Explaining Electricity: Student Exercises and Teachers Guide

Explaining Electricity: Student Exercises and Teachers Guide

by Mike Lattner, Jim Ross


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Electricity can be easy to understand! A fruitful model of simple electric circuits is developed and applied in these pages. The approach is highly pictorial: electric potential (Volts) and electric current (Amps) are represented by simple diagrams. The student is expected to use these diagrams as the principal mode of analyzing circuits. When algebra and equations are introduced, the student already has an understanding of V, I, R and P from the diagrams. As in all of the Ross Lattner IntuitivScience series, diagrams are an important mode of expression. Parents and teachers, you get one half of the book! We provide solid pedagogical supports, recipes, and methods of presentation.The unit itself is further subdivided into four sections, approximating four weeks of 70-minute classes.1. Static electricity and the electrical structure of matter2. Characteristics of electric current, and development of a model of current, potential, resistance and power3. Mathematical treatment of series and parallel circuits4. Projects that are either an application of the model or an extensions of the model.At the end of sections 1 - 3 is a thorough quiz, in the same pictorial style.Because this unit involves fundamental forces and concepts, we recommend that it be placed first in the series of the four Ross Lattner Grade Nine Academic IntuitivScience books. In particular, this book should be placed before chemistry.

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ISBN-13: 9781897007006
Publisher: Ross Lattner Educational Consultants
Publication date: 09/02/2003
Series: Grade Nine Academic Science , #1
Pages: 90
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.19(d)

About the Author

Jim Ross has more than 34 years experience in science education, both in private and public school systems. For six years he was the Coordinator of Investigative Studies at Nicholson Catholic College, Belleville, ON, where his portfolio included science, math, history, geography, and the social sciences. In 1988, Jim Ross and Mike Lattner founded Ross Lattner Educational Consultants, a small, independent publishing company, to meet the need for high quality curriculum materials in the de-streamed common curriculum. Ross Lattner continues to publish innovative instructional strategies.

Jim's M.Ed. thesis, The Graininess of Everyday Thinking, examined the cognitive structure of students' everyday language, and how it is related to students' natural reasoning about physical phenomena. From 2001-2005, Jim taught the pedagogy courses in Chemistry, Physics and Intermediate Science at the Faculty of Education at the University of Western Ontario. In that capacity, he was awarded the honour of Teacher of the Year by the the Faculty of Ed. Jim has served as president of the Ontario Association of Physics Teachers, and has been an active member of STAO. He has contributed to the writing of the Ontario senior physics curriculum documents.

Entering an active retirement in 2008, Jim contributed to McGraw-Hill Ryerson's Grade 9 and 10 "ON Science" texts.
As he continues to study and write, he has been constructing the new approach to chemistry learning and teaching with Edvantage Press, and is an active member of the Edvantage Chemistry Interactive online community.

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