Father's Song

Father's Song

by Rhonda Hanson
Father's Song

Father's Song

by Rhonda Hanson


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Father's Song is book three in the "Father Series", and follows Father's Choice (book one) and Father's Wings (book two). Father's Song takes the reader once again into the lives of Nashville music mogul, Joel Etheridge, his wife, Meredith Etheridge, a well-known recording artist, songwriter and author, their long-time friend and producer, Perry Mitchell, and others from books one and two, that the reader has already come to know well. Delightful, new characters are skillfully woven into the story.

When she was nineteen-years-old, long before Meredith Clark came to Nashville and met Joel Etheridge, on her way to escape her hellish ordeal in New Orleans, she ended up stranded on the side of the highway in rural Caldwell Parish, Louisiana, and was taken in by Pastor Fred Blake, his wife, Miss Marcie, and their nine-year-old daughter, Carlyn. Meredith spent almost a year as a member of their family and made a lasting impression on little Carlyn, who is all grown up, now. She has come to Nashville to seek the Etheridge's help to rescue the publishing rights to her music, that an unscrupulous record label is claiming she signed over to them. Perry Mitchell has been tapped to work with Carlyn in the studio, to record her original music in order to build her catalog. Carlyn is quiet, humble, and painfully shy, until she plays her guitar, closes her eyes, and begins singing. Perry MItchell, whose greatest dread was that he would be saddled with having to work with some girl who was perky, is drawn in and admits to himself that whatever this lovely creature is, she is definitely not perky!

After years of resistance and now, with great reluctance, Meredith has finally penned the requested autobiography of a life she had thought had been put away, for good. What will "the Church" think of her, now? Is her career over? Will she, once again, find herself in the crosshairs of an attack? Meredith knows fully well that friendly fire is every bit as lethal as enemy aggression.

This third book in the Father series, Father's Song, weaves the final threads into this much loved tapestry. It reaches back across former years and hints at the years to come, with a bittersweet, lovely but final chord.

We take our last looks into the lives of Joel and Meredith and perhaps see a side of Father we weren't expecting. Does Father have a song? Meredith has always been sure that He does. She has heard Him singing lyrics from beyond a great distance, words just outside her understanding that have to be felt before they can be heard. But what is His song? Will she ever be allowed to know?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9798218345426
Publisher: Grace Under Pressure Publishing
Publication date: 12/31/2023
Series: Father , #3
Pages: 326
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.68(d)

About the Author

Rhonda Hanson is one of a pair of twins, the youngest of ten siblings, raised on Black Bayou in Louisiana. For much of her childhood, she lived without the luxuries of indoor plumbing and electricity and, growing up without the Internet, devices, or television, she was left to discover the exciting worlds that can only be discovered within the pages of a good book.She is a collector of vintage children's books, and is not embarrassed to admit that she will reread the same book over and over, if it makes her happy. Her own imagination began to be challenged at an early age, and she would pen practically anything and everything that fermented in her mind, much of which is sadly lost or left back in her youth, probably in some old trunk in someone's barn.Today, Rhonda is a novelist, recording artist, songwriter, musician and speaker, but her most crowning achievement is being "Grammy" to her two granddaughters. She spends her days in middle Tennessee, writing, convincing feral cats that the Hanson Hotel is open for business, bragging to anyone who will listen about her grandchildren and tearing all her MacBooks apart and rebuilding them, because of her stubborn refusal to upgrade.Her first completed novel was "Father's Choice", book one in the three-book Father series, followed by Father's Wings and Father's Song. Rhonda is also the author of a children's book, "The Adventures Of Pahwoo And Her Friends", which is the narrative of an ongoing bedtime story she regularly told her grandchildren, for a period of over seven years.
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