Fire War

Fire War

by T. T. Michael


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ISBN-13: 9781517180744
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/01/2015
Pages: 230
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.48(d)

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Fire War 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
T.T. Micheal has written a world with a worrisome future--one where most personal freedoms have vanished. Anthony Jackson has been tasked with protecting the president of the United Continental States of America (a combination of the current US, Canada, and Mexico. I really liked the the protagonist. Jackson a marine/super sniper is always trying to do the right thing. And hes really conflicted about it too as he tries to carry out the roles of his job, the demands of his country, and being a good dad (which isnt always easy with rebellious teenagers!) He just made for a character you root for--even when he misses certain clues or makes mistakes. There was a lot of depth to him. Overall a great read! I think anyone who enjoys thrillers will really love this novel. Even if its not your typical genre, I still suggest it as the issues it brings up are very relevant to todays world.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
New World Order_ Illuminati take over in Progress! This is what seems to be happening in T.T. Michael _FIRE WAR. This book is a frightening journey into the future with reminders of George Orwells-1984, Big Brother is watching you always and knows everything you are doing. I remember that book always from school and reading Fire War seems to carry on in that tradition of one man worship, adulation and admiration…the creepy President of the Future Frederick J. Meyers. The way this book take current events of these modern times, such as Terrorism, the need and want for security and safety of one’s family and country, what we should do about it, should we close our boarders off and only allow certain groups in to travel and the current protest of racial injustice and national flag, comes together in the future United States which is no longer the United States of America but The NAU-North American Union-joint one nation between Canada and the United States, after the assassination of Mexican President Espinoza as he agreed to meet with President Meyers in Mexico City it soon becomes the United Continental States of America, UCSA, a mega world superpower. With the mega dictator President Meyers everywhere, his posters and pictures are all in schools, children pledge allegiance to him, new national anthem is sung in praise to him, history and anything from the Old United States of America is banned and if you want to collect these items you do so underground or threats will be made against you and your family, you will be treated as a pariah or put in detention or rehabilitation. This is all for safety and he ended the threat of Terrorism. It makes you ask yourself, is this what we truly want for our country? Of course we want safety for all, no terrorism, domestic violence and mass shootings, etc. But at what cost? People go missing in the night never to be heard from, suicides because of being treated like a pariah under suspicion, but unemployment is down and everything seemly is prospering or so it seems. You have to get permission to travel to another state, security reason? Hmm, I didn’t like that too much and didn’t want to live under President’s Meyers America. From the start the story is told through Gunner Sergeant Anthony Jackson, a US Marine and one of the best snipers in the military! Jackson beloved in loyalty to family and country and he also believe in the President and all he was doing was to make American safe, he went alone with whatever law was imposed because it all means safety for the UCSA people. The more I read the book the more I begin to see from the beginning how people can follow one man’s direct order over everything. I guess being a little skeptic of all people no one can truly sway me towards them and all their beliefs and actions all the time! By the Time Jackson realize what was truly happening when the trouble got to close to his home and family, I was proud of his decision and can’t wait to read book II.
JBronder More than 1 year ago
Fifty or so years in the future, an act of terrorism has united the United States, Canada, and Mexico into the United Continental States of America (UCSA). Then the assassination of the Mexican president has put President Meyers in control of the UCSA. While in control, over the next several years, he has implemented several restrictions on freedoms and rights. But citizens seem to have accepted these restrictions if that means that they will stay safe from the terrorist group Harig Jihad, or Fire War. We follow Gunnery Sergeant Anthony Jackson as he is teaching his sniper skills to others in the military, taking a hard shot, then becoming an aid for President Meyers. We follow along as his marriage falls and the relationship with his daughters is strained. But then his oldest daughter Maya starts asking about those freedoms and rights that have been taken away from them. It gets him thinking and then he realizes that Maya is starting to make herself a target for those that want to keep this information quiet. What is Jackson going to do when it comes to keeping his family or his president safe? This book is full of dark possibilities. This is the story of a series of events that take our world today into a dictatorship all in the name of safety from terrorists. This is a great story of how easy it is to change people’s minds using fear. It happens all the time around us every day. Then using that fear start imposing restrictions in the name of safety. Then finally, if anyone brings up how much has been taken away or questions these actions, just have those few disappear. You wouldn’t want a couple of rotten apples ruining the whole bunch. It is the perfect recipe for disaster. But the part that got to me was how blindly Jackson went along with everything. Even after he got thinking and heard the truth at the end. Argh!!! This is a great story, very frustrating, but well written. This is a scary good story and one that I strongly recommend checking out. I can’t wait to get my hands on Fire War II: Treason. I received Fire War from Reading Addiction Virtual Book Tours for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.
JLaper More than 1 year ago
I wanted to like this book. It starts out really cute with Tom going to a baseball game with his father, present disasters (which is the bases of the book) and leading right down a road that ends in depression. Then we meet Gunnery Sergeant Anthony Jackson, who is the main character focal point as he remembers all the events that lead up to the current year standing guard for the the current president. It is a really nice way to inform the reader what happened before the book starts, it is also kind of delineation. This story is fictional based, but is using actual organizations, groups and years to set the reader’s mind with the plot line revolving around a war known as the Fire War that started 63 years before. With this being the first book in a series we are given all the information of how, what and when that will (hopefully) have more filled in as one reads the rest of the books. The cover is there to have something to look at, and it fits with the story looking gritty and slightly futuristic. This is for a more mature audience, or someone that likes to read dystonia stories. It is not something I would recommend.
Christina_Ortega_Phillips More than 1 year ago
The first in a trilogy, Fire War, written by T.T. Michael, is a unique combination of the political and thriller genres. To me, it was both reminiscent of 1984 and an interesting social commentary on what could happen when a government begins to have too much power. Michael opens this novel with a glimpse of a simple baseball game. His descriptions made me feel as if I were there, and I especially enjoyed the characterizations. But it is no ordinary ballgame; it is a setting for just one of several simultaneous acts of terrorism that would forever change the world. Readers then fast forward to 25 years later when both Canada and the United States have become one country and want Mexico to join them, too. Life seems to be great as we see it through the eyes of Gunnery Sergeant Anthony Jackson and we learn that unemployment is way down and people seem to live quite comfortably, but things are not always what they seem, as he begins to see things that arent so great: a new anthem that sings the praises of the president, a lack of elections, and difficulty traveling among states. Just when the book began to feel too slow and predictable, an event occurs that sets up the next book in the trilogy. There was a lot that I liked about this book. The story, for one, as it was unique and a fine blend of genres. Normally I dont read political thrillers, but this one was interesting. The fact that the once separate countries were merging was interesting. As I said before, parts of this book reminded me of 1984. When I read that book, I found myself wondering how exactly society had come to be that way; this novel feels like such an explanation. That is not to say that the books are connected in any way; there was just details of the society in Fire War that reminded me of 1984, like the rehabilitation of citizens and limited freedoms. There were also some things that I did not enjoy, such as the time skipping. The book began in 2051, but after that goes to 2076. From then on, there are minor time jumps. Each chapter is labeled so the reader is not disoriented, but I felt that messed with the flow of the book. Some chapters also opened with articles from newspapers. This was meant to help orient the reader and to explain events that Jackson did not see first hand. However, I felt like this made it read more like a script than a novel. There were events that I would have liked to see rather than just be told about. For me, the events at the end of the book were not surprising so I guess I could say that it was a bit predictable for me. I rate this book a 3 out of 5. It was mostly solid storytelling and I definitely want to read more to see what happens next in the world Michael has created. I found myself more interested in the political situation of the world more than the lives of the characters. Anyone who likes 1984 or would like to see what happens when a government has too much control should read this book.
GiBa More than 1 year ago
This book is thought provoking and scary on a political level. In the year 2080, will Americans be in bondage? Will we be living in fear, submitting to a dangerous higher power, brainwashed to think of one individual when the national anthem is played? Are we headed down that path now, unable to see it? I will be 95 when 2080 rolls around, probably too old to fight for my freedoms and liberties, but I would try. History is vitally important; those who don't know mistakes are doomed to repeat them. The natural tendency of certain individuals is to rise to the top as a leader, then create a sort of cult. I won't name names, but almost any well educated adult could list at least 5 of these personality types and the situations. Jackson is a good man, a good soldier, trained to take orders; his eyes are fixed on his leader, to the point of unnatural confidence in the President and his misuse of power to rule through fear. While the story is fiction, the question remains: where do we draw the line on liberties? Will we reach a point where the Constitution is basically null and void? This book is a good read, but terrifying in real life applications or future musings.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Cant wait to read book 2
Richie1 More than 1 year ago
Terrorist's declared Hariq Jihad (Fire War) on the free world. The United States and Canada formed the North American Union in an effort to squelch their efforts. President Meyers wanted Mexico to join the union, but while negotiations were going on, the Mexican president was killed by a sniper's bullet. Sergeant Anthony Jackson killed the assassin and became a presidential bodyguard. Mexico joined and the union became The United Continental States of America. As new laws were passed to protect it's citizens and restrict their liberties, the Apocalytes dedicated their lives to resurrecting the old constitution. Jackson dedicated his service to the president until his oldest daughter was arrested for sedition. Michael spins a fictional, political tale that will raise your subsequent thinking to a new level.
ReadersFavorite5 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Lit Amri for Readers' Favorite Late in the 21st century, the United Continental States of America (UCSA), comprising the former USA, Canada and Mexico, is running smoothly, thanks to President Meyers who also keeps the country safe from the terrorist group Hariq Jihad (‘Fire War’). As President Meyers’ personal security, Gunnery Sergeant Anthony Jackson is a highly trained and skilled Marine devoted to protecting his country, especially his family – his wife Courtney and daughters Maya and MacKenzie. However, he begins to get glimpses of discontent about the current situation. Fire War by T.T. Michael is a futuristic thriller that gives us insight into an intriguing yet terrifying future. The prose is clear cut and, with a solid premise and a tight plot, Michael delves deep into some troubling issues, the ones that we can’t ignore at all. Protagonist Jackson begins to fear for his family when his older daughter Maya begins to question the creeping erosion of personal liberties and the revoking of democratic rights. This is the highlight of the story for me. Comparing Michael’s Fire War with our world today is, to be frank, scary. This is because of the high possibilities of what could happen in the future. As Jackson is forced to rethink his loyalty and beliefs toward the government that he protected most of his life, readers will also ponder on the world political situation today. The line between liberty and safety is indeed difficult to deal with. Overall, Fire War is a great read, an unnerving examination of our world.
ReadersFavorite4 More than 1 year ago
ReadersFavorite3 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Paul Johnson for Readers' Favorite July 14, 2051 is the day it all began. A devastating terrorist attack is perpetuated by an until then unknown group called Hariq Jihad (Fire War) where a large number of people are killed at a game at Wrigley Field, Chicago, as well as three other simultaneous and well coordinated attacks across cities in the United States and Canada. As a consequence, the NAU, North American Union, is formed between the two countries. In the year 2076 things are destined to change again, and the life of Gunnery Sergeant Anthony Jackson will become a major part of it. Jackson is ready to retire and is eager to go home and begin life as a loving and caring father to his two daughters. In the blink of an eye the change comes and Jackson is right in the middle at the birth of a nation called the United Continental States of America in which Mexico, Canada and the United States become one nation. Jackson is called to serve UCSA President Meyers, but soon begins to have doubts about the things around him and discovers that many are not exactly what they appear to be, but are they ever? I found Fire War by T.T. Michael to be an interesting, thought provoking tale of what one future could hold. It started a little slowly for me but once the actions started, it picked right up. The characters were interesting and well developed. The reader will get a feeling right from the start that things may just not be what they seem. The dialogue was consistent and well versed. The story was steadily paced and easy to read and understand. Overall, nicely done.
ReadersFavorite2 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Ray Simmons for Readers' Favorite Fire War by T.T. Michael is my type of novel. First, it’s protagonist is a sergeant in the United States military. Doesn't matter to me whether we’re talking Marine, Army, or even Navy Seal. I like good, well told, realistic stories about all these guys. Next, Fire War takes place in the future. Around the year 2051 to be more precise, though the story jumps back and forth in time a little. This is the near future, a future some people reading this review will see. When done well, near future stories about the United States are much more interesting to me than tales that take place long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away, though I like those stories too. The bottom line for me is that Fire War takes place in a future very easy to imagine because elements of it are in place today and Gunnery Sergeant Anthony Jackson is someone I can totally relate to because I have been in his boots and done his job. In the world of Fire War, the United States and Canada have become the North American Union. Terrorism is still a threat but wears a new name. Al Qaeda and Isis are old news. The new threat is called Hariq Jihad, or Fire War. Gunnery Sergeant Jackson is the best sniper in the NAU and boy, is his story exciting! Great writing and realistic depictions of the dilemmas many American service members have had to face made Fire War a fast, exciting read. This future seems totally possible, even probable. I really enjoyed this book and this probable future. I can’t wait to read more of it.
ReadersFavorite1 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Francine Zane for Readers' Favorite Fire War by T.T. Michael is about Anthony Jackson, a sharpshooter and devoted father. When he proves his loyalty to his nation and President Meyers, he goes from military man to a position on the President's staff. He has a first hand view of an ever-changing world during the mid-21st century. It isn't until his own daughter begins questioning the loss of civil liberties and basic rights that Jackson begins to question his loyalties to the President, who has so skillfully manipulated the public's fear of terrorism for his purposes. T.T. Michael expertly weaves a futuristic tale of a devoted soldier, loving father and loyal American around many of the same issues that Americans struggle with today — including the balance between protecting civil rights with the security and prosperity of the nation. Fire War is a thinking man's dystopian novel written from the perspective of a strong adult male with concerns that most people can relate to. Anthony Jackson, for all his skill and knowledge, is portrayed as the average man doing the best he can with the hand he was dealt. Read Fire War with an open mind to the possibilities and be ready to take a hard look at your present beliefs and how much you would be willing to give up for the promise of a brighter future. This is one dystopian thriller that you'll want to share with family and friends, both for the entertainment value and as a reminder of the Benjamin Franklin quote: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."
Lennette More than 1 year ago
Fire War by T.T. Michael is a gripping eye-opener that proves just how subtly our civil liberties can be stripped from us under the guise of “what is best.” Gunnery Sergeant Anthony Jackson’s last assignment to Mexico as active Marine results in a catastrophe that no one saw coming. Afraid that his wife is about to divorce him, he accepts a job as part of the protection detail for President Meyers at the invitation of the man himself. After a terrible act of terrorism, the story gives us a glimpse of the United Continental States of America (UCSA), a futuristic society made up of the United States, Canada, and Mexico. All borders to the outside world close; health care and schooling are top notch; and all citizens are safe from terrorist acts. Or are they? This euphoric democracy slowly and cunningly turns into a dictatorship right under everybody’s nose. Anthony Jackson notices some of the President’s actions that are not quite right, but he loves his country and remains loyal to its leader even though his conscience is trying to tell him something. The government tolerates no dissention and Anthony just wants to keep his head down, go to work, and see to the safety of his family. Follow Anthony as he very slowly admits to himself that something is not right with this administration and only when the unthinkable happens to someone close to him does he realize how mistaken he has been. He vows to undo the wrong that only a few know about and bring the country back to the constitutional entity that it once was. Even though this account is fictional it made me think of what could happen with an unchecked leader and a complacent people. I could not put this book down because I kept waiting for Anthony to do something but I guess it was just not to be in this book; therefore, I think that Mr. Michael owes us a sequel. Someone has to check the power hungry monster that calls himself the President of the UCSA!