Faith and Fame

Faith and Fame

by Andy McClung


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Someone wrote to a teen advice website, "I want to be famous. I'm not sure what my talent is, but I really want to give it a try. Any tips?" The site's expert wisely said that most people working in fame-producing fields aren't famous; fame relies on a lot of hard work and even more luck, and seeking fame (especially with no identified talent) will probably end in disappointment. This level-headed response, however, began by affirming the teen's unrealistic (but common) desire: I want to be famous.

While plenty of people have no desire for fame, most teens apparently do. A 2007 survey revealed the top (by far) two life goals for US young adults were to be rich and famous. Another 2007 study by UCLA showed preteens' top desire for their future was to be famous. A 2011 study by Christian Children's Fund reported that in developing countries, about half of ten to twelve year olds want to enter the helping professions (teachers, doctors), but in the western/developed countries, about half want to pursue fame as actors, singers, or fashion designers.

Talented or not, then, about half of your students want to become celebrities.

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