Fighting Infertility: Finding My Inner Warrior Through Trying to Conceive, IVF, and Miscarriage

Fighting Infertility: Finding My Inner Warrior Through Trying to Conceive, IVF, and Miscarriage

by Samantha Busch
Fighting Infertility: Finding My Inner Warrior Through Trying to Conceive, IVF, and Miscarriage

Fighting Infertility: Finding My Inner Warrior Through Trying to Conceive, IVF, and Miscarriage

by Samantha Busch


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Samantha Busch uses her voice to break the silence that surrounds the infertility community in this raw and relatable account of her journey with IVF, loss, and faith.

Samantha Busch, wife of NASCAR champion Kyle Busch, knows the thrill of the racing circuit, but she also knows the heartache and despair of infertility. She shares both in this honest and relatable account where faith, family, love, and loss intersect.

As Samantha’s and Kyle’s public lives grew more pronounced, their private life was being torn apart. The frustrations and uncertainty of their fertility problems took a toll on them as individuals and as a couple, creating a cyclone of emotions that threatened everything they had worked so hard for. Through these trials, they learned how to build a stronger relationship, foster a deeper faith, and find humor through the tears. They also discovered a passion for helping other couples gain access to fertility treatments.

In this memoir, Samantha uses her voice to break the silence and stigma that surround the infertility community. She details her battle with infertility, including her IVF experience, her miscarriage, a failed cycle, and the overwhelming grief and depression that surrounded these obstacles. By sharing practical advice as well as candid and inspiring stories of her journey, she provides support, validation, community, and education for others experiencing similar tribulations.

Fighting Infertility is an opportunity to feel understood, to gain strength through the struggle, and to ignite your inner warrior.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780757323836
Publisher: Health Communications, Incorporated
Publication date: 03/30/2021
Pages: 272
Sales rank: 434,930
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Samantha Busch is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, lifestyle blogger, IVF advocate, philanthropist, and co-owner of a professional race team. After marrying two-time NASCAR Cup Champion Kyle Busch in 2010, Samantha jumped headfirst into the racing world, traveling 38 weekends a year with the NASCAR circuit. During this time, she started a lifestyle blog to connect with other women and eventually accumulated her own following. She is dedicated to raising awareness about infertility, running her blog and clothing boutique, traveling the country to cheer her husband on at his races, and raising their son Brexton.

Table of Contents

Part I Our Story

1 Life Comes Crashing to a Halt 3

2 Destined to Be 11

3 All Roads Lead to New Beginnings 21

4 Engaging 27

5 Planned to Perfection 31

6 When Two Become One 37

7 Deciding to Become Three 45

8 Baby on the Brain 51

9 Practice Doesn't Make Perfect 57

10 Trying Times 63

11 The Clomid Crazies 73

12 REACHing Out 79

13 Needles, Needles Everywhere 91

14 Exceeding Eggspectations 99

15 Baby Finally on Board 107

16 Keeping Secrets 115

17 Pregnancy-Is This Normal? 119

18 Crashing Down 127

19 Road to Recovery 137

20 Called to Make a Difference 147

21 Pushing Forward 151

22 Making Brexton a Big Brother 159

23 Crimson Tears 167

24 Painful Hope 173

25 Shattered Dreams 177

26 Inconsolable 181

27 Where Paths Cross 189

28 Planting Remembrance 193

29 Imploding and Rebuilding 199

30 Good Things Come in Threes 205

31 How to Give a Yourself a Shot 211

32 Champion 217

33 Resulting Fury 221

34 Another New Frontier 227

Part II Advice

Taking Care of Yourself 237

Adjusting to Your New Normal 238

Managing Stress 241

Coping with a Failed Cycle 242

Finding Closure for a Miscarriage 243

Looking at Life Through a Different Lens 244

Managing Relationships 247

Understanding Your Partner 247

Other Tips for Your Marriage During Infertility 250

What Not to Say to Someone Struggling with Infertility 252

Finding Your Tribe 255

Be Your Own Best Advocate 256

Epilogue 261

About the Author 263

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