Everything I Love Restored: and Other Poems

Everything I Love Restored: and Other Poems

by Matthew Freeman


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Matthew Freeman's newest poetry collection presents a romantic vision wherein the environment can range from ecstatic to sinister. Steeped in urban shamanism, the poems reflect a desperate search for the American Sublime, the author's search for the clarity of salvation, his love of language, and his hope that the poor and destitute will not be forgotten.

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ISBN-13: 9781603813730
Publisher: Epicenter Press, Incorporated
Publication date: 12/22/2015
Pages: 154
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.36(d)

About the Author

Matthew Freeman found he was a poet when as a teenager he was ruined with love. So began a disorganized journey which would have him flunking out of school and committed to an asylum, diagnosed with schizophrenia. After bouncing around for several years he was able to graduate from Saint Louis University, where he was given the Montesi Prize for his poems. He also recently received his MFA from the University of Missouri-Saint Louis, where he was awarded the graduate prize in poetry. He continues to teach workshops and play his songs.

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But then Jim Morrison came to take me on a trip.

His leather had changed to corduroy. Wherefore, Jim?

"After that heroin tub, when the soul sought

Avernus, I went through the Program

in Purgatory. Old Cherry--you ruined each other--

bit by a Cottonmouth hiking with her husband,

bid me come forgive you and make you give it up."

We followed these black demons to the door of the

Mellow Methodist church and I whispered to Cherry.

We passed the spot where Seagraves got hit

on the head with a brick by the brother of a young girl he'd

kissed. Oh Jim, we went to the pawn shop

to get my guitar but I was a dollar short.

Finally forlorn, Jim taught me to put

my hand through my hair darkly, with affect,

and to yelp loudly during the hilarious innuendo.

He taught me translucence, how to get back

to the Celts, the Lakota. He showed me

the raindrop on the petal on the windowsill

in the breeze. We came to Jefferson Barracks.

Standing at my parents' grave I noticed a little

something covered in the grass: the magic tessera dollar

of completion! I'd died just like the art therapist

had predicted and now I could get my gold guitar!

Jim morphed into a mad girl in a Mercedes asking for gas money.

--An Excerpt from "Everything I Love Restored," Everything I Love Restored and Other Poems

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