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Finding Amy: A True Story of Murder in Maine

Finding Amy: A True Story of Murder in Maine

4.5 9
by Joseph K. Loughlin, Kate Clark Flora

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A dedicated policeman and a former assistant attorney general unveil a woman's murder-and the investigation that changed one Maine city forever.


A dedicated policeman and a former assistant attorney general unveil a woman's murder-and the investigation that changed one Maine city forever.

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher
“Loughlin’s recorded entries about the case—his thoughts, emotions and reactions to the investigation—amplify Flora’s straightforward but potent narrative as detectives search for the grave, find it (about halfway through the book) and build a case against a leading suspect. This is a feast for proceduralists, giving countless small details of the work-a-day slogging involved, an effort that leads the department to make good on the mystery, catching Amy’s murderer, and making the case stick.”—Publishers Weekly

“The tale is brimming with insights about police procedure, jurisdictional disputes, and politics. Over and over again, real life trumps fiction. For instance, after a five-hour standoff, the suspect surrenders one of his guns for a soda, the other for a cigarette. Put that in a novel and no one would believe it . . . The reader is never allowed to lose sight of the humanity of the victim, a young girl who accepted a ride from the wrong guy, then had the temerity to say no and mean it.”—Boston Globe

“Readers of true crime will find this chronological tale of the search for Amy and her killer especially compelling because of the personal account of Loughlin, who was lieutenant of the Criminal Investigation Department when Amy disappeared. Loughlin’s journal, woven into Flora’s painstaking recreation of the work of the detectives, highlights the intense discussions that took place among the key players and gives readers a look at the slow, steady progress of real detectives on a real case. There are no ‘CSI solutions’ that wrap up the case in a conveniently short time. There are no magic findings of DNA. What takes place in this true story is the passionate belief that they will find Amy, bring her killer to justice, and give closure to her family and to the people of Maine.”—Foreword

“This is one of the best true crime stories to be published in recent years...This book should reaffirm the public’s faith in the police, prosecutors, and Maine’s judicial system.”—Brunswick Times Record

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What People are Saying About This

Gary Braver
“What distinguishes Finding Amy from other books of true-crime reporting are the two intertwined narratives. The captivating whodunit storyline of noted mystery author Kate Clark Flora is interspersed with the sobering and sometimes moving first-person behind-the-scenes log of Captain Joseph K. Loughlin who headed up the search for Amy and her killer. The result is a highly compelling read from the opening page to the bittersweet final lines. This is true-crime reporting at its best.”
Margaret Press
“A remarkable chronicle of the search for a young woman that brought together multiple jurisdictions in an extraordinarily cooperative and focused effort. Loughlin and Flora give us a compelling and moving behind-the-scenes window on the investigation, trial, and—most of all—the impact of Amy’s story on the lives and hearts of the investigators.”

Meet the Author

CAPTAIN JOSEPH K. LOUGHLIN is a twenty-four-year veteran of the Portland (Maine) Police Department. KATE CLARK FLORA is a former assistant attorney general for the state of Maine and the author of seven mystery novels. She is a past international president of the mystery writer's organization, Sisters in Crime.

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Finding Amy 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
LolaRose More than 1 year ago
A beautiful young woman vanishes into thin air and two suspects are investigated, but no body is found. This is interesting because it shows how detectives piece together an investigation where no body exists, witnesses are either transients or young people who were drinking or doing drugs at the time of the victim's disappearance. What is different about this story is the fact that the MPD employs unorthodox methods to locate the burial site and bring the narcissistic killer to justice.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Once I started reading this book, it was hard to put down. I must confess the reason I first became interested in this book was because I personally know one of the detectives involved in solving this case. I'm usually not into reading murder/mysteries, but this book was really well put together. It really was interesting to see how the police and detectives put it all together, and how it affects their personal lives as well. It was heartwarming to see the respect they had for the victim and her family. I would definitely recommend this book. I have already given a copy to my daughter, and I am giving another copy to my best friend who is coming to visit soon from out of state.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a heartbreaking true story of an innocent life taken way too soon, and the determined, dedicated law enforcement officers who sought justice for her. I thought this book was very interesting and different from most true crime books I've read, in that you actually heard from the point of view of a Lieutenant who worked on the case. I recommend it to any true crime fan. RIP Amy...
Guest More than 1 year ago
I finished Finding Amy book in just 2 days - I couldn't put it down. The authors did a superb job with the story - it was factual but also caring and emotional at the same time. My college age daughter is reading it next and my visiting college age niece is in line to read it when my daughter is done. Congrats to Captain Loughlin and Kate Clark Flora for a job well done!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Well written book, so sad a beautiful life was taken..
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is for a great cause as well. I felt the storytelling followed by the actual detective/prosecuter was redundant, one or the other would have been good. Overall, this book was written well, and defitely a eorthwhile read.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a wonderful collaboration by the authors. The description of the police process during the case and the emotions of those involved are skillfully interwoven (it sure kept me interested in the story). If you have ever had a lost child, even for just a short time, you have some inkling of what Amy's family went through. The story shows not just the strength and courage of Amy's family in dealing with this tragedy, but the cooperation of several different law enforcement agencies (I did not know they were territorial until I read this book). This is definitely a thought provoking book. I found myself wondering what I could do to ensure my children's safety outside of the house. Amy was a very special young lady who touched so many lives and will probably continue to do so. Read the book and discover why the detectives who worked the case refer to Amy as 'Our Amy'.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago