Extreme Programming and Agile Processes in Software Engineering: 4th International Conference, XP 2003, Genova, Italy, May 25-29, 2003, Proceedings

Extreme Programming and Agile Processes in Software Engineering: 4th International Conference, XP 2003, Genova, Italy, May 25-29, 2003, Proceedings


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ISBN-13: 9783540402152
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 07/15/2003
Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science , #2675
Edition description: 2003
Pages: 468
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.04(d)

Table of Contents

Managing Agile Processes.- XP after Enron - Can It Survive?.- Trailing-Edge Management.- Value Based Management and Agile Methods.- Lean Management — A Metaphor for Extreme Programming?.- Methodology Issues.- Metaphor Design Spaces.- An Experiment Working with RUP and XP.- Bridging Cognitive and Social Chasms in Software Development Using Extreme Programming.- A System Dynamics Simulation Model to Find the Effects of XP on Cost of Change Curve.- Extending Agile Methodologies and XP.- Real-Time Extreme Programming.- Software Development under Stringent Hardware Constraints: Do Agile Methods Have a Chance?.- Maturing XP through the CMM.- Formal Extreme (and Extremely Formal) Programming.- Methods and Tools.- Agile Development Using Naked Objects.- XPSwiki: An Agile Tool Supporting the Planning Game.- CruiseControl.NET: Continuous Integration for .NET.- Tool Support for Complex Refactoring to Design Patterns.- Teaching and Introducing Agile Methodologies.- Experiences in Learning XP Practices: A Qualitative Study.- Swimming around the Waterfall: Introducing and Using Agile Development in a Data Centric, Traditional Software Engineering Company.- Cross-Continent Development Using Scrum and XP.- Coaching Coaches.- Testing.- Where Do Unit Tests Come from?.- Three Patterns in Java Unit Testing.- XP with Acceptance-Test Driven Development: A Rewrite Project for a Resource Optimization System.- A Customer Test Generator for Web-Based Systems.- A Framework for Testing at the Edge — An Experience Report.- Pair Programming.- An Empirical Analysis on the Discontinuous Use of Pair Programming.- Pair-Programming Effect on Developers Productivity.- When Does a Pair Outperform Two Individuals?.- Other XP Practices.- Being Jane Malkovich: A Look Into the World of an XP Customer.- Using Actual Time: Learning How to Estimate.- Coaching a Customer Team.- Extreme Design by Contract.- Inline Method Considered Helpful: An Approach to Interface Evolution.- Experience Reports.- Practical Experiences of Agility in the Telecom Industry.- XP-Call in the Social Workers.- Embracing Change: An XP Experience Report.- Extreme Makeover: Bending the Rules to Reduce Risk Rewriting Complex Systems.- Research Reports: Methods and Tools.- Component-Oriented Agile Software Development.- Unit Testing beyond a Bar in Green and Red.- Developing Testable Web-Applications with Bugkilla.- Extreme Programming: A More Musical Approach to Software Development?.- Automated Extract Component Refactoring.- Successful Automation of GUI Driven Acceptance Testing.- Extreme Terseness: Some Languages Are More Agile than Others.- EnterpriseXP: Can the Combination of XP and DSDM Improve the Appeal of XP to the Business Community?.- Using Function Points in XP - Considerations.- Refactoring with Aspects.- Research Reports: Experience Reports.- Extreme Programming at Work.- Combining Agile Practices with UML and EJB: A Case Study in Agile Development.- Practice Makes Perfect.- A Designing Practice and Two Coding Practices for Extreme Programming (XP).- Practical Aspects of XP Practices.- Scaling Extreme Programming in a Market Driven Development Context.- Building Standard ERP Software Packages Using Self-developed Agile Methodologies.- Convincing the Inconvincable.- Comparing Extreme Programming to Traditional Development for Student Projects: A Case Study.- XP: Good for Anything Other than Software Development?.- Extreme Educational Symposium.- Using Instructor Written Acceptance Tests Using the Fit Framework.- Teaching Team Work: An Extreme Week for First-Year Programmers.- Design-led & Design-less: One Experiment and Two Approaches.- Agile Teaching of an Agile Software Process.- Five Challenges in Teaching XP.- Challenges in Teaching Test Driven Development.- Filleting XP for Educational Purposes.- Using XP with Children for Learning Mathematics.- Using Metaphors in eXtreme Programming Projects.- Ph.D. Symposium.- Doctoral Symposium at XP 2003.- Collaboration on Software Tasks.- Unit Testing Using Design by Contract and Equivalence Partitions.- Exploring the XP Customer Role.- Extending Testability for Automated Refactoring.- Software Configuration Management for Test-Driven Development.- A Study on Introducing XP to a Software Development Company.- Teaching eXtreme Programming in a Project-Based Capstone Course.- Mitigating Risks in Mobile System Development.- Extreme Advertised Bidding.- Software Effort Estimation: Planning XP Guidelines Compared to Research on Traditional Software Development.- Collecting Data in Web Service Development.- Measuring the Effectiveness of Agile Methodologies Using Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery and Information Visualization.- Evaluation of New Software Engineering Methodologies.- Evaluation of Product Metrics Applied to Agile Methodologies.- Panels.- Coaching for Agile and Xtreme Practices A Fishbowl with Piranhas.- XP Practices versus Values?.- Test Driven Development (TDD).

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