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The European Reformations / Edition 2

The European Reformations / Edition 2

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by Carter Lindberg

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ISBN-10: 1405180676

ISBN-13: 9781405180672

Pub. Date: 07/28/2009

Publisher: Wiley

Updated with the best of recent scholarship, while maintaining its hallmark features, the second edition of The European Reformations is an outstanding introduction to the sixteenth-century Reformations in Europe. New sections include coverage of the Catholic Reformation, the Counter-Reformation, and the Reformation in Britain. The book continues its


Updated with the best of recent scholarship, while maintaining its hallmark features, the second edition of The European Reformations is an outstanding introduction to the sixteenth-century Reformations in Europe. New sections include coverage of the Catholic Reformation, the Counter-Reformation, and the Reformation in Britain. The book continues its tradition of presenting material in the most lively and accessible manner possible, and sets the origin of the Reformation in the context of late medieval social, economic and religious crises, carefully tracing its responses and trajectories through the different religious groups. Together, religion, politics, social forces, and the personalities of the time are woven into a singular compelling narrative.

With its seamless synthesis of original material with updated scholarship, The European Reformations provides the most comprehensive and engaging textbook available on the origins and impacts of Europe's Reformations - and the consequences that continue to resonate today.

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Wiley Desktop Editions Series
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New Edition
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6.70(w) x 9.70(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

List of Figures x

Preface to the Second Edition xi

Preface to the First Edition xiv

List of Abbreviations xvii

1 History, Historiography, and Interpretations of the Reformations 1

History and Historiography 1

Interpretations of the Reformations 7

Suggestions for Further Reading 22

2 The Late Middle Ages: Threshold and Foothold of the Reformations 23

Agrarian Crisis, Famine, and Plague 24

Towns and Cities: Loci of Ideas and Change 32

The Printing Press 34

Of Mines and Militancy 36

Social Tensions 38

The Crisis of Values 40

The western schism 41

Conciliarism 44

Anticlericalism and the Renaissance Papacy 50

Suggestions for Further Reading 52

Electronic resources 53

3 The Dawn of a New Era 54

Martin Luther (1483-1546) 54

Theological and Pastoral Responses to Insecurity 60

Theological Implications 67

Indulgences: The Purchase of Paradise 69

The Squeaky Mouse 72

Politics and Piety 75

From the Diet of Worms to the Land of the Birds 78

The diet of Worms 83

Suggestions for Further Reading 85

Electronic resources 86

4 Wait for No One: Implementation of Reforms in Wittenberg 87

In the Land of the Birds 87

Melanchthon: Teacher of Germany 88

Karlstadt and Proto-Puritanism 89

Bishops, Clerical Marriage, and Strategies for Reform 92

The Gospel and Social Order 99

Suggestions for Further Reading 107

5 Fruits of the Fig Tree: Social Welfare and Education 108

Late Medieval Poor Relief 109

Beyond Charity 111

The Institutionalization of Social Welfare 115

Bugenhagen and the Spread of Evangelical Social Welfare 118

Education for Service to God and Service to the Neighbor 122

The Catechisms andChristian Vocation 124

Was the Early Reformation a Failure? 126

Suggestions for Further Reading 128

6 The Reformation of the Common Man 130

"Brother Andy" 130

Thomas Müntzer 137

Mümlntzer's Origins and Theology 138

Mümlntzer's Historical Development 142

On to the Land of Hus 143

The Revolution of the Common Man, 1524-1526 150

The Role of Anticlericalism 152

Luther and the Peasants' War 155

Suggestions for Further Reading 159

7 The Swiss Connection: Zwingli and the Reformation in Zurich 161

The Affair of the Sausages 161

Zwingli's Beginnings 162

Magistracy and Church in Zurich 165

Zwingli's Reform Program 166

Excursus: Medieval Sacramental Theology 172

The Marburg Colloquy, 1529 181

Suggestions for Further Reading 187

8 The Sheep against the Shepherds: The Radical Reformations 188

The Anabaptists 189

Excursus: Reformation Understandings of Baptism 193

Zurich Beginnings 198

Anabaptist Multiplicity 204

The Münster Debacle 207

The Subversive Piety of the Spiritualists 211

Suggestions for Further Reading 213

9 Augsburg 1530 to Augsburg 1555: Reforms and Politics 215

The Trail of Worms 216

The Diet of Worms 218

The Diet of Speyer, 1526 219

The Diet of Speyer, 1529 220

The Diet of Augsburg, 1530, and the Augsburg Confession 221

The Right of Resistance to the Emperor 225

Reformation Ecumenism, War, and the Peace of Augsburg 227

Suggestions for Further Reading 232

10 "The Most Perfect School of Christ": The Genevan Reformation 234

John Calvin (1509-1564) 235

Journey to Geneva 238

The Reformation in Geneva 240

Sojourn in Strasbourg 242

Geneva under Calvin, 1541-1564 247

Calvin's Consolidation of his Authority 250

The Servetus Case 253

Protestant Mission and Evangelism: The "International Conspiracy" 257

Suggestions for Further Reading 258

11 Refuge in the Shadow of God's Wings: The Reformation in France 260

The Shield of Humanism 260

Evangelical Progress and Persecution 263

Calvin's Influence in France 266

The Colloquy of Poissy, 1561 271

The Wars of Religion, 1562-1598 274

The St Bartholomew's Day Massacre 275

"Paris is Worth a Mass" 279

Suggestions for Further Reading 280

12 The Blood of the Martyrs: The Reformation in the Netherlands 282

"La secte Lutheriane" 285

Dissident Movements 286

The Rise of Calvinism and the Spanish Reaction 287

A Godly Society? 291

Suggestions for Further Reading 292

13 The Reformations in England and Scotland 293

Anticlericalism and Lutheran Beginnings 294

The King's Great Matter 301

Passions, Politics, and Piety 304

Edward VI and Protestant Progress 306

Mary Tudor and Protestant Regress 308

Elizabeth I and the Via Media 310

Mary Stuart (1542-1587) and the Reformation in Scotland 316

Suggestions for Further Reading 320

14 Catholic Renewal and the Counter-Reformation 321

Late Medieval Renewal Movements 321

The Index and the Inquisition 328

Loyola and the Society of Jesus 333

The Council of Trent, 1545-1563 338

Suggestions for Further Reading 345

Electronic resources 346

15 Legacies of the Reformations 347

Confessionalization 347

Politics 352

Culture 355

The Reformations and Women 355

Toleration and the "Other" 361

Economics, Education, and Science 367

Literature and the Arts 369

Back to the Future: The Reformations and Modernity 377

Suggestions for Further Reading 378

Electronic resources 379

Chronology 380

Genealogies 387

The House of Valois and Bourbon, to 1610 388

The family of Charles V 389

The English crown, 1485-1603 390

Ottoman sultans, 1451-1648 391

Popes, 1492-1605 392

Maps 393

Europe about 1500 394

Germany at the time of the Reformations 395

The Empire of Charles V 396

The Ottoman Empire 397

The Portuguese and Spanish overseas empires 398

Religious divisions in Europe about 1600 399

Glossary 400

Appendix: Aids to Reformation Studies 403

Bibliography 407

Index 443

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