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Energy Speaks: Messages from Spirit on Living, Loving, and Awakening

Energy Speaks: Messages from Spirit on Living, Loving, and Awakening

Energy Speaks: Messages from Spirit on Living, Loving, and Awakening

Energy Speaks: Messages from Spirit on Living, Loving, and Awakening


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A powerful new voice providing clear and direct guidance for personal transformation

Energy Speaks gives us a clear blueprint for growth and change. It provides practical guidance and inspiration on the things that matter most to us — including love, sex, money, personal power, self-expression and purpose, emotional healing and well-being, and how to have peace with our families — as well as more esoteric topics, such as how to invoke the help of our spirit guides and angels.

This empowering book is the work of a great emerging spiritual teacher. It is filled with tools that you can use to break free of limitations and transform your life.

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ISBN-13: 9781608685950
Publisher: New World Library
Publication date: 03/26/2019
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 166,551
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Lee Harris is an internationally acclaimed speaker, transformational leader, intuitive medium, musician, and visual artist. In 2004, he began holding channeling sessions and readings in his home, and today his work and videos reach hundreds of thousands every month. A native of England, he is now based in California.

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Owning Your Personal Power

This chapter is adapted from my first-ever channel to a public group and is still one of my most enjoyed and frequently recommended channeled recordings. Our group gathered in June 2006 at a beautiful small retreat property in France, near Rennes-le-Château. There were yoga classes led by Anaiya Sophia, and I would work individually with participants, in addition to leading group ceremonies in some of the incredible sacred places in the area.

I will always remember the feeling I had after delivering this message: I felt altered — very different in my body, somehow energetically rearranged. What was then a novel experience (being a messenger for a group) would soon become a familiar and far more natural-seeming occurrence in my life.

Welcome, powerful people. You are all powerful, mightily so. And today you seek to be reminded of your own power, power that is your inherent right. You came here as powerful souls with messages to share with the world. You are lightworkers. We do not say this to everyone, but you are. It is the work of awakening in consciousness that you are doing — that you deliberately came here to do.

This planet needs as many of you as possible to create the consciousness shift now occurring. And how you feel it! It can feel beautiful, wonderful, joyous, humorous, light, fun. It can also feel torturous and wretched. The shift involves a whole spectrum of emotional states. And in order for consciousness to evolve, this full spectrum must be experienced. You are experiencing the spectrum at various levels of awareness, but the whole shebang, as it were, must be gone through consciously so that the shift can be completed.

This is what you all want.

Your work as lightworkers will challenge you. Oh yes, very much so. Lightworkers need to be at the top of the wave and surfing it, scouting ahead so that everyone behind can swim in clear waters. When we say "behind," we would suggest that you not get caught up in status. A lightworker is no better — or less — than a human being who is not actively working with the light. It is just how it is. You are no less or more important than the next person. You are a unity of souls. And every soul has their crucial role to play. So be mindful when you judge, for in judging you temporarily separate yourself from your expanded human family.

Competition between lightworkers is being cleared and eliminated at this time; it is one of the final arenas where battles need to cease for this evolutionary shift to occur. As lightworkers, you will sometimes compare yourselves to others. Good. Do it. Experience how it feels, but do it consciously and with awareness so that you may become free of it.

Judging yourself for such comparison and competition will not free you. Being aware of this dynamic as it arises in you will help to do so, for you can then experience the emotions intuitively, intelligently, and honestly — as a way to quicken your growth. You will be able to facilitate the movement of these dark feelings from within yourself. They are part of you. They are part of the world. They are not to be feared. They are simply to be allowed passage through you, for you do not need to harbor them anymore.

You need not see yourself as moving up the levels any faster than your fellow lightworkers, racing against them. You are simply at various stages of focus, discovery, and the implementation of your gifts. Imagine if everyone were at the same place — standing on the same rung of the ladder. Progress would be impeded. How would humanity as a group be able to move forward?


Recognizing and owning your personal power is one of the most important steps you will ever take as a lightworker — and a defining moment in your development.

Personal power is not easy for human souls to embrace, for it is not easily embraced in the world. Many of you wrestle with the profound responsibility that standing in your own power demands. It is contained in nature, however. Parts of the world that have been heavily abused by man still hold power. Where a rain forest has been destroyed, there is still great regenerative power in the land. That power cannot be denied. It cannot be permanently stripped.

Whether denied or admitted, it is the same with the human soul. A soul has great power and arrives in human form charged with that power. The experience of life can convince the soul to minimize this power or to give it away. And this perceived lack or loss of power can lead a soul to try to regain it through the domination or abuse of others and the attempt to take power from others. Of course, we say "attempt" because you can take nothing from another soul. Just as you cannot really give yourself or your power away, either.

It is all a matter of beliefs.

And as you know, beliefs are powerful. Beliefs can imprison or free you. Beliefs, along with the thoughts and ideas derived from them, can convince you of anything. Where your personal power is concerned, you have choices to make on a daily basis — about accepting it, allowing it, expressing it, and directing it — and you will continue to have to make those choices on an ongoing basis. What do you believe about your power? What must you believe about your power in order to operate at your full capacity?

As your consciousness rises, pay close attention to your beliefs, for they are a crucial key to your expansion.


You have within you a jigsaw puzzle. It is all there. All the pieces are there — beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, feelings, experiences, desires, dreams, purpose, destiny, and more. Your outer life offers manifestations of this inner jigsaw puzzle, allowing you to see the picture that is keen to emerge at this time in your life. As it does, you can put the pieces together — and move them around as you wish — so that your jigsaw puzzle becomes whole once more. So many jigsaw puzzles — so many lives — have been incomplete for too long. This incomplete picture can feel like a drain of your power and energy.

The reason why some of you are finding this time so hard is precisely because you are shifting — growing and transforming in profound ways. And in the flux of change, the jigsaw pieces can sometimes seem scattered to the wind. Yes, much has been said and written about a period of great change that was imminent, but the difference is that this awaited shift is happening now.

Right now.

This period of time has long been designated for a shift in consciousness affecting the earth for many years to come. We speak to you now of personal power because that is what is required to navigate this challenging period. Do not feel that you are a victim of the energetic change occurring. Oh no. Remember, you chose this. We say this to you with caring and affection, for we understand how difficult it can be as a human being when you experience pain, heartbreak, uncertainty, or the fear that arises when stepping into the unknown. It can be challenging to maintain your understanding of the larger truth of what is going on, both in your own life and in the world at large. But do choose to remember. Remembering brings you back to the seat of your power and brings greater ease to your life experience.


You are very powerful intuitively, but you are also afraid of the strength of your intuitive power. It is not surprising. Your intuition is an agent of change. Allowing the subtle and overt truths told by your intuition into your life more consistently will cause energetic shifts in your body. It will cause you to feel different and to see the world differently — but that is wonderful. It will make you more whole. It will make you stronger. Do not fear your intuitive power, for it is already so. You are only asking us to say this to you as a reminder, because you know it yourself ... and you feel it.

Exercise: Connecting with Your Soul Power

Here is a brief exercise that can energetically prepare you for your day and positively charge you up for every day to follow:

Allow yourself to feel the energy that exists right now in this moment in your body.

Ask your soul to give you a taste of how much power and energy this body can house for you. Allow your body to be shown a glimpse of how much is within you and how much could be within you if you let it in.

Then allow your soul to return you to a state that will benefit you most in this moment.


Remember, time is so important. It is your ally. This is why we speak to you of releasing judgment. Do not judge yourself for not being where your soul knows you should be. It is important to move step-by-step, to integrate every piece of your journey. What satisfaction would you feel in going from being a disassembled jigsaw puzzle to a completed one in the blink of an eye? Who does that? Those who do that do not find a great deal of satisfaction. The joy of a jigsaw puzzle is the piecing together so you create the whole picture. It is a fascinating game, full of stops and starts, sometimes maddeningly complex and sometimes a breeze. There is satisfaction when the whole picture is complete, yes, but the piecing together — that is the discovery process of life. That is where the energy lies.

You all have so much to give. Your hearts give out so much love to the world. This is true even of those who doubt it. You have no idea how much love you share each day. Some of you judge yourselves for not giving enough, and some of you judge yourselves for giving too much, as you question your motivation for giving. Some of you judge yourselves for not being able to know if you are giving or not, because you're not sure of the impact your giving is having. Trust us. You are all giving so much.

Now receiving — here is an even trickier area. This is the area that many of you would deny. Layers of conditioning cloud your relationship with receiving. Who am I to receive more? What have I done to deserve it? However, receiving is where more giving becomes possible. Really. You all deserve so much.

We feel you now, and you are the most beautiful, wonderful, giving soul. If we could only somehow allow you to see that for a moment, we would be so happy. You are divine.

Now is the time for you to remember. Remember. Remember. Remember. Aren't we boring? We could say "remember" to you constantly because it is all we want you to do: to remember how much light you are already giving out to the world. Stop working at it. Instead, work at developing your connection to all that is. Work at doing whatever makes you feel closer to the God within you — this source of power and love within all of you. Do whatever you feel inclined to do. Far be it from us to tell you what to do. We would never do that. We hope you would never take anything we say as prescription. We only ask you to remember that you are already doing the work.

So much judgment comes in for you — you fear that you are not fulfilling your purpose, you think you are not completing your mission, you worry that you are not there yet. Tell the mind to quiet down so the soul can relax. The soul may very well know where you are going, and you can tell the soul if you need a little while so that you can reach that place in your own time. You will be no good to anyone if you jump there too fast. You will certainly be no good to yourself; you would be thrown off-balance. You are a lightworker, yes, but you do not need that disruption. You do not need to become exhausted and weary on your sacred journey.


Trust that where you are now is so perfect. And keep reminding yourself of that daily. Reach out to fellow lightworkers. This is not the time to stay alone. You are all surrounded by your soul groups, and they will expand and grow in the years to come. You will bring in more and more soul friends: lightworkers, yes. But right here and now, you are surrounded by the groups you need to help you develop. Receive them. Make a choice to allow these people to become visible to you, and do not judge yourself if you cannot yet see them in your life.

If you are greatly struggling with this, then do this brief exercise with us for a moment. We will go in a little deeper and see if we can help create some energetic movement for you. ...

Exercise: Identifying Your Soul Group

Place your attention and focus on your heart chakra — the energy center of your heart. Do this gently and in your own time, and if at any point this feels uncomfortable to you, stop and try again at another time. Do not force yourself to do anything.

Allow your heart chakra to expand. Allow yourself to feel it growing wider, bigger, and stronger energetically. For some, this will be very apparent, very strong. For others, this will be subtler. There is no right or wrong. Just allow yourself to feel the expansion.

Once you feel the expansion, ask yourself to be shown the faces of those people around you who are your soul group, your lightworker compadres. Some of these faces may shock you; some may not be who you were expecting. Some of them will be miles away from you, in another city, state, province, or country. It is all fine. They do not need to be living with you or showing up at your house for dinner every evening. See who they are and understand that you are connected to the people you are seeing. If you are having difficulty seeing anyone, we suggest you try this exercise another time. Keep trying it, because the faces will appear.

As you see the faces of this group, ask your heart to tell you what each group member brings to you in your life. What are the gifts that each person offers you?

Some of these faces may be challenging to you. Some of them may be your worst nightmares. Breathe ... and allow yourself to see how they, too, have been great gifts to you on your journey. Identifying them as gifts will allow you to step out of any emotional or psychic holdings you have with them that are now unnecessary. This is not the time for battling lightworkers. Although you may still have some battle left in you, this is not the time.

Hear that.

And if hearing that brings up a great urge to battle, commit to going through your battles to release them. Battles in this context are energy fights. They are where the energy shifts from one person's ego to another's. So you throw your energy at the ego of another in response to them doing the same to you. It gets you nowhere, really.

Standing in your power: that is the antidote. So if one person tries to throw their ego at yours, you simply stand in your truth and provide an energetic barrier to that occurrence. You do not even need to push them back. You can stand in the depth of your knowing and a robust boundary will automatically rise to protect both of you.

You might be asking us, "How does this experience manifest in real life? I hear your words, but I do not fully understand. It seems too abstract." Consider this: how do you feel when someone suddenly enters your space without your permission? This could be a subtle entry or not so subtle. There could be a slightly uncomfortable feeling in you, almost too faint to detect. Or it might be that the person punches you in the face, which may be the kindest way, actually, because it's an undeniable breach. The other way is harder to discern.

Establish the boundaries that you need, but stop fighting. That is what we ask you to do, and not because we wish to give you a rule but for your own sake.

And if a mighty war breaks out between you and another after you have agreed to this, then that is no different from what is happening on your planet, is it? You are not solely responsible for planetary wars occurring simply because you are involved in a personal fight. But you are contributing to that conflict energy. We are not making a judgment on war; we are observing what is happening. It is important to see what you are shaping as an individual, as a group, as a world. Become curious as to what is playing out in your outer world on a global level. Be wary of judging anyone in the outer world.

Use our words for your benefit, but do not judge yourself against them. That is not what we ask you to do. You are beautiful, but so is everyone in the world. There is not a "bad" person in the world. How terrifying a thought is that? Yes. Because suddenly that changes everything.


We have given a little food for thought, and the final thing we wish to say to you is this. ...

If you do only one thing in response to our words, thank yourself. Thank yourself for choosing to keep on shining your love. It is not an easy choice for you to make in the current climate of your world and given the trials and tragedies that you may have endured. It has taken terrible heartbreaking experiences, great personal sacrifice, or a feeling of often being isolated and alone. But you have kept leading with your heart.


Excerpted from "Energy Speaks"
by .
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Excerpted by permission of New World Library.
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Table of Contents

Introduction: When Destiny Calls

1. You Are a Lightworker: Owning Your Personal Power
2. Your Self-Love Journey
3. The Art of Receiving
4. Abundance
5. Loving Money
6. Sleep: A Surprising Key to Self-Mastery
7. Sex and Sexual Energy
8. The Essence of Successful Relationships: Tapping into the Energy of Trust
9. Family Peace
10. The Power of Women
11. Radical Expression: The Doorway to Transformation
12. The Angel Behind You

Closing: You Are Love
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