Family Therapy Review Preparing for Comprehensive and Licensing Examinations

Family Therapy Review Preparing for Comprehensive and Licensing Examinations

by Robert H. Coombs
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Taylor & Francis
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Family Therapy Review Preparing for Comprehensive and Licensing Examinations

This book offers a clear, readable overview of all the knowledge and skills those training as marriage and family therapists and counselors need to pass final degree program, certification or licensing examinations.

It is organized into three sections: Basic Clinical Knowledge and Skills, Common Client Problems, and Career Issues. Each chapter includes challenging study questions that enable readers to assess their own level of understanding—15 true/false questions at the outset checking on baseline knowledge, 30 multiple-choice questions interspersed through the text underlining crucial points, and 10 provocative discussion questions at the end facilitating synthesis. Each chapter also provides a glossary of key terms and, in addition to references, annotated suggestions for further reading and Web site exploration.

Students and trainees will find Family Therapy Review: Preparing for Comprehensive and Licensing Examinations a resource to which they will go on referring long after it has helped them through their examinations; faculty and established professionals will find it a useful one-stop summary of current thinking about best practice.

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ISBN-13: 9780805843125
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 08/20/2004
Pages: 672
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 1.50(d)

Table of Contents

Contents: Preface. Part I: Basic Clinical Knowledge and Skills. Section 1: Individuals and the Family. J. DeFrain, R. Cook, G. Gonzalez-Kruger, Family Health and Dysfunction. J.M. Lucariello, J.V. Lerner, Human Lifespan Development. B.F. Okun, Human Diversity. L. Sperry, M.P. Duffy, R.M. Tureen, S.E. Gillig, Psychopathology. R. Resnikoff, Psychopharmacology. Section 2: Therapeutic Skills and Tools. K. Snow, H.C. Crethar, P. Robey, J. Carlson, Theories of Family Therapy (Part I). H.C. Crethar, K. Snow, J. Carlson, Theories of Family Therapy (Part II). J.E. Patterson, T.M. Edwards, S.L. Carnes, Assessment, Diagnoses, and Treatment Planning. P.C. Dowds, D.G. Byrom, Case Management. P.M. Kleespies, B.L. Niles, C.J. Kutter, A.N. Ponce, Managing Behavioral Emergencies. Part II: Common Client Problems. Section 3: Distressed Couples. E.F. Kouneski, D.H. Olson, Conflict and Disenchantment. C.A. Everett, S.E. Livingston, L.D. Bowen, Separation, Divorce, and Remarriage. J.D. Atwood, Sexual Problems. S.M. Stith, K.H. Rosen, Intimate Partner Violence. Section 4: Child and Adolescent Issues. R.M. Hodapp, J.N. Sagun, E. Dykens, Developmental Disabilities. T.L. Sexton, A.E. Sydnor, M.K. Rowland, J.F. Alexander, Behavioral and Relationship Problems. A. Hogue, S. Dauber, L. Faw, H.A. Liddle, Substance Abuse. C.C. Capstick, P. Fraenkel, Child Abuse and Neglect. Section 5: Diminished Health and Well-Being. D.S. Becvar, Care Giving and Grief. E.L. Hendrickson, E.E. McCollum, Alcohol and Other Drug Dependencies. W.G. McCown, Nonpharmacological Addictions. F.M. Dattilio, Depression and Anxiety. J.M. Serovich, S.M. Craft, HIV/AIDS. Part III: Career Issues. Section 6: Professional Development. S.T. Gladding, Ethical and Legal Issues in Family Therapy. K. Sturkie, Preparing for Licensing Examinations. W.C. Nichols, Continuing Professional Development.

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