Evidence of Satan: When the Demons Come Out to Play:

Evidence of Satan: When the Demons Come Out to Play:

by Eloise Choice


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This book is the first to identify the gods and goddesses of antiquity as the scriptural fallen angels with no questions asked. It is the first and only one to fully integrate Holy Scripture with advanced technology, myth, legend, history, archaeological findings and the present-day evils perpetrated upon mankind as well as UFO encounters, and all under one cover. It thereby offers and all-encompassing narrative of the establishment, development and progression of mankind's civilizations and of their history of interactions with these supernatural beings, the Nefilim, AKA the fallen angels. Solutions for many age-old "mysteries" and phenomena are presented by way of credible and compelling postulations, and concrete evidence is provided that links the Biblical fallen angels (AKA the "ancient aliens" and Earth gods of antiquity) to today's so-called "extraterrestrials" and "aliens." This postulation is based on the integration of archaeological, medial and Biblical evidence. In Near/Middle Eastern mythology, the gods of antiquity are referred to as the "Nefilim," in Teutonic mythology as the "Niflheim," in The Lost Books of the Bible as "Nephthalim," and in the Hebrew language as "Nephi'lim" – all meaning "the fallen ones." The generic connotation, however, is of supernatural beings, which therefore encompasses not only all of the fallen angels, but also includes the giants who were the offspring of the rebellious Watchers and their human wives as is written in the Biblical book of Genesis.

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ISBN-13: 9781663565297
Publisher: Barnes & Noble Press
Publication date: 09/08/2020
Pages: 276
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About the Author

As a preacher’s daughter, Bible study was an indelible part of Eloise’s upbringing. At UCLA, she further studied the Bible as literature and history. For 35 years, she taught American, British and world literature, integrated with myth, legend, geography, world history, and religion. Her mission is to reach beyond the canonical Jewish and Christian scriptures and include the non-canonical scriptures and merge all with the sciences and history so as to offer a forward-moving and 21st – century perspective on Judeo/Christian beliefs.
UCLA, Los Angeles, California. Bachelor of Arts Degree: English
TEACHER CREDENTIALING PROGRAM, LAUSD, Los Angeles, California. Professional Clear Single-Subject Teaching Credential. Field of Authorization: English
NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, San Bernardino, California. Master of Science in Education (summa cum laude)
UC RIVERSIDE, Cross-Cultural Language Acquisition and Development (CLAD) Certificate

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“I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world.” Mother Teresa

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