by Tijan


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Stone Reeves was my neighbor, and I’ve hated him since sixth grade.

Gorgeous and charismatic, he became the town’s football god, while I became the town’s invisible girl. He went to a Division 1 school for football, while my father was fired by his father. His team won the National Championship, while my mother died the same day.

He was a first round pick for the NFL ... ...while I made the worst decision in my life.

Now I'm in Texas trying to pick up the pieces of my life. But, Stone is here. Stone is everywhere.

It doesn't matter that disaster has struck my life again. It doesn't matter that he's the one trying to console me. It doesn't matter that he's the nation’s newest football obsession.

Because for me, he always has been and always will be my enemy.

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ISBN-13: 9781951771096
Publisher: Brower Literary & Management, Inc.
Publication date: 12/02/2019
Pages: 402
Product dimensions: 5.51(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.89(d)

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Enemies 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Kayreader 6 days ago
Enemies is a compelling new adult novel that will take your breath away. I needed an entire day to process after reading this amazing book and I needed that day to wade in all the emotions that reading Enemies invoked. Between Stone and Dusty, Tijan brings you a story that is more than just two people who lost a childhood friendship. Together they deal with grief and loss, but because they are no longer friends the way they deal with it is through a swirling hurricane of emotional turmoil. Both hurting and healing each other at the same time without necessarily discussing their past. This sets off a journey of push and pull that can be a bit destructive at times, but given their age, certainly appropriate too. Dusty has the need to close herself off to people. Every and anyone she ever gets close to leaves her in some fashion. The tears continually flowed down my face with how she felt about herself. It is heartbreaking. When she meets Stone again for the first time after years of separation, it is explosive. Due to circumstances I don't want to mention in my review since you need to read them and enjoy, Stone basically barges in and takes over her life. Coming from her public enemy #1 hurricane Dusty is set free. Even as Stone helps her in small, but also big ways, throughout her healing process you find that perhaps Dusty was never far from his conscious thoughts, maybe tucked into his subconscious for awhile until the time was right for them to need each other once again. Stone doesn't hold back when it comes to his childhood friend. He is protective and caring, but also steps back when Dusty asks him to step back. You really can't help but like the big guy who is supposed to be the enemy. Tijan never fails to write emotionally charged stories that are drenched with deep emotions and still she flashes you what beauty lays beyond heartache. This is why I love reading her books.
KMariReads 4 days ago
Another great by my all time favorite! 4.5 Stars Enemies is more than a enemies to lovers read. It’s a second chance romance, mixed with former best friends, mixed with real emotion and a rawness feeling. Dusty is a girl looking to start over after a few traumatic situations that have happened the past few years. She moves to a new college and tries to find a new normal, only there are things holding her back. Dusty has some real emotional baggage. She’s lost two people in her life and one is about to make an appearance in a way she can’t run from it. Stone the best friend growing up who all but left her in the “dust” as they got older. He wasn’t there for her when she needed him the most and now all she feels for him is hate. Blood boiling HATE. But he might just be the one that helps her find the old Dusty. The one that helps her heal. I loved Dusty. She’s the heroine that felt like a girl I would be friends with. She was shy and a bit lonely, but considering what life has thrown at her, she was also feisty and she did what she needed to to stay above water. She was loyal, yet she was also vulnerable. Stone what can I say about him. Yes he’s the big superstar football player. But he’s just a regular guy who knows he messed up years ago. He doesn’t go all alpha on Dusty, but takes a different approach and is just there to be a support she needs. Now don’t get me wrong, he does have a bit of a alpha bone, but it’s not overpowering. I loved the banter between Stone and Dusty. There is so much history between them. While they may hate each other at first, things change once the truth from the past comes out. Stone is team Dusty all the way. But will Dusty be team Stone or push him away? What was great about this was that Dusty finally found where she fit in. Her group of friends and Stone pulled back Dusty’s layers one at time until she finally blossomed. They brought her back to life and gave her the tools she needed to succeed. Loved that. Tijan is one of my top authors. I love all things connected to her. There was a bit of the story that just didn’t feel like it was needed and isn’t talked about again until towards the end. I wish it was more of an element in the story. However, I loved the story as it was and Tijan is an author that always hits the spot with me. Enemies is a must read.
Sandy-thereadingcafe 5 days ago
4.5 stars--ENEMIES by Tijan is a contemporary, new adult, romance focusing on professional football player Stone Reeves, and college student Dusty Gray. Told from dual first person perspectives (Stone and Dusty) ENEMIES focuses on the childhood friends to enemies to frenemies to lovers story line between professional football player Stone Reeves, and college student Dusty Gray. Nine years earlier Stone Reeves pushed his best friend Dusty Gray out of his life-walked away leaving a heart broken Dusty in his wake but things went from bad to worse when Dusty’s family suffered loss after loss forcing the family into poverty, obscurity, and struggling to survive. Fast forward to present day wherein Dusty has enrolled at the college, in the same town where Stone Reeves plays professional football, a town that worships the ground upon which Stones Reeves walks. Hoping to avoid any confrontation, Dusty soon discovers that things can definitely get worse, especially when Stone is the bearer of more bad news, bad news that sends Dusty spiralling out of control. What ensues is the rebuilding friendship and relationship between Dusty and Stone, and the potential fall-out as Dusty is unable to come to terms with what happened, and a future that no longer includes the people she loves. Stone Reeves had no idea the secrets and lies that made enemies between the Reeves and the Grays. From power and greed to accusations, manipulation, sickness and death, the Gray family founds themselves on the outside looking in including a young girl who would lose her best friend to powers out of her control. The relationship between Stone and Dusty is a second chance friendship, a friendship destroyed by vendetta and deception, circumstance and vengeance. Dusty struggles with her attraction to a man she wants to hate, an attraction that grows every time Stone comes to the rescue as Dusty’s life continues on a downward descent. The $ex scenes are intimate and passionate, without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text. There is a large ensemble cast of colorful and energetic secondary and supporting characters including the mean girls and b*tches, sport jocks and students, friends and extended family. ENEMIES is a heart breaking and emotional story. Tijan pulls the reader into an angst-filled, impassioned, raw and gritty tale of love, loss, grief and acceptance. The premise is strong, sensitive and profound; the characters are dynamic and sassy; the romance is spicy, seductive and edgy.