First Intelligence: Using the Science and Spirit of Intuition

First Intelligence: Using the Science and Spirit of Intuition

by Simone Wright
First Intelligence: Using the Science and Spirit of Intuition

First Intelligence: Using the Science and Spirit of Intuition

by Simone Wright


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Practical Ways to Tap into and Use Your Highest Wisdom

Each day, we are bombarded with data and opinions, and each day we must make choices that steer us toward our own best approach to life. And, according to Simone Wright, we often forget or don’t understand how to use the best tool available: our intuition, which is our “first intelligence” that can cut through the chatter to inherent wisdom. She explains that intuition is an innate and universal biological and energetic function that can be used like a human GPS system to guide us toward effective action and peak performance. Riveting examples and powerful exercises demonstrate how we can use this “sixth sense” as naturally as any, in all areas of our lives.

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ISBN-13: 9781608682461
Publisher: New World Library
Publication date: 05/27/2014
Pages: 280
Sales rank: 901,783
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Simone Wright is a highly respected intuitive consultant, award-winning entrepreneur, and globally collected artist. She teaches and consults internationally, working with clients ranging from elite athletes, law enforcement personnel, and health care providers to entertainers, CEOs, and entrepreneurs. She lives in Los Angeles.

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“Three and three.” It was the second time in one day I had heard those words.
These were the first impressions I received as I stepped into the non-descript Vietnamese restaurant in a non-descript strip mall in a non-descript part of town. The walls of the restaurant were painted a sunny, butter yellow and there was an aquarium filled with fish by the front door. In the Asian art of Feng-Shui, the symbolic energies of the color yellow and the living fish are used to generate happiness, harmony and prosperity, but they did little to disguise the flurry of unsettling images and feelings I was inundated with as I stepped into the foyer.

I had been dropped off at the restaurant by a police detective friend of mine, who knowing of my skills as an intuitive, invited me on a field test to give my abilities a work out and to see what, if anything, I could come up with.
Mark had been a police officer for over 20 years, much of that time spent undercover and as a detective specializing in drugs, vice and homicide. He phoned earlier that day with an assignment for me. The call was unexpected as I was only in town for about twelve hours as a lay over on my way back to Los Angeles after teaching a weekend intuition workshop in Canada.
Being careful not to divulge too much detail, Mark informed me he would be picking me up in a couple hours to, ‘Take me to a scene’. That was it. No further information, no details; no other clues. Yet, no sooner had the statement left his mouth when the words. ‘Three and three.’ flashed in my mind, along with an overwhelming sense of unease. I knew instantly that what lay ahead was not going to be a pleasant walk in the park and I knew with even more certainty, that more than one person was dead.

The owner of the restaurant was a tiny man with a kind face and he greeted me at the hosts’ desk and asked me if I wanted a table. He didn’t know who I was or why I was there; in fact in that precise moment even I didn’t know why I was there. Even if I did, how would I explain it to him any way?

It would have been strange to come into his place of business and not get anything to eat, so I ordered some noodles and chicken ‘to-go’ and sat at a small table while I casually scanned the room and pretended to read a menu. My order took less than ten minutes to prepare, but that was more than enough time for me to get what I needed. I thanked the host for his speedy service and wished him well. I felt sad for him. Based on what I could sense, I knew he had been through a lot.

Mark was waiting for me outside. I climbed into the car and holding my fingers up said, “Three”. He nodded silently.

The information played itself out like a movie in my head, and came in rapid-fire images. I have learned over time to just let the perceptions flow, no editing, no thinking, no rationalizing, interpreting or second-guessing. First impressions are the only impression given any voice. I say it like I see it.

“Three inside. Three outside. Two hit inside. One hit outside. The one hit outside didn’t belong. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time, an innocent bystander. This was a gang hit. The victims knew their assassins. Little guy in first. He held the door for the big guy who came in second. Both shooting. Two different guns, 9 mm semi-automatic.

Bang. Bang. Bangbangbang. Woman screams. Third guy outside. Parked in a silver car. Waiting at the far end of the parking lot. Southwest side. Snowy. Grey. Icy. He didn’t know what was going to happen, but went along anyway. Wasn’t in on the plan.”

I went on to give detailed physical descriptions of the shooters and a general description of the driver and was also able to provide additional background for possible locations for the weapons used. Gradually the information trickled to a stop. I felt energized by the process but I was sad for everyone involved.
Mark remained stoic as I rattled off the information, never once acknowledging whether I was hot or cold. He was good at not giving anything away.
It was obvious to me by now that this had been a triple homicide, a gang related hit that used the restaurant as its killing ground. There were three victims and three perpetrators. Now I understood what was meant by the earlier impressions of ‘Three and three’.

“Well,” Mark said. “Pretty impressive. You were spot on. I’d say you had 90 to 95% accuracy on what we already know. You even had the ‘hold back.’”
‘Hold back’ is the information that law enforcement knows about a case but never releases to the public or the media; they ‘hold it back.’ It is their ace in the hole, it is the tiny but crucial secrets that may be just what they need to break a case or secure a suspect. I was able to see the hold back and when you are working with law enforcement that is what is needed to turn a skeptic into a supporter. Even though Mark already believed in my work, this validation was important to both of us.

“Getting the hold back is good,” he continued, “Because, listen, even though I know you didn’t, because I didn’t even tell you where we were going today … you still could have used Google or something to get your intel. Hold back is big.” He’s such a cop.

We sat together in silence for a little while when Mark said, “Say … Would you be interested … I mean, would you want to do this work for the police department full time?”

I laughed; I was surprised that he would ask me such a question but was pleased that he was impressed enough with my work to see its value in solving crime, but without hesitation said, “Hell no!”

I sense and feel everything in a case like this, the fear, the anger, the sadness and the residual confusion. Sometimes I feel the pain of a victim and the shame of a perpetrator. There are strong energies on all sides of such an event and it is often a very dark place to be. I was glad to be of service in this case and those I have assisted on in the past, but there is no way I would want to do it on a regular basis. I simply wouldn’t be able to handle it.
Then before I knew what I was saying, I blurted out, “But what if I could teach the cops to do what I do? Intuition, I mean. Would that interest you?”
Mark looked at me like I had two heads. “You can do that? This stuff can be taught?”


“You don’t have to be gifted, or psychic or spiritual or special?”

“No. Anyone can do it. We are born to do it. I mean maybe not exactly how I can do it but everyone can develop their natural skills so they can use them to assist them in life. That’s what I teach in my workshops. This intelligence is in our biology. It’s a head – heart thing. Not a voodoo, woo-woo thing. The teaching process might be different for cops, because they need more facts, but I can teach anyone how to do it.”

Nine months later I was in a room full of twenty-two seasoned police detectives from various departments teaching them how to do what I do. For the cops that meant how to use their intuition to assist them in solving cases, to communicate more effectively with witnesses, to discover new theories of a crime, to stay healthy and reduce stress.

But for everyday people like you and me, that means accessing our highest wisdom to achieve wealth, or to make the most potent decision about which career path is in our best interest. For others it may be about making powerful health choices, or determining what is best for a relationship. The opportunities for it to be put to work are as limitless and unique as the individuals who use it and are shaped only by the desires and dreams of those people.

The journey I took to get to this place of knowledge and understanding about what we are all capable of hasn’t always been easy, nor has the path always been clear. But I know now, more than ever, after over 20 years of research and study, that each and every one of us is hardwired to be powerfully intuitive and we all have a direct line to our Highest Wisdom and most potent inner guidance. Not by virtue of some of us being gifted, or spiritually special or paranormally spooky for that matter, but rather by the simple virtue of our being human.

I have come to call this intelligence; ‘First Intelligence’ because it develops long before we are ever taught anything that the external world has to teach us, and it is in operation before we even know that we can know. The power of intuition is our birthright and learning how to use it is more important, than it ever has been before.

I consider it an honor and a privilege to be able to help you do just that.

As a side note, within two months of my intuitive fieldwork with Mark, two arrests were made in the triple homicide case that I looked at. Within six months a third arrest had been made. All three went to trial and are now serving life sentences.


First Intelligence is a multifaceted language that communicates with and through us in a number of sophisticated yet elegant ways. The third P in the Peace/Perception/Precision triad ~ Precision ~ plays the strongest role in how we begin to effectively and consistently recognize the voice of our higher wisdom. This precision is reflected not only in our ability to become intimate with how our body and mind uses it, but also in understanding the various ways in which intuition manifests itself to guide us both physically and spiritually to our highest good.

I call these understandings ‘facets’ because like the multiple surfaces on a diamond, all are necessary in empowering the gem to reveal its most potent brilliance. The beauty and sparkle of a diamond is only possible when light is clearly focused through the multiple facets cut into its surface, the more facets it possesses, the more brilliant and multi-dimensional is the reflection of light. It is the steady and precise hand of the diamond cutter that cleaves off the sides of a rough stone who ultimately determines how radiantly that stone will shine.

Intuition works the same way for us; the light of our Soul is reflected through our consciousness and is focused into the world. We as the diamond cutters of our destiny must approach using First Intelligence with the same level of precision; and be willing to courageously cleave off the unnecessary parts of our self in order to ensure that the truest light of our being is what it reflected into the world.
In order to use these facets in a powerful way, we first need to know what they are.

Table of Contents

Introduction. The Power of First Intelligence: Creating a new Paradigm

Part I. The Biology of Intuition: Living in the Material World

Chapter 1. Your Trilateral Intelligence System
Chapter 2. The Hidden Wisdom of DNA
Chapter 3. The Power of the Unified Field

Part II. The Foundation of Intuitive Intelligence

Chapter 4. Peace
Chapter 5. Perception
Chapter 6. Precision

Part III. The Facets of First Intelligence: Learning the Language of Intuition

Chapter 7. The Trinity of Mind
Chapter 8. The Four Levels of Intuition

Part IV. Playing in the Intuitive Field

Chapter 9. Speaking the Language
Chapter 10. Step 1: Generating Coherence
Chapter 11. Step 2: Accessing the Field
Chapter 12. Step 3: The Power of the "Ask"
Chapter 13. Step 4: Noticing Your Noticing
Chapter 14. Step 5: Interpretation
Chapter 15. Step 6: Taking Inspired Action
Chapter 16. Step 7: Fruition

Conclusion. Meeting Your Destiny

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