. They are accused of not getting along with parents, siblings, teachers, friends. They are called "troublemakers" and are blamed for provoking turmoil at home and at school. They may be looked upon as unhappy, angry, depressed. They are often given labels: "learning-disabled," "hyperactive," "attention-deficient."

The children themselves are confused and bewildered. Why, they wonder, don't people understand? Why are we considered "strange" and "different" when it is really the rest of the world that is so out of tune with the harmonies of creation? Sadly, many parents and teachers do not know how to handle these children, how to cope with them. So, they are often put in special-education classes, shuttled from counselor to therapist, and medicated with drugs.

For, when all else has failed, in our sincere and often desperate attempts to help our children, we have turned to medication. Sometimes drugs work. They can be successful in altering the brain chemistry just enough to ease our children's emotional pain and change their negative behavior. But, far too often, we are left with children who are "drug-managed," yet still in pain and turmoil.

Despite the difficulties that our children have in living on this Earth, and despite the difficulties that parents and teachers—and society—have in coping with these children, we still know that they are very special human beings.

They are God's gift to ever-expanding world consciousness.

They have a keen sense of purpose and destiny.

They hold within themselves a vision of a perfected world, and they have come to show us the way.

These precious children are "old souls," with eternal soul memory, who have come to open the way for a massive paradigm shift for our entire universe.

The Attempts to Heal

Contemporary society has made numerous attempts to understand why our children are hurting, and seeks myriad ways to help them heal. The government, the schools, the religious institutions, and the non-profit social-service organizations have all devised hundreds and thousands of programs to help our children be healthy and whole—physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.

Their work is based on the theoretical and practical teachings of child-development experts and educators, doctors and nurses, psychiatrists and psychologists, social workers and therapists, coaches and artisans, thinkers and writers, and, of course, parents and caretakers—anyone and everyone who cares about children. Their work is being bolstered by ever-evolving data about how children grow and learn, and a continual influx of new information about how DNA and genetic makeup affect children's behavior. Specifically, in the rearing of Indigo Children, Dr. Doreen Virtue, in her book The Care of Feeding of Indigo Children, has taught how nutrition, supplements, environment, exercise, creativity, schooling, and advocacy can affect mood, attitudes, and behavior.

These attempts to heal our children are good and worthy and valid. Most everyone who has tried to ease the pain of the Indigo Children has succeeded to some extent. Many have had significant impact. But, collectively, all have failed. The problem with all current attempts to heal our children is that they have almost all been made on a rational, intellectual, cognitive level. Yet the hurt and pain our children feel resides on the spiritual, energetic level. Therefore, the healings must take place on that spiritual, energetic level.

The World of Spirit

There is much beyond what we human beings know and think and feel, and see and hear and touch, and taste and smell and experience here in our Earth-world existence. On the simplest level, for example, a dog hears the sound of a whistle that is inaudible to the human ear. The human sense of hearing is not developed enough to hear the highly pitched sound. Yet surely, the sound exists. An AM radio does not have the capacity to receive FM signals. Yet, surely, the FM signals exist. A camera captures a picture that the lens is open wide enough to see. The camera does not have the capability to "see" anything outside the lens. Yet, surely, much more exists.

The basic teaching from the World of Spirit is that everything—everything of the cosmos—was put in place at the moment of creation. The whole of existence is already created. It is waiting for human beings to develop enough, to imagine enough, to reach high enough to discover it.

How do we find what is already there, but seems to be hidden from us? We enter into the World of Spirit. We give ourselves to knowing beyond what we know, seeing beyond what we see, hearing beyond what we hear, experiencing beyond what we experience. We open ourselves to God or Source or divine energy or the universe or Guidance—or whatever we want to call it.

Like the biblical prophets, we open ourselves to intuition, night dreams, daydreams, visions, prayer, meditation, chant, body movement, channeling, soul memory. We each embrace whatever method works best for us to receive and hold—if only for a few moments—the universal, eternal knowledge we once fully had and will, eventually, have again—the very same knowing from the other side that our Indigo Children are holding for longer and longer.

The World of Spirit makes us aware of all the levels of existence beyond our current earthly capabilities of access. It is our gateway to evolving human consciousness, to the opening of our hearts and souls. It brings us into the divine presence. It teaches us that there is really no separation between us and God, between us and all other human beings, between us and all existence. It teaches us of the wholeness, the Oneness, of the universe. It teaches us that all is One. One is all. All is love. Love is all.

The World of Spirit—through our Spiritual Guidance—has given us spiritual healing processes for our Indigo Children's emotional wounds. And we have been given the mandate—and the joyous privilege—to give them over to the world. We offer them to you with the most sincere and heartfelt hope and promise that our Indigo Children and Adult Indigos can be healed from the pain and anguish of their spiritual and emotional woundings.

Healing the Emotional Woundings

The emotional woundings our children feel are sourced in the sharp variance the child experiences between the "inside"—that which the child intuitively knows—and the "outside"—that which the child experiences in this world.

Since the children who are presently being born into this Earth life are more fully immersed in God-energy and are more reflective of God-light than any generation before them, and since they are at a higher soul or "vibrational"—level than ever before, they feel the dissonance between the "inside" and the "outside" more acutely than any previous generation of children.


Excerpted from Empowering Your INDIGO CHILD by Wayne Dosick, Ellen Kaufman Dosick. Copyright © 2004 Wayne Dosick and Ellen Kaufman Dosick. Excerpted by permission of Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents



Introduction: These Are Our Children,

PART I THE 17 Spiritually Healing Children's Emotional Wounds,

Trailing Clouds of Glory,

The 17: How It Works,

Guide to Playing the YOUMEES,

PART II GRACELIGHT Weaving Harmony for the Littlest Indigos,

To Gaze with Undimmed Eyes,

Guide to GraceLight,

PART III THE POINT OF ESSENCE PROCESS Pro-Claiming the Truth of Who You Are,

Who Am I?,

Guide to The Point of Essence Process,

Accompaniment: Explaining Soul Memory Discovery,

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