Executive Intelligence Review; Volume 41, Issue 39: Published October 3, 2014

Executive Intelligence Review; Volume 41, Issue 39: Published October 3, 2014

by Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr.


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Executive Intelligence Review; Volume 41, Issue 39: Published October 3, 2014 by Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr.

From the Editors:

We preface our ongoing, indepth coverage of the BRICS process now sweeping the world, with a special appeal from Lyndon LaRouche, which may catch you by surprise. What LaRouche is stressing is the uncomfortable truth that, under Obama as President, the United States is a captive nation, under the control of a British imperial policy which is taking us very quickly toward an outright Nazi dictatorship. Already, Americans, especially in Congress, are acting as if a dictatorship were already fully in place. Congressmen refuse to assert their Constitutional obligation to decide on war and peace, even as they admit the President is lying and acting unconstitutionally. They refuse to implement the obvious first step in protecting the nation from another impending financial crash, by enacting a Glass-Steagall law which the population wants, but Obama and Wall Street oppose. If their bodies are not imprisoned, their minds and wills are. Thus our nation is walking down the path to doom, as our stories on Obama's "health-care" genocide (National) and the Ebola epidemic now sweeping West Africa, (Economics) should make clear. If action is not taken to stop this process now, by the time people decide to resist, a full dictatorship may prevent them from doing so. LaRouche has sounded the alarm, and the action must follow: to oust Obama and his corrupt cronies, like Speaker of the House John Boehner, and turn to the global alliance which is shaping a real future. The hope is that leadership in the U.S. will emerge to link up with that of the BRICS nations, which are expressing a new "spirit of the age" for human creativity and progress. We highlight Lyndon LaRouche's outlook on this process in our cover story (Feature), and then present four case studies of how a new outlook has taken over the nations of India, Argentina, Bolivia, and Egypt. We also have a first-hand report on Prime Minister Modi's historic event at New York's Madison Square Garden Sept. 27, where he inspired some 20,000 Indian-Americans, and others, with a vision larger than India itself, a vision for the whole human family.Don't miss Helga Zepp-LaRouche's strategic overview this week, following up on her recent call for a new, inclusive security architecture (International). Finally, we point your attention to our latest exclusive on the Saudi role in funding the 9/11 terrorists (National)-ammunition for the immediate fight to stop today's terror threat, and to impeach Obama, who is carrying out a treasonous coverup for their crimes.

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