Every Single Day: Daily Habits to Create Unstoppable Success, Achieve Goals Faster, and Unleash Your Extraordinary Potential

Every Single Day: Daily Habits to Create Unstoppable Success, Achieve Goals Faster, and Unleash Your Extraordinary Potential


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Brendan Burchard said, "You need, more than anything else, daily momentum. It's the secret of all life happiness."

"Secret of all life happiness?" Sign me up! Just a little "daily momentum"? No problem, right? I got this.

It starts today.

"Oh. Today? Yeah, right. Today's not really going to work for me. Could we start my life tomorrow? Say, around noon?"

Life gets in the way.

What if you got in the way of your life?

What if you could steer your life in the direction you desired with just a small amount of effort delivered every day? What if that effort got easier and easier and the results got better and better? What if there were "side effects" down the road that were glorious and unknown and possibly beyond what you might have ever imagined?

"Deliciousness to my soul, is the description that comes to mind as I reflect on my experience of consuming this book. I have no idea how to put into words how deeply this resonated within me." -- P.C.

Is there a spark inside of you that is dwindling? Maybe it's hiding. Maybe you're hiding. But I know it's there. You know it's there. Are you ready to relight it?

"There’s a spark within me that has been relit. I know ESD is the kindling I need to get the fire crackling and roaring... there are flames here that need to breathe and light the world." -- Peggy

What's inside of you that you would like to set free? What dream or desire or lifestyle are you not living?

"After reading this book, there is no going back. I have no choice. I make artwork everyday and I am happy. I have only been doing it for a week but, I know there is no going back. I was miserable with guilt and now I am not. I was afraid to create and now I happy to learn once more." -- Paige

Change doesn't have to be painful. It might even be small and, dare I say it: fun.

"Charbonneau’s every man approach and aw-shucks humor delivers life-altering concepts and baby spoon servings." -- Sabin

Where are you on the path ahead?

"I am at a cross roads ... the road behind me was filled with procrastination and not getting things done ... I want the road ahead of me to be filled with better time management and action. This book was just what I needed to get on the right path. -- Julie

If you're looking for a gift to help someone's life move forward, have you thought about ... yourself?

"Time goes by anyway, why not start now! His easy, flowing, conversational-style makes this book a great gift for anyone - especially yourself." -- Sandi

When is a good day to start the rest of your life? How often would you like to be that person you want to become? Oh wait, wait! I know: Every Single Day.

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ISBN-13: 9781732243408
Publisher: Bradley Charbonneau
Publication date: 04/13/2018
Pages: 196
Sales rank: 603,698
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.45(d)

About the Author

I was an author of personal development books until a character came alive between the pages and told me he wanted his own fiction series. This is what might happen when you live the practice of "Every Single Day." The glorious, the magical, the unknown.

So I sit at my keyboard and write down the stories that come through me and onto the screen. I'm as curious as you as to what's going to happen next.

He's coming alive in books to be released soon. His name is Charlie Holiday.

That's all I know.

Stay tuned.

Founder of the Monthly Experiments Project. I help people make lasting changes in their lives by taking on 1-month personal challenges and experiments.

I've been an entrepreneur for 15 years and currently run two businesses, a consulting company focused on growth and a digital media company that develops life-changing online education programs and products.

Obsessed with habits and learning. Travel-junkie. Dog-lover. Mountain climber.

Never stop exploring.

Table of Contents




1. Introduction

2. The Devil at the Dinner Party

3. The Pill

4. Day Zero

5. Who are you?

6. Failure

7. Possible, Impossible, Repossible

8. You, Me, and Four Others


9. Introduction

10. The Perfect Storm

11. Purgatory

12. You know those things you never seem to get done?

13. The Conundrum of Comfortable


14. Introduction

15. How do you know if you’re ready to make “The Leap”?

16. You do it even when you don’t want to.

17. I motivated him to start. He was inspired to stay.

18. The only productivity tip you’ll ever need.

19. What if you had one decision less to make Every Single Day?

20. You can run, but you can’t hide.


21. Introduction

22. If you could practice more, would you?

23. Today is a whole lot easier to see as yesterday than as tomorrow.

24. Because “Every other day plus weekends” is too complicated.

25. You’ll never again say, “Oh well. Another day where I didn’t get it done.”

26. The “how” no longer matters.

27. Practice is Perfect

28. Learning is Cumulative

29. The $23,135 Recurring Passive Income Post

30. Oh baby, it’s cold outside. (AKA: No one will notice if we don’t do this.)


31. Introduction

32. Meditation is a single letter away from Medication … and Mediation.

33. This is how you live to be 103 years old.

34. What if you could free up your brain to put your creativity into turbo overdrive?

PART VI PLAY 35. Introduction

36. Linear vs. Exponential

37. Better Together

38. Coast

39. The Cruise Ship & The Sailboat

40. Yes, you can force the Flow State.

41. Expect the Unexpected


42. Introduction

43. ESD Side Effects

44. Reality Check and the “Overnight Success”

45. When you hear about how a person changed her life, it changes your life.

46. Freedom


47. Where to Go from Here

48. Resources

49. Books

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