False Accusations of Rape: Lynching in the 21st Century

False Accusations of Rape: Lynching in the 21st Century

by John Davis BA JD LLM


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This controversial book explores the comparisons between the over 10,000 lynchings during the "Jim Crow" era in the United States, and, contemporary rape hysteria in modern times. This book shows how the government is openly sponsoring, and financing, a lynch mob mentality that not only leads to the death and assault of innocent men, but, affects large segments of our demographics. As an example, Mr. Davis explores the current rape hysteria that is prevalent on U.S. campuses, and, how that rape hysteria has created a hostile environment for men (with the consequence that the number of male graduates from U.S. colleges and universities is plummeting).

Mr. Davis shows how our culture, and our judicial system, have been corrupted to insure the conviction of innocent men who are accused of rape, and, to encourage women to make false accusations of rape. He explains, in this book, how the government actually pays women to make false accusations of rape.

Through citations to scholarly articles, and real case studies, Mr. Davis shows how the real rate of false accusations of rape is almost 60%, and, how our culture is promoting violence against innocent men merely to fulfill and obsession that is identical to the obsession that lead to lynchings at the turn of the 20th century.

Finally, Mr. Davis explores the necessary steps we must take to prevent rape hysteria from undermining our culture and our justice system.

The book includes many graphics illustrating, in simple terms, complex concepts regarding false accusations of rape. It also contains various draft legislation pieces for addressing, and appropriately punishing, women who falsely accuse men of rape.

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About the Author

ohn Davis (1953 - ) was born in Cleveland, Ohio. He was educated at Case Western Reserve University (BA) (one of the top ten universities in the United States), Seattle University School of Law (JD), and, New York University School of Law (LL.M post-doctoral) (one of the top ten law schools in the United States). John is fluent in seven languages (including ancient Latin and Greek). He has travelled the world over, many times, and has represented clients, in his thirty five year career, such as the United States Government and the Federation of Russia.

He has been a prosecutor three times in his 35 year career. He has held positions such as Assistant Attorney General, United States Speaker, and Assistant District Attorney, Chief Wing JAG, U. S. Air Force Auxilliary, and Supreme Court Law Clerk.

For most of his career in civil law, John was a successful international lawyer, practicing in many nations around the world.

John is now retired and lives in the South of France.

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False Accusations of Rape: Lynching in the 21st Century 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Tragically necessary book for those men who have been coerced into silence through accusation.