Fast Draw

Fast Draw

by D. W. Collins


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Filled With Memorable Moments That'll Keep You Turning Pages

The amazing Bob Mayes lives a contended life. His fast-draw show thrills the tourists and pays the bills. His loving wife, Ellie, keeps him happy. What more could he ask for?

One fateful night, an incident after a show confronts him with an evil so brutal and far-reaching, he realises he can never return to his simple life again. He sets out to face the evil with the help of a young psychic named Sarah and her grandmother, Rita. A group of brave underground warriors joins them to battle the Faction, who are hell-bent to rule the earth.

In the midst of his heroism, will Bob realise there is more to him than he ever knew? is he, in fact, a supernatural?

Fast Draw is a story of love, betrayal, heroism, and one you will never forget. The main character is based on the real-life fast-draw artist, Bob Munden.

Reviews for Fast Draw:

"Its like Louis Lamour and Stephen King came together and wrote this book. I loved it very much and can't wait for the next one."

"I got so engrossed, I finished it one day. It is riveting . . . Bottom line D.W. Collins has written one great book in Fast Draw: One Bullet to Hell."

" . . . The pacing was excellent and Collins does a good job of it. He spaces the events in the book out perfectly and fills the intervening time with things that make sense, all the while pushing a sense of urgency. "

"This book made me want to stay up late turning pages. Twist and turns surprise ending. Would read anything by this author."

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781538018804
Publisher: NOOK Press
Publication date: 03/03/2017
Series: Fast Draw , #1
Pages: 434
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.97(d)

About the Author

D.W. Collins is happy to have is his first novel now on Kindle and pring, and he is hard at work on his second. He is the great nephew of Ronald Davidson, screenwriter and Hollywood producer. His life started in 1970 in San Bernardino, Ca, growing up a shy boy, wondering why we're all here. What's this life all about? What could possibly have made all this? He'd look at comic books, never actually reading their stories. Never getting past his own imaginations of the characters, too impatient to read through. His impatience led him to many unfinished projects over his lifetime. The next thing always too interesting to leave til later. School was much a blur, as his classes were more of a time to daydream than to learn. As he became an adult, he decided that to make a living as a creator would be the only truly rewarding path. The Internet came along and give him the clay to mold his ideas. Internet startups, came and went, as he always lost interest in the present "thing". It wasn't until his Employee of The Month banquet, that he realized he could create stories. He wrote the skit for his group, a David Letterman skit. Dialogue and situations with characters formed to his surprise, and provided an inkling of his talent. But, it wasn't until he watched a video of Bob Munden, years later, performing his amazing fast-draw act, that gave him the idea for a story. He shared it with friends, and they thought it was cool. A couple of years later, he decided to put aside his current Internet project and just write it. In a little more than three months, he had a rough draft for Fast Draw. Newsletter signup: Twitter Page:

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