Evolve or Die: Seven Steps to Rethink the Way You Do Business

Evolve or Die: Seven Steps to Rethink the Way You Do Business

by Robin Crow


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Bring positive change and attain the highest levels of success

Robin Crow has years of experience working in the trenches as an entrepreneur and business owner. Now he has put all that work at your disposal with his unique Seven Step Challenge. Presented as a call to action, Evolve or Die delivers optimistic solutions to become better than you were yesterday and realize abundance at every level for personal and professional growth. The method teaches

  • Exceed expectations
  • Gets things done
  • 100% accountability
  • Commit to continual improvement
  • Boundless optimism
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Make a difference

Whether you're the CEO or cleaning the CEO's office, by following the author's program you'll be able to regain control, refocus, and bring positive change to attain the highest levels of success.

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ISBN-13: 9780470593455
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 04/26/2010
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 5.80(w) x 8.60(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Robin Crow (Franklin, Tennessee) is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, and one the world's most innovative guitarists. Robin appears to audiences of thousands throughout the world with his unique blend of speaking and musical performance. Crow knows what motivates, drives, and inspires people to be their best, but most importantly, he knows how to help people shift into high gear. Robin's expertise comes from 30 years in the trenches as an entrepreneur and business owner. Robin has forged a remarkable career as a national recording artist and entrepreneur. He has given over 2,000 presentations, published two books, and has appeared on hundreds of television programs. More information at robincrow.com

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Table of Contents


About the Author.


PART I Something Has to Give.

Chapter 1 Who Are You Listening To?

Chapter 2 Change Is a Choice.

Chapter 3 Rearranging the Chairs on the Titanic.

Chapter 4 Reinvention.

Chapter 5 Every Innovative Business Has a Great Story.

Chapter 6 The Alarm Is Sounding…and We Keep Hitting the Snooze Button.

Chapter 7 The World Is on Fire.

Chapter 8 Our Civilization Is a Pyramid Scheme.

Chapter 9 Five Bright Lights.

PART II Seven-Step Challenge.

Step 1 Do Whatever It Takes to Exceed Expectations.

Step 2 Commit to Daily Measurable Improvement. 

Step 3 Develop an Accountability Matrix.

Step 4 Reinvigorate Your organization Through Multidimensional Thinking.

Step 5 Create a Culture of Shared Sacrifice.

Step 6 Trnsform Your Business Philosophy to a Triple Bottom Line.

Step 7 Dedicate Yourself to a Lifetime of Making a Difference.

30 Day Pledge.

Now Is the Time.


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