Feel the Rush: A Hard Feelings Novel

Feel the Rush: A Hard Feelings Novel

by Kelsie Leverich


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The New York Times bestselling author of The Valentine’s Arrangement continues her sizzling series with a new novel of a plan that goes awry—in the arms of a soldier....
Picking the wrong men is a talent Meagan Mitchell has perfected. She’s sweet, confident, beautiful— and single. With her thirtieth birthday sneaking up on her, she needs a new plan. No more Mr. Wrongs or Mr. Bads. It’s time to find Mr. Safe....
Army captain Reed Porter lives for the thrill—an Airborne Jumpmaster with a rush addiction. He’s sexy and playful, and he quickly tempts Meagan with his rich Southern drawl and sinful looks. But slowing down and settling down are not on his agenda, making him exactly the type of man Meagan wants to avoid.…
As their undeniable attraction heats up, Meagan has to decide if she’s willing to risk everything on a chance at love with a reckless charmer. Is she brave enough to bet her future—and her heart—on Mr. Thrill?  Or will Reed finally learn that the feeling of a safe landing is just as addicting as the rush of the fall?

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ISBN-13: 9780451466662
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 03/04/2014
Series: Hard Feelings Series
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 416
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.00(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Kelsie Leverich is the New York Times bestselling author of The Valentine’s Arrangement. She lives in Indiana with her husband, two children, and their three pets. When she’s not writing, you can usually find her out on the lake with friends and family or snuggling on the couch with her kids and a good book. She loves stories that can sweep you off your feet, make you fall in love, break your heart, and heal your soul.

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Praise for Feel the Rush:

“The perfect mix of emotion, humor, and romance.” –Kim Karr, author of Connected and Torn

Praise for The Valentine’s Arrangement:

“Sexy as hell and kept me up all night…. My favorite kind of hot."—New York Times Bestselling Author Abbi Glines

“Hot, sexy, and steamy....I was hooked from the first page.”—New York Times Bestselling Author Sydney Landon
“A sexy, steamy read served hot!”—Book Crush Book Reviews 
“I read it in one sitting and loved every minute of it.”—Books She Reads “It was everything I look for in a read, and more.”—Bella’s Book Bag “Blew my expectations…I could feel the sizzle in the pages.”—Into the Night Book Reviews

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Feel the Rush: A Hard Feelings Novel (InterMix) 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
mamalovestoread22 More than 1 year ago
This book was my introduction to Kelsie Leverich and after reading one chapter I knew she was a author I needed to know more about! Her books have a way of reaching out and grabbing your attention and holding on tight til the last page is turned. Reed is one of my all time favorite male characters, he is everything you want in a strong alpha male character, but also has a softer side that you catch glimpses of throughtout the story. I also really liked Meagans character and found her to be very relatable, and at times wished I was her...very lucky lady! This is a beautifully written story, that will leave you breathless, have you laughing at times, in tears at times, and keep your heart racing! I highly recommend you read this book, one of the best books I have ever read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love the way this written, the humour, well developed characters & when they finally get to it, steamy love scenes- Thank You!!!!
ValerieStuckInBooks More than 1 year ago
First Impressions... So I read this one while I was reading book three. I had loved The Valentine's Arrangement and wanted to read the rest so much. I had a tour post for book three and time got away from me so I was reading them together. It works really as all of these books can be read stand along. But what really worked out well for me was that I hadn't met Rafe in this book before I fell in love with him in A Beautiful Distraction. When I did meet him in this book, I already knew his story and my heart just hurt for him and I loved him. I'm glad I read it this way. I still need to read the novella Pretending She's His that comes between book 2 and book 3. It's all good because these books are, this series is really good. The Characters... Yes, I loved Rafe. I love Kale. I love Trevor. And I most definitely love Reed. Love all the guys in this series. Kelsie Leverich does such a great job creating those sexy guys in uniform - they're fierce, loyal and passionate. I love it when a girl captures their hearts. Best ever. As for Reed, he is my favorite. He's a thrill seeker and his job of jump instructor is perfect for him. But he's using the thrills to deal with the pain. He hides it well behind his easy going ways but that pain holds him back from the real thrills of life. Nothing I enjoy more than a story about a guy that's hurting and his heart melts for the girl he loves, healing his a $ $. I've decided the stories I love the most always have me loving both the guy and the girl. When I fall for them both and want to slap them silly for making their dumb mistakes, then I'm totally into the story. That's the case with this one. Megan is the reason. She's so sure of what her story is but she doesn't get it at all. This girl needs to figure things out with her own heart and she runs when things get hard. But when her bestie tells her like it is (LOVE Eva btw), she figures it out. Love that she needed that kick in the behind. Loved her. The Story... Reed and Meg's story is perfect. They are incredibly attracted to each other. One's resisting. Both are hurting. A little chasing. A little freaking out. A little running. A little figuring it out. A whole lot of healing. A whole lot of loving and sexy times. A great blend of seeing what's gonna happen and surprising me. This one is my favorite of the series and a sure 5 star read. Could I Put It Down... Okay, I did but not because I wanted to. And I read the last 2/3 straight through. Once these two gave into the kissing, I couldn't put it down at all. In The End... This is the best contemporary romance that I have read so far this year. It can be read stand alone and if you love good contemporary, then I would make sure this one is next.
AlwaysYAatHeart1 More than 1 year ago
4.5 Stars I became a total fan-girl of this series and this author when I read The Valentine's Arrangement, the first book in Kelsie Leverich's Hard Feelings Series.  Each book is a companion novel, and while part of a series, they can also be read as standalones.  We first met Meagan Mitchell briefly in The Valentine's Arrangement, and because of the situation and the role she played in that story, I wasn't really crazy about her, even though she really didn't do anything wrong.  Therefore, it took just a little while for me to get into her, but I have to say that I ended up totally loving her character.  Then there is Reed Porter, and I think he is my favorite guy out of all the guys in this series so far.  There is just something about a hot military guy who is sexy, fun, and has and whose words spoke with that sexy southern drawl can melt your panties off - and Reed Porter is exactly that kind of guy.  He gives a whole  new meaning to the endearment "Sugar," and every time I hear that used from now on, I know I am going to remember him and this book.   Though she's beautiful and an all-around great girl, Meagan Mitchell hasn't had a very good track record with men, at all.  She has a certain dream for her life and now that she is about to turn 30, she feels her time is running short to achieve it.  She's looking for a man who is "safe," because all those hot bad boys have caused her nothing but heartache.  After being convinced by her BFF to move to a new town, the last person Meagan expects to run into is Reed Porter, and even worse, he doesn't even remember her, which both infuriates her and makes her sad.  She's determined to avoid him, but Reed has other plans.  While he doesn't do relationships, he most certainly does pretty blondes, and he really, really wants to do Meagan.  There is something about her that is different, drawing him to her, something he has never felt before, and something he has to figure out.  Reed also has been scared by a tragic event in has past, which is part of the reason he is the way he is, and why he does the things he does.   The romance was, as Kelsie Leverich puts it on her web-site, is most definitely "toe -curling," filled with chemistry, passion, and is an all around captivating story that commands your attention from beginning to end.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching the relationship develop between Meagan and Reed, and their characters both rocked the story.  The secondary characters were also well written and fun to get to know, adding so much to the story, while setting up the scene for the next book in the series, Beautiful Distraction.  Feel The Rush met and then surpassed my expectations, and I must say the bar was set high after reading the first book in the series.  If you love contemporary romance, then Feel The Rush and the entire Hard Feelings Series is something you won't want to miss.  
Justpeachy1 More than 1 year ago
Kelsie Leverich continues her Hard Feelings series, with the second book, Feel the Rush. Most readers can identify with the idea that life doesn't always turn out the way we think it will or want it to and this book takes that idea and runs with it. The main character is reaching a milestone in her life and realizes that life isn't how she wants it to be. She decides it's time for a change and readers are taken along for the ride. Leverich does a spectacular job of wringing emotion from the reader, whether it's happiness or sadness or longing, this author knows how to draw it out of you! A great addition to the series. What I liked: Meagan is turning thirty and realizes that life isn't going the way she imagined it. She has been going from one failed relationship to the next, always ending up with the wrong kind of guy. The one who only wants one night or the one who has no interest in settling down. And now she wants more. I think a lot of readers can identify with that. She wants a fresh start and she gets it by moving to Georgia, but she also comes into contact with a man from her past, Reed, who was a former one night stand and totally not the kind of guy she is looking for now. Leverich portrays Meagan as woman on a mission. She is independent but she doesn't want to be. She wants to settle down and have the perfect life she dreams about. I totally get that and I thought she was a perfect character. Reed is the epitome of Mr. Wrong where Meagan is concerned. He's an Army Jumpmaster. A thrill seeker. He lives on the edge and has no intention of changing his trajectory until he and Meagan re-establish a relationship. He doesn't even remember her. That was kind of ego-busting, but it worked. Leverich knows how to write a sexy male lead. He has all the qualities that women like, but doesn't want to settle down. He's strong and capable. He has a love for his friends and his country. He is handsome... but he isn't looking for a stable relationship, or so he thinks. I liked seeing him change his idea of what he wanted out of life. Not necessarily because of Meagan but because of the changes she brings about in his life. One of my favorite parts of this book, was the blending of Meagan and Reed's friends. The chemistry between this couple is phenomenal and they may be opposites, but the attraction is palpable. What was interesting was how Leverich took Reed's Army buddies and Meagan's friends and used them to bring these two together. They created a family for both characters that helped the book to flow and move at a good pace. I look forward to possibly seeing some of these characters get their own stories.  What I didn't like: The build up to an actual relationship between these two characters, was a slow process. The love scenes were hot and spicy and readers get to see them together physically a lot, before their emotions kick in. I know that's generally how it goes in real life, but I wanted a more soulful connection between these two early on. However, when it did come, it was amazing so, I can't say I have much to complain about. Bottom Line: Leverich has a knack for bringing the reader to tears, both of joy and of pain. There is a lot more going on in this book, than just your typical love story. I don't cry often where books are concerned because I am a bit jaded and think I've read it all. Kelsie Leverich proved that I hadn't. A very good book!
chucha_13 More than 1 year ago
"She wanted to find Mr. Safe, but instead, Mr. Thrill came barging into her life." Meagan Mitchell was hitting the big three-oh faster than she had ever anticipated, and she was on a full panic alert as she haven’t reached yet her five-year goal. All her life, she was always a magnet for Mr. Wrongs, and Mr. Bads – she did have a talent for picking up the wrong man. She is a one heck of a package – anyone would be lucky to have her, now why is she still single? She was tired of meaningless hook-ups and one night stands, she wanted someone who is in for a long term. Then came Reed Porter. "Sometimes, the things we’re afraid of, the things that scare us the most, are the things that give us the biggest rush." It was a very, very small world. Adrenaline junkie army captain Reed Porter lives for the thrill. He wanted to experience the RUSH all the time, it was his drug of choice. His bucket list is to die for (literally!), and settling down wasn’t on the list. "If it doesn’t make you hold your breath and shut your eyes the moment before you do it, then it’s not worth doing." I like his character because he was sexy, and a one heck of a tease. I like watching Meagan fight her attraction against him – but I know, just from the time that they have seen each other (again?), that she was a goner. How long will she be able to fight it? She wanted someone safe, someone with a goal parallel to hers, but when their chemistry blows out of proportion, how will she be able to handle it? The attraction and the chemistry was undeniable, they had the HOTS for each other – but Meagan was adamant that she needed someone SAFE, someone ready to be her partner in fulfilling her goals, her ovaries are about to expire, and she was tired of her mom pressuring her! When Reed tried a compromise, will she be finally willing to risk her heart and her future for Mr. Thrill? I understand her panic attack, her obsession with the big three-oh, and her desperation of doing things that she thought she needed to do. But what I don’t like about Meagan is when she agreed to the compromise and suddenly wanted out because she was scared of things, her past was holding her back, and she was experiencing pain. She wasn’t willing to take the risk, when Reed, at that point that he gave in to a compromise was taking a risk as well. I sooooo love Eva, she’s dear friend who is not afraid to speak her mind and call out BS when she sees one. She cared enough for the happiness of Meagan to tell her things that she NEEDED to hear, not what she WANTED to hear, and I loved her for it. Her character was just very cool, and carefree (I wish she’d rub off some one Meagan) and I can’t wait to read her story next! I can still feel the Reed rushing through my veins. He was one HOT book boyfriend that made my night today. He can be sweet too – the EPILOGUE? If you think you could not love Reed more, you HAVE TO READ the epilogue, because Reed’s words were just swoon worthy. I know he can be sweet, and a tease, but I never thought that he can be perfect as well. This is my first Kelsie Leverich novel, and I was just amazed by it. Why I haven’t read one of her novels before, I had no idea, but I won’t let another one pass after reading this one.  ¿ARC Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.¿
Andreat78 More than 1 year ago
"Sometimes, the things we're afraid of...the things that scare us the most, are the things that give us the biggest rush." In The Valentine's Arrangement, Megan Mitchell lost the guy. The guy she didn't even realize she wanted to be hers until he was gone. Now she's facing down the fact she's turning thirty soon, and her life isn't where she thought it would be at this point. She wants a family, the husband and kids and a happy, safe life. When the opportunity comes for her to make a big change, Megan takes the risk, bringing her front-and-center with a face from the past, Reed Porter. Reed is a daredevil. He's an Army Jumpmaster, a thrill seeker who lives for the moments on the edge. While it may seem that he's in it for the fun, a tragedy has pushed Reed to seek all those moments, whether it's white water rafting, paragliding, or even wing walking (excuse me...NO.) So while Megan is looking for the fairy tale happy ending, Reed is just looking for a happy ending. He'll give Megan right now, but won't promise forever. Feel the Rush is a really good second chance romance. Though the premise isn't a new one, Leverich really made it work. Her characterizations of Megan and Reed were very in-depth, so I always knew exactly where they were coming from, and why. Megan's longing to have it all was palpable; her understanding for Reed's feelings was admirable. She never pushed him for what he wouldn't give, but she didn't settle for less than what she deserved. Reed's reluctance could've made him seem like an ass, but he was just so nice and so honest that even though he frustrating, I just got it. Throughout the story, especially on the back end, the two do begin to learn some lessons about life and love, particularly about expectations and letting go of what holds you back. And the attraction between these two? Good lord, it was hot. Reed played Megan's body like a prized instrument. He spoke in time with the pleasure he was giving her body, telling her word for word what he was doing, and it was the hottest thing a man had ever done to her. But when that lush, thick voice was combined with his mouth and his hands and his body--all on her, all at once--it made for a combination that not only created shivers that shook her to her core, but it made her not want to slip and fall, it made her want to jump. He was taking her someplace she couldn't reach, but when she got there, she would definitely jump. I liked Feel the Rush so much, even more than book one. This one had a lot of heart, a lot of steam, and a couple of moments that had me tearing up. I love nothing more than a good romance that has me invested in the happy ever after. There's good set up for the next novella and novel in the series. I'm finding myself enjoying the Hard Feelings series so much, and am more than happy to recommend it.
magencorrie More than 1 year ago
My, oh, my! 4 stars our of 5.  I enjoyed this book so much! Not only because the main character’s name was so eerily similar to mine, or the fact that the story was such an endearing read. No, it was because this book was just plain amazing! I fall in love with Kelsie’s writing when I read her first book, The Valentine’s Arrangement, which was this sexy and steamy read. So, being able to read another book by her, another smexy read, well, I couldn't pass that opportunity up! By the first chapter, I knew I was going to really enjoy this book. And I was right; it was the perfect kind of naughty pleasure read that I love getting lost in from time to time. Plus, it features sexy men in uniforms. What warm blooded woman could resist a man in uniform!!??!  Well, Feel the Rush had that and more. Meagen was a strong character, the ones I just love to read about; one that can definitely stand on their own. Plus, she had that sarcastic attitude that I can’t help enjoy.  Even though she’s kind of going through a life crisis, I thought Meagen was a very well written character. She was also so strong, and a very caring person.  I also can’t forget her two cats; I loved their names so much! Harry and Weasley! So a smexy read can’t be a smexy read unless there is a smexy guy. Well girls, let’s enter Reed! I fall for his character immediately.  It wasn't only because I could picture him in a uniform, and he looked damn good by the way, but because he was also a strong, and caring guy. I loved that he put others way before himself.  He never really thought about his well-being  he put everyone else first. Feel the Rush is also written in 3rd person, which I’m not a very big fan of, but Kelsie does it perfect. She writes in a way that I’m still able to get lost within the pages and experience everything right there with the characters. I also loved that the book switched POVs between the Meagen and Reed, being about to get inside both character's heads was an endearing experience. I loved seeing how they saw each other. The steamy sexy scenes were, well, steamy and sexy! They were just the right kind of naughty that I like. It was pure and beautiful in a lot of ways, too. I definitely experienced a lot of emotions while reading this book, and though I wanted to cry at points, yell at the characters at times, or just squish them with love, I enjoyed every emotion I experienced. The story and plot were well done, and even though I did predict a certain event, it didn't really take much away from the story. Kelsie was still able to surprise me.  Now, I did feel like the story dragged during the middle of the book, but that didn’t last very long. Other than that, I found the pacing good and Kelsie’s story telling amazing. I actually enjoyed Feel the Rush a bit more than I did The Valentine’s Arrangement. I definitely recommend this book if you love a good smexy read, or if you love to experience a sweet and endearing love story.  *ARC received from the author in exchange for an honest review*
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Qtpiehnync More than 1 year ago
Kelsie did it again with this love story.  She had me as an instant fan after The Valentines Arrangement and now after Feel the Rush she has left me speechless. Meagan needs Mr. Safe, a 29 year old getting ready to turn 30 is ready to settle down and have the life she always dreamed of.   Getting married, having 2.5 kids, and a white picket fence but she has always dated all the Mr. Wrongs.  After moving away from New York to Georgia with her best friend she quickly meets Mr. Drop Dead Gorgeous sex on a stick Reed, and that’s when everything starts. Let’s talk about Reed for a bit.  First off he is military so he already owns a piece of my heart.  He is sexy as sin and basically sex on a stick.  He is confident but not in a cocky let me gag myself kind of way.  He is caring and passionate and in the bedroom has a dominate side that we all love.  He will capture you from the very beginning and leave you wanting him after the book ends.   Although at times he made me feel like I wanted to beat the crap out of something he made me so mad. He still holds my heart.   He was an easy character to cling too because everything that he had gone through you felt yourself feeling compassion for him.   He makes mistakes and isn’t afraid of emitting to them.  He is a bit stubborn but he works on that throughout the book as well.   The part that pulled me in the most was his fear of happiness and love.  He was scared to admit to himself exactly what he wanted and deserved because he didn’t think he deserved any of it. “I was scared of letting you down.  But when you walked away from me tonight, the consequence hit me hard.  That consequence was you – losing you.” Reed is an adrenaline grabber and his live by the seat of your pants and try everything dangerous and risky life doesn’t fit well into Meagan’s safe plan of keeping her heart intact and keeping her feet on the ground.  Although the attraction is there and undeniable she can’t risk that much of herself on the unknown because according to her, she isn’t getting any younger.   “What’s better than feeling your heart beating so hard in your chest that you can’t breathe, feeling you adrenaline pumping through your veins?  It’s the unknown – it’s a rush,” I think Kelsie did an excellent job with showing us the magic that was created between these two characters and how much they clearly wanted/needed each other even though at times they didn’t realize it.  Kelsie didn’t make their relationship easy in the beginning because Reed and Meagan were like night and day.  Meagan wanted and needed different things in her live that she  wasn’t willing to budge on and Reed was at a different point in his life where he wasn’t ready to settle down and do the domestic thing.    Reading this book and experiencing the ups and downs, back and forth, ins and outs that are Reed and Meagan made me feel like I was riding a roller coaster. AND I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT. There were also times when I wanted to ring Meagan’s neck for the decisions she made because I knew in the end it would only hurt the person she truly cared about.  I think she too was scared because although she kept telling herself that Reed wasn’t Mr. Safe knew her body and even her heart told her to take that chance.  I got that she was scared because she was tired of picking all the wrong guys but I was also pissed at her with how she handled different things.  My heart broke for Reed. “And what about my heart, huh?  What, you just f___ing used me as your goddamned stepping-stone until your future husband comes knocking at your door?  What? Tell me, Meg!  What was running through your head when you wrapped your arms around me and told me you wanted a go at this?  Because I sure as ____don’t know anymore!” So let me cover the basis.  We have hot stubborn girl = check; hot stubborn steamy military man = check, check; a chemistry that is beyond amazing and electric = check, check, check; an amazing author Kelsie Leverich who can take 2 hot and stubborn characters and give them a story that you will NEVER forget = CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK!!!  Yep I think we have it all.  You will LOVE  this story – I promise.  I couldn’t put it down and it would be a shame to not experience the crazy roller coaster ride that is Reed and Meagan, so grab yourself a copy and Feel the Rush!
micharch More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed Meagan and Reed's story and found the plot to be interesting enough to keep me reading when I had other things to do. I would recommend it.
dmrobinson More than 1 year ago
3.5 Stars Feel the Rush is one of those stories that you can sink into and fall in love with the characters. I felt their pain, their intensity, their love, and their emotional ups and downs. Although I did not read The Valentine's Arrangement, which is part of this series and comes before Feel the Rush, I never felt like I was missing anything or not understanding something. If anything, the references made me want to know what happened in that story! In Feel the Rush, I was instantly transported into Meagan's life and that of her friends. Meg is facing a milestone birthday and not exactly excited about it. Her life plan has not exactly worked out as she expected it to. She decides to start fresh and finds herself face to face with Reed Porter, a soldier who lives life on the edge of an adrenaline rush...and too close to it for Meagan's liking. But the intense draw between them is undeniable. I loved watching their relationship unfold (and hey, the sexy times are pretty hot too!). I really felt the back and forth that happens between what you think you need, what you think you should do, and what your heart is telling you is the right thing to do. Both Meagan and Reed are dealing with some ghosts from their pasts that impact their potential future. With Feel the Rush, I found myself wondering how those ghosts from the past can be put to rest and whether Meg and Reed will have a chance at a future together. Kelsie Leverich had me rooting for them, hurting for them, and cheering for them.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Kelsie Leverich has quickly become one of my favorite authors. I LOVED The Valentine's Arrangement and although I was disappointed to learn that Ronnie and Kale's story would not continue on as originally planned, I was still interested to read what Kelsie had in store for Meagan.  Wow...Feel The Rush blew me away. It's funny because even though I liked the book from the very beginning, it really grabbed onto me about halfway through the book and didn't let go until long after the ending. OMG....LOVED LOVED LOVED the epilogue~so damn good it just about killed me!!! lol Feel The Rush was so much more than I expected. There were so many little things that made this story so enjoyable that I couldn't get enough. Such an emotional story once you really got to know Reed and Meagan. But it was also filled with a lot of laughter and some twists that I had not expected. Kelsie definitely made this couple work for their HEA.  Reed *sigh* I wasn't sure about him at first. He was cocky, funny, charming, and sexy as hell. But I kept alternating between loving him and wanting to kick him in his junk. I felt bad for him for the way his parents treated him and also about his brother. That whole thing really got me. I loved how protective and jealous he was with Meagan and of course I LOVED the sparks that ignited off of them when they were together. Reed won me over and I totally fell in love with him. He did some really sweet things to prove himself to Meagan!! I really liked Meagan even though I think she gave Reed a hard time. She was smart and funny and I loved how she was so caring of everyone. My heart ached for her with the whole Daniel situation and at several other points in the story.  And I couldn't forget about the sex ~ against the wall, in the shower ~ you get the picture!! ;) lol  There was also a great set of secondary characters that I am hoping to read more about. A great addition to a series that continues to entertain and has me looking forward to so much more. This is definitely a favorite of mine.  ***ARC provided by Kelsie Leverich and Berkley/NAL, Penguin Group USA through NetGalley. Thanks so much!!   Mariann at belle's Book Bag
Anonymous More than 1 year ago