ENTERprise Information Systems, Part I: International Conference, CENTERIS 2010, Viana do Castelo, Portugal, October 20-22, 2010, Proceedings, Part I

ENTERprise Information Systems, Part I: International Conference, CENTERIS 2010, Viana do Castelo, Portugal, October 20-22, 2010, Proceedings, Part I


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ISBN-13: 9783642164019
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 12/01/2010
Series: Communications in Computer and Information Science , #109
Edition description: 2010
Pages: 453
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.30(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

Knowledge Society

The Mankind Growth Consistency: Outlook on Extant Political Settings Rinaldo C. Michelini Roberto P. Razzoli 1

The Mankind Growth Consistency: Outlook on Yet-to-Be Political Sceneries Rinaldo C. Michelini Roberto P. Razzoli 11

From Data to Wisdom in the Global and Civilizational Context the Cognitive Perspective Andrew Targowski 21

A New Role for Design and Design Managers in the 'Organizational Design' of High Social Value-Creative Business Models Jonatan Jelen Kaleem Kamboj Marko Kolakovic 31

Governance, Sociotechnical Systems and Knowledge Society: Challenges and Reflections Antonio José Balloni Paulo Henrique de Souza Bermejo 42

EIS Design, Implementation and Impact

Management Model for Mobile Applications Assisted by Events Rui Rijo Sílvio Bernardes 52

Evaluating Goal-Oriented Analysis in the Domain of Enterprise Information Systems Malihe Tabatabaie Fiona A. C. Polack Richard F. Paige 62

Empowering the Web User with a Browserver Miguel Raposo José Delgado 71

Definition of the Model of Automatic Calculation of Flight Time Cost of the Portuguese Air Force Weapon Systems Carlos Páscoa João Soares José Tribolet 81

EX-ANTE and EX-POST Model Development and Monitoring of the Portuguese Air Force Effort Regime Carlos Páscoa António Alves José Tribolet 91

MAPA: Monitoring and Annotation of Processes and Activities Nuno Castela Paulo Dias Marielba Zacarias José Tribolet 101

Towards a Systematic Service-oriented Requirements Engineering Process (S-SoRE) Fernando Flores Manuel Mora Francisco Álvarez Laura Garza Héctor Durán 111

EIS Adoption

Analysing a Segmentation Pricing Strategy for ERP Systems under Diffusion Patterns Andrée-Anne Lemieux Robert Pellerin Adnène Hajji Pierre-Majorique Léger Gilbert Babin 121

Customer Relationship Management Systems - Reasons Why Many Municipalities Do Not Have Them Jorge Duque João Varajão Vitor Filipe Maria Manuela Cruz-Cunha 131

The Adoption of Open Source Systems in Public Administrations Carmen de Pablos David López 138

The Determinants of ERP, SCM and CRM Systems in European Firms Elsa Fontainha 147

Critical Success Factors for the Implementation of ICT Projects Klara Antlova 151

The Small Business Web Presence: Use of Third Party Portals in Australia Stephen Burgess 158

Electronic Procurement: Dealing with Supplier Adoption Paulo Andrade Bráulio Alturas Tiago Oliveira 168

Evaluating the Success of ERP Systems' Implementation: A Study about Portugal Ricardo Almeida Miguel Teixeira 180

Enterprise Management and ERP Development: Case Study of Zoomlion Using the Dynamic Enterprise Reference Grid Yi Wan Ben Clegg 191

EIS Applications

Adoption of RFID Technology in Warehouse Management Vladimir Modrak Peter Knuth Peter Sebej 199

Tools for Email Based Recommendation in Enterprise Michal Laclavík Martin Šeleng Štefan Dlugolinsky Emil Gatial Ladislav Hluchý 209

Simulation in Information Systems: Potential of the Vulnerability Theory Pedro Sá Silva Jorge Pinto João Varajão António Trigo Maria Manuela Cruz-Cunha Isabel Bentes Humberto Varum Jitendra Agarwal 219

Disclosing the Tourism Dynamic Packages Luís Ferreira Goran D. Putnik Maria Manuela Cruz-Cunha 230

Multicriteria Decision Making on Natural Resources Planning Ethel Mokotoff Estefanía García Joaquín Pérez 241

What to Do with Rejected Loads in the Agri-Food Chain Ma Victoria de-la-Fuente Lorenzo Ros 251

On-Line Synchronization of Shop Floor Documentation Using RFID Technology Pavol Semanco Vladimir Modrak 261

A Simulation Study of Workload Accounting Methods for WLC N.O. Fernandes S. Carmo-Silva 270

Improving Inventory Management Performance Using a Process-Oriented Measurement Framework Guido van Heck Jan van den Berg Mohsen Davarynejad Ron van Duin Björn Roskott 279

An Approach to Decentralizing Search, Using Stigmergic Hyperlinks Artur Marques José Figueiredo 289

A Framework for Innovation: Application in a Business Development Software Company Olga Fedotova Paulo Cruz Helena Alvelos Leonor Teixeira 299

Identifying Clones in Functional Programs for Refactoring Nuno Rodrigues João L. Vilaça 309

Management System Integration Supported on Virtual Reality Technology: The Building Lighting Devices Alcínia Z. Sampaio Miguel M. Ferreira Daniel P. Rosário 318

Automation of the Approval and Control Process of Documents Rui Pedro Marques Carlos Santos Henrique Santos 328

IT/IS Management

A Framework for the Analysis of the Potential Performance of Chief Information Officers João Varajão Luís Amaral Ricardo Colomo Palacios Jorge Gouveia 338

IT Governance in Family Owned Enterprises: A Spanish Approach José Domingo Carrillo Verdún Alberto J. Arroyo Jávega 346

A Postmodern Resolution to Leadership Conceptual Ambiguities Bill R. Brocato Jonatan Jelen Thomas Schmidt Stuart Gold 356

The Complementary Roles of Information Systems and Knowledge Management Systems: A Framework Based on Popper's Three Worlds Theory Sana Guetat Salem Ben Dhaou Dakhli 374

Recovering Traceability Links between Business Activities and Software Components Lerina Aversano Fiammetta Marulli Maria Tortorella 385

Using Emergent Information Flow Patterns of Organization Ecosystem for Information System Management José Sousa 395

Using Electronic Services Quality Metrics as an Enabler of Business-IT Strategy Alignment Mahmoud Amer Jorge Marx Gómez 403

Interface Life Cycle Management for Legacy System Landscape Lama Balloul Jorge Marx Gómez 413

Influence of Incentive Policy in Strategic Alignment of Information Technology and Business Fernando Belfo 421

IT Governance State of Art at Enterprises in the Colombian Pharmaceutical Industry Olga Lucía Giraldo Andrea Herrera Juan Erasmo Gómez 431

A Change Execution System for Enterprise Services with Compensation Support Félix Cuadrado Rodrigo García-Carmona Álvaro Navas Juan C. Dueñas 441

Author Index 451

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