Everything You Are: A Novel

Everything You Are: A Novel

by Kerry Anne King


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From the bestselling author of Whisper Me This comes a haunting and lyrical novel about the promises we make and the forgiveness we need when we break them.

One tragic twist of fate destroyed Braden Healey’s hands, his musical career, and his family. Now, unable to play, adrift in an alcoholic daze, and with only fragmented memories of his past, Braden wants desperately to escape the darkness of the last eleven years.

When his ex-wife and son are killed in a car accident, Braden returns home, hoping to forge a relationship with his troubled seventeen-year-old daughter, Allie. But how can he hope to rescue her from the curse that seems to shadow his family?

Ophelia “Phee” MacPhee, granddaughter of the eccentric old man who sold Braden his cello, believes the curse is real. She swore an oath to her dying grandfather that she would ensure Braden plays the cello as long as he lives. But he can’t play, and as the shadows deepen and Phee finds herself falling for Braden, she’ll do anything to save him. It will take a miracle of forgiveness and love to bring all three of them back to the healing power of music.

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ISBN-13: 9781542041966
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Publication date: 10/01/2019
Pages: 336
Sales rank: 129,051
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Kerry Anne King is the author of the international bestselling novels Closer Home, I Wish You Happy, and Whisper Me This. Licensed as both an RN and a mental-health counselor, she draws on her experience working in the medical and mental-health fields to explore themes of loss, grief, and transformation—but always with a dose of hope and humor. Kerry lives in a little house in the big woods of the Inland Northwest with her Viking, three cats, a dog, and a yard full of wild turkeys and deer. She also writes fantasy and mystery novels as Kerry Schafer. Visit Kerry at www.kerryanneking.com.

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Everything You Are: A Novel 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
lsmoore_43 13 days ago
EVERYTHING YOU ARE by Kerry Anne King If she could die quietly, just close her story as if it’s a book she started reading and decided she didn’t like, she would welcome that. But she has to keep turning the pages; she’s not allowed to quit, because this is her fault and it’s the punishment she deserves. Sometimes a book comes into your life and you never look at things the same. This is such a book. It’s so well written. So touching. Heartfelt. Filled with so many emotions. It’s like something you never expected. Nothing is the same from start to finish and yet every single word, page, chapter, just fits perfectly. From the death of a mother and son to the lives of a daughter and father. A promise to a grandfather. From alcoholism to drugs. From love to hate and back again. This book is filled with emotions you may not even know you have. Laughter, sadness, death, tears(lots of tears), life, music. Oh the music. You can feel that in your heart. I could at least. Love is such a fantastic feeling. True love that is from your heart. The language of love. From a woman to a man. A daughter to a father. Family to family. This book has many characters in it and they all feel such deep things. They are all fighting something. Something that is almost to strong to bear. Phee, the luthier, has to made a promise to her grandfather that is almost impossible for her to keep. Does she believe in curses or was that all just something in his head? Allie, lost her mother and brother and blames herself. Braden, a first-chair cellist for the Seattle Symphony Orchestra, lost his ability to play and became a drunk. Left his wife and children eleven years earlier. After the death of his wife and son he has to go be there for Allie. He’s always loved her but she hates him so bad. There are other characters, ones who have problems. Drinking problems. They are all there for each other no matter what though and keep each other on the straight way to being sober. Can anything fix these broken people. Can music be the salve that mends them? This is the story you have been waiting for. It’s going to grab you by the heart and pull you deep inside and won’t let go until you find the answers to every question. Until you read the very last word and believe me the ending of this book will make you weep. I wish I could think of the perfect words to describe how much this book touched me. The love that exists between people. The empathy, the heartfelt true caring of each other. A near tragedy that brings them all together to help mend. A cello that needs to be played. The music that touches you. This book is one that I will not forget to soon. It’s a pure piece of poetry that will make you so happy you read it. From start to finish you will love this book. You’ll cringe in places too. Hold your breath when you wonder what is going to happen next. Will they make it or will they all turn against each other. It’s just a story that I felt inside. The love, laughter, sadness, heartache and tears. So many feelings. It’s one of those books that give you all the feels. That in my opinion is a great novel. Thank you to #NetGalley and #LakeUnionPublishers for this ARC. This review is from my heart and told in my own words. A million stars for this but alas I can only give it 5. I highly recommend this book. A must read by a wonderful author. I look forward to more from her.
MKF 15 days ago
Family drama and music combined with folklore in this tale of Brandon, his daughter Allie, and Phee, the woman who owns the luthier shop where his cello was made. There's a secret, of course, and some sadness, but it's a good tale with a happy ending. Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC. A good read for those who like stories of redemption.
Anonymous 20 days ago
Topical books that delve into the frailties of the human spirit tend to be more difficult for me to review with a dispassionate eye. The works that I love the most are those that elicit emotion organically. I laugh or cry because I can feel what the character is going through—not because I was told to laugh or cry. I was informed that Braden was a dismal character filled with self-loathing and self-pity. It was his characterization that set the tone for this book. Although extremely well-written, I could not enjoy the tale as much as if I was allowed to discern how much I should sympathize with him being cursed. However, my personal preference does not preclude me from recommending this book. Many other will absolutely love it. Thank you to NetGalley, Lake Union Publishing, and Kerry Anne King for an ARC of 'Everything You Are' in exchange for an honest and voluntary review.
Anattorneywrites 25 days ago
“Everything You Are" by Kerry Anne King is an interesting novel that is parts mystery/suspense and part fantasy. Phee has turned eighteen and discovers that she is taking over her grandfather’s business, which includes inheriting many of the superstitions and curses that apparently accompany certain stringed instruments. Each instrument has a soul and only the right person can be entrusted with caring for it. One of Phee’s responsibilities is to make sure that certain people who did sign a contract for an instrument continue to play it, or there could be a devastating effect. Phee’s grandfather sold Braden his cello. Though he had a lucrative career, he is unable to play and lives in an alcoholic haze. Because his ex-wife and son were killed in an accident, he returns home to mend the estranged relationship he has with his daughter, Allie. One of Phee’s responsibilities is to reunite Braden with his cello and make sure he plays again. King expertly moves the reader through the different point of views and plot lines, the latter of which is peppered with plenty of folklore. Yet, King also addresses more realistic topics such as infidelity and forgiveness. The author did a fair job is developing the majority of the characters (especially Phee); I cared enough about them to keep reading. This is the first novel I have read by King, but I am eager to now go through her previous works. If you are looking to read something different, I highly recommend this book. I'd like to thank NetGalley for providing me an advanced copy.
kaitlynspet 26 days ago
Wonderful book. Everything You Are by Kerry Ann King is a story of a horrible accident that leaves one person dead and one person with neuropathy from frostbite in his hands. Braden Healey's life is disrupted when he loses the ability to play his cello and must give up his career as a cellist. This accident shatters his family. Even though Braden can't remember the accident he blames himself. He starts drinking heavily. Fast forward eleven years. Braden's ex-wife and son are killed in an auto accident and his older daughter Allie needs him. At least she does for 6 more months. Then there is Phee or Ophelia McPhee. She is a luthier. Her grandfather has made a cello which is now owned by Braden. But Phee thinks that cello carries a curse and must be played by Braden or something bad will happen. There is a lot of tragedy, sorrow and hurt in this book but thanks to Phee and the cello there is magic and happiness as well. I would highly recommend it. #kerryanneking#everythingyouare#netgalley#tragedy#alcoholism#musician#cello#amnesia#frostbite#neuropathy#attemptedsucide#magic
TJReads 27 days ago
I was so pleased when NetGalley, the author and the publisher allowed me the opportunity to read this story. I thoroughly enjoyed it. My favorite character is Phee, she is the positive light in this story. I loved the Angels and their mind set for new adventures. The magic/curse of the instruments, even though it was folklore, was easy to believe, and the intervention was the only situation where I felt it may have been a little bit over the top. This is a heartfelt story describing the feelings and after effects of loss and heartache of losing loved ones. I did find the relationship between Allie and her boyfriend very unsettling, all because the author has a way of describing it so well. I would highly recommend this tale. There is a bit of fowl language but I did not find it ruined the story. This story has magic, mystery, love, loss, humor, great characters and a good dog. I was given the opportunity to receive this book from Lake Union Publishing through NetGalley. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own. This one gets a high 5*****’s.
KerryACroucier 3 months ago
Music, family, and forgiveness are at the heart of this novel. The characters are well-written and flawed; the storyline was unusual and tinged with magical realism. There was so much more to this novel, touching on alcoholism, suicide, grief, and how they came together. The magic of the music and the story, as well as curiosity about the cello and the curse, will keep you turning pages. I loved these characters, and my heart broke for Allie and all she was going through. The quirkiness of the secondary characters and the way they integrated into the story was expertly done. This is a beautiful novel that will give you all the feels. This was my first novel by Kerry Anne King and it did not disappoint. #EverythingYouAre #KerryAnneKing #LakeUnionPublishing #NetGalley
MatteaLC 3 months ago
A beautifully written story about loss, love and forgiveness. Braden is a brilliant cellist, who’s hands are damaged in a tragic accident, leaving him unable to play, and sending him into the world of alcoholism. He leaves his family and his beloved cello, but still has a spiritual connection to it, as he stumbles through binges and hangovers. His ex wife and son die in another tragic accident, leaving 17 yr old Allie alone, until Braden shows up, to reluctantly sober up and provide parental support until she’s 18. Kerry Ann King is a gifted writer, with well developed characters and a deep, insightful style. I could hear the music, which is an integral part of this story, as that haunted cello drew the characters together, with their shared love of music. Although I’m not a fan of fantasy, this novel did intrigue me, and I’m happy that the genre didn’t dissuade me. I received an ARC for my honest review, and honestly, I liked it. My thanks to #NetGalley and #LakeUnionPublishing for the opportunity.
buggysmom 3 months ago
Everything You Are Kerry Anne King Lake Union Pub, Oct 1, 2019 331 pages Women’s Lit, Adult Lit, Contemporary Fiction Amazon Early Releases ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ The cover is lovely and makes me think of the bouquet of flowers that Phee shows up with when all the other flowers are formal funeral arrangements. Her flowers are bright and cheerful. Phee is always a bit different. I like the touch of the marks that are used on either side of the words “a novel” that look like fs. These same markings are found on musical instruments, such as cellos, which play such a major role in the story. The story is amazing. I realized that it was being released tomorrow and had stopped at 80% last night when I went to bed. So I finished reading it this morning and sat down to write this review immediately. I want this posted before the book is released so you all know just how wonderful this book is. It’s one of those that will make you cry in places and make you want to shake people at times or maybe give them a good swift kick in the butt. Or at least a good talking to. Phee is the character that the story starts out with and she is the one who holds it all in place until the end when it swings back to her. But the active story seems to really focus on Braden Healey, a gifted cellist with damaged hands, and his 17-year-old daughter, Allie, also a gifted cellist. Braden and his now late wife were estranged for 11 years while he was an alcoholic, amnesiac, and living totally away from all of his family and friends. Allie was taking cello lessons her father was providing funds for while her mother was trying to get her into pre-med school and keep her life strictly regimented. Phee was maintaining the cello as was called for in the life-long contract Braden had signed at the age of ten with Phee’s grandfather. And this is where the magic part comes in… Yes, I said magic. The cello has a soul which Braden feels when he plays the cello. Phee feels the soul of the cello as well. She was there in the shop the day he signed the contract, and somehow she got caught up in the loop of magic. She has been in love with Braden and his cello ever since. Even for the eleven years when he was among the missing, or unknown, when he was away from the cello not playing. Allie also feels the soul of the cello now that she plays it. I don’t want to give away any more of this beautiful story of forgiveness and love. I can’t recommend it highly enough for those of you who enjoy such tales. Damaged people helping people, finding forgiveness and finding resolution, finding love. I definitely give this one five stars and highly recommend it. This is an author I’d like to read more of. Thank you, Amazon for offering this book as an Early Release this month.
lauriesophee 3 months ago
“We are not living in the Middle Ages. Curses don’t exist, not real curses.” A beautiful, poignant novel! One of the main characters and a center in the plot is a “cello”. A cello that chooses her “person”. Yes, you read that right. But it is so much more! Braden has played this cello from the age of twelve and signed an agreement with the luthier to always play and care for her until his death. There is a curse for not following this contract. He marries, has a family, and later in his life; a serious injury of his hands. His world implodes. Can it truly be a curse that is torturing him and his family when Braden is no longer able to play the instrument? How will he “right” his own life to save his daughter and himself? This story has love, guilt, pain, and forgiveness. It is truly written with so much depth that I could feel the emotion of the cello when she was at one point in the story, abandoned. I loved this book and would give it 10 stars!