Eulogies and Dead Horses: Adventures and interesting situations in the life of a traveling geologist

Eulogies and Dead Horses: Adventures and interesting situations in the life of a traveling geologist

by Michele Murray


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As a geologist, I travel to remote regions of the world. "Eulogies and Dead Horses" is a collection of some of my adventures. These stories focus on the beauty that surrounds us during poignant moments when life seems in a fragile state. An underlying theme in this book is the presence of mortality as an almost sentient, omnipotent being. The situations are described with humor and, in some cases, a bit of geological observation as well. The stories are about people or animals experiencing a stressful situation and the subsequent resolution. These tales uphold the likely existence of a plan, some path leading through a mire of challenges. That said, these stories are really about life.

I am reluctant to use the word "mortality" in this book because it usually triggers an adverse reaction in people. A natural response would be to avoid this topic, do not enter here, and close the book. This subject, (mortality), is part of our daily world, though. Mortality is an ever present condition of living. In this respect, I see mortality is an aspect of life. I describe my travels with an appreciation for the austere world that surrounds us, not only for humans but also for animals. I write these narratives from the perspective of an observer, like a witness.

This is a collection of (hopefully) uplifting and (in some cases) humorous stories about drastic situations. These are stories for the reader who is on their own journey. The title may catch the eye of someone in that special moment when they are looking for a new and interesting book. I offer this collection of introspective narrative essays to this reader. Eulogies and Dead Horses should be waiting in an airport kiosk. It should be sitting on a rack in the window of a small mountain town bookstore. The book is for people who have lived an interesting life with some loss, some humor, and some firsthand knowledge of what happens when mortality comes calling.

There is a rich life to be lived and beauty in every turn of the planet as She spins on Her axis.

People who read this book will probably be intrigued as to why there are stories written about eulogies in the first place and wonder if the stories are enjoyable. The reader might be curious what this book has to do with horses. The person who reads this book is probably an avid reader and enjoys a well written humorous story. These readers are interested in contrast: serious-versus-funny; mortality-versus-life.

As the author, I expect to share my belief that the presence of death is not a fearful element to be shunned, rather our own existence and the changes that come with time make life sweeter, more precious. The poet, Wallace Stevens, wrote, 'Death is the Mother of Beauty'... By that, he meant that without mortality and the natural passing of all things with TIME, we would have no appreciation of the world around us. There would be no art. No music. There would be no reason to love or pine or have desire. Everything would have the same worth. Without death, everything would have the same value day in and day out. There would be nothing grown dear to us. Nothing would be precious. There would be no Beauty.

In summary, these stories uphold the positive nature of people and the wonderful life we live.

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ISBN-13: 9781078772242
Publisher: Barnes & Noble Press
Publication date: 10/08/2016
Pages: 338
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.92(d)

About the Author

Michele Murray lives in South Park in Central Colorado. She is a professional geologist (often reflected in her stories) and freelance writer. Her articles on outdoor living have been published in Mountain Gazette (she has been a contributing editor for 12 years), as well as in Discover the Outdoors, EQUUS, Fly Fishing World, Native People's Magazine, New Tribal Dawn, The Aquarian, International Double Reed Society, and other literary journals. She also writes fly fishing stories for and

Michele’s stories are included three anthologies:

“Colorado Mountain Dogs,” published by WestWinds Press - The Pruett Series, an imprint of Graphic Arts Books, 2014.
"Comeback Wolves: Western Writers Speak for Wolves in the Southern Rockies," published by Johnson Books, 2005.
"Hell's Half Mile: River Runners' Tales of Hilarity and Misadventure," published by Breakaway Books, 2004.

Michele is an enrolled member in the Pembina Clan of Ojibwe of the Turtle Mountain Agency in North Dakota -- home of her father. Her mother’s ancestry is Scottish.

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