Findhorn Spirit Oracle Cards

Findhorn Spirit Oracle Cards

by Swan Treasure
Findhorn Spirit Oracle Cards

Findhorn Spirit Oracle Cards

by Swan Treasure

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An elemental-inspired card deck of powerful energetic transmissions from the spirit world, received in the Findhorn gardens and sanctuaries

• Includes 44 touch-drawing cards depicting spirit beings, for energy activation

• Contains a booklet with messages from the nature spirits of each card to guide and inspire integrity, dignity, harmony, and co-creation with nature

• For each card, shares a spiritual practice to connect and align with the timeless wisdom and wonder of the unseen realms and to reclaim wholeness

The Findhorn community has cultivated a loving partnership with the subtle realms since its very beginning when one of the founders, Dorothy Maclean (1920-2020), began communicating with the devic world in the original Findhorn gardens. Following this lineage of communication with nature and the elemental beings, the Findhorn Spirit Oracle Cards were brought to life in the Findhorn gardens and sanctuaries through a special technique called touch-drawing. In a meditative state, artist Swan Treasure simply allowed the images to appear from her hands onto paper, trusting the powerful energy that asked to be made visible. It was only once all 44 of the touch-drawings were done that their purpose as an elemental-inspired oracle deck became evident.

Each card depicts a spirit being as they chose to reveal themselves, in order to pass on wisdom to help us navigate these times of transition. The cards function as energy activators and, through their messages and energies, offer support, companionship, and practical guidance that can be applied to the challenges of daily life. They can also assist us in establishing and deepening a partnership with the divine. Divided into 6 groups following the directions of the medicine wheel, the cards share the community principles of co-creation with nature, inner listening, and love in action that inspire life in Findhorn.

A longer message connected to the essence of the elemental depicted can be found in the accompanying booklet. It also offers a suggestion for a spiritual practice to open communication and engage more deeply with the nature spirits. The cards call us to express a greater sensitivity toward all creation; to slow down, open our hearts, and fine-tune our perceptions to retrace our steps to a more authentic, alive, and lighter living on this planet. A potent tool for fine-tuning our intuitive senses as well as for self-discovery and healing, this deck is your invitation to reclaim wholeness and open to co-creation with the subtle realms. May it bring joy and light to your path.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781644113745
Publisher: Inner Traditions/Bear & Company
Publication date: 03/01/2022
Pages: 160
Product dimensions: 4.00(w) x 5.50(h) x 1.40(d)

About the Author

Swan Treasure is an art therapist, life coach, NLP master, and systemic constellator. She enjoys living in affinity with the spirit world and is passionate about assisting people to discover their soul alignment and fully engage their creativity. An artist and writer, Swan lives in the Findhorn Community, Scotland.

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A message from the Subtle Beings appearing in this deck:

We wish to celebrate all of the readers, the healers, the alternative therapists, and the subtle activists who are called to take a stand for the elevation of human consciousness. You are doing an awesome act of service. Receive our love and abundant blessings! Thank you making yourself available as channels for Earth healing. We honor you.


The pictures on these cards came through in the week following the Co Creative Spirituality Conference of 2018 at the Findhorn Foundation, using a meditative technique called touch drawing. No pencils or brushes are used while drawing, only the touch of hands and nails on tissue paper placed on a board on top of colors.

Many of the Spirit Beings who were invited during that time to actively participate in co creation with humans made themselves available and accessible.

The messages that have been channeled in connection with each of the spirit beings depicted in the cards encourage us to reconnect with our essential nature, to open our awareness to new realities, to activate our full vital energy and engage our power of co creation with the divine in wholeness and the joy of partnership with the subtle realms.

They can also serve as a way to establish a deeper relationship with part of our consciousness that tends to be excluded or forgotten.

If you have been drawn to this deck trust that it isn’t by chance...the subtle realms are enticing you!

Each image on the cards represents a spirit being that has made itself visible in a specific shape suitable to be understood by human consciousness, and is ready to connect with you.

For this purpose a finely tuned instrument is needed: our human body, which also gives us the ability and privilege of taking inspired action to create a world in which all can live in dignity; a world where being is valued as much as doing.

The founders of the Findhorn Foundation often talked about bringing Heaven on Earth, and having a spiritual practice is part of this endeavor. Through practice we refine our communication channels and are able to attune to the subtle dimensions of reality.

Our essential nature is akin to a gentle openness, a spaciousness, a state of flow and relaxation. We mostly find these qualities when we live a heart-centered life.

Therefore many of the practices suggested on individual cards prompt us to daring sensitivity and tenderness for all creation, to slowing down and fine tuning our perceptions, to recognizing and embracing our Self in many forms, expressing ourselves with authenticity and discovering the blessing that we are when we live lightly upon this planet.


CONCEPTION—The Landscape Angel

Know that you didn’t come into existence by pure chance. You were conceived before you were made in a moment of magnificent potential. And all the natural forms around you were designed by infinite intelligence. Connect with me.

I bring you the invitation to remember the original impulse that called you into being on this planet and to actualize the dream to which you belong.

I promise to keep sustaining you as you courageously walk your path.

Thank you for your deep listening, for your willingness to co-create with the spirit realms and to live intentionally.

Much work is needed to rebalance a natural system that has been upset by human delusions of grandeur. And much play too!

The soul’s yearning to self-expression is alive in every breath you take.

Share the gifts you bring, share your uniqueness. Together let’s consciously manifest the destiny of humankind.

Focus: dialogue, co-creation, self-expression

Practice: Go for a walk in nature. Breathe deeply, fill your lungs with fresh air.

Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed and in your own way ask the Landscape Angel of your area to connect with you. Then simply stand wherever you are, opening for connection with your environment. When you are ready, gently, softly whisper your name as if you were introducing yourself to the Subtle realms. Play with different ways of saying your name until you feel you have been heard. Then stop and wait for an answer which may come in many forms: a sound, a physical sensation, words...

COURAGE—The Stormy One

I am the Stormy One. At this time you are called to make important choices.

Do not procrastinate for everything is moving into perfect alignment and a portal to a new experience of existence is opening.

Remember your original vision, the dream that brought you to this Earth and take a decisive step in that direction.

Hear the voices of the ones who came before you rejoicing in your courage, in your willingness, and aliveness. Know that you are loved. Follow your passions, do not hold back.

This is also the time to shed anything that has become obsolete, any toxic relationships, excess weight, unsatisfying work, self-destructive habits.

The choice is yours to make and I am here to offer assistance. Do not resist change. Even the strongest storm will subside.

Move toward that which brings you greater joy and fulfillment.

Focus: release, willingness, passion,

Practice: Reconnect with your ancestors. Remember them and see if one of them is particularly close to you right now, say anything you need to say to them, make peace, receive their blessings. If you can take a journey to a special place where your ancestral connections are rooted. Or find a meaningful photo to have near you.

Feel your ancestors love for you, ask them to give you strength. Ask for support if needed, be open to receive it.

JOY—The Radiant One

I am the Radiant One, perfectly expressed in each moment, shining like the light of a thousand suns. Join me in the dance of creation, live your divine self-expression!

You are the focal point through which the divine is experiencing itself in its unique beauty and the cause of all that you experience, there is nothing outside you.

You are the only point of power in existence from which all the circumstances in your life are manifested, beware of imaging external authorities.

You are the star and the director in the movie of your life, so shine bright and let the glory of your creation fill the world.

Celebrate yourself and the unfolding of time.

Grounded in light, express your delight for the gifts that are constantly given. Participate. Find joy in community.

Focus: creation, authority, community

Practice: Take your joy deeper and higher by giving yourself the gift of creative self-expression. Explore music, dancing, art making, theatre, through active participation. You may like to find a class you can attend to support the unfoldment of your creativity. Share your joy with others through creativity. Actively search for your creative tribe or if you are already part of one honor it with a special celebration.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Thomas Miller
Co-creative Spirituality
The Medicine Wheel
The Practice of Tuning In to Frequencies
How to Use These Cards
The Meaning of Special
Cards Card Layouts and Types of Readings
Examples of Readings


Conception - The Landscape Angel

Change - Guardian of the Currents
Awakening - Spirit of Revelation
Delicacy - Spirit of Playfulness
Harmony - Soul Family
Tenderness - Spirit of Wholeness
Trust - Spirit of Openness
Precision - Butterfly Spirit

Generosity - Guardian of Substance
Abundance - The Exuberant One
Appreciation - Spirit of Gratitude
Joy - The Radiant One
Service - Spirit of Satisfaction
Sustenance - Medicine Making
Freedom - Daffodil Spirit

Fulfilment - Guardian of the Wild Grasses
Assurance - Spirit of Creation
Confidence - Spirit of Honesty
Love - Spirit of Reconciliation
Stability - Crossing the Threshold
Wonder - Spirit of Beauty
Boundaries - Snake Spirit

Purity - Guardian of the Waterfall
Awareness - Spirit of Attention
Clarity - Mountain Spirit
Courage - The Stormy One
Initiation - Entering the Temple
Intimacy - Tree Spirit
Intuition - Cat Spirit

Self-Love - Guardian of Timelessness
Alchemy - Meeting the Magician
Compassion - Spirit of Companionship
Dignity - Spirit of Abiding Peace
Rejuvenation - Spirit of Endurance
Victory - Spirit of Inclusivity
Healing - White Rose Spirit

Transcendence - Guardian of Transmutation
Belonging - Spirit of Receptivity
Defensiveness - The Little One Hiding Integrity - Parting of the Veil Resourcefulness - Sea Spirit
Vitality - The Fierce One Storytelling - Horse Spirit
Blessings - The Angel of Findhorn


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