Fly Fishing Houston & Southeastern Texas

Fly Fishing Houston & Southeastern Texas

by Robert H. McConnell
Fly Fishing Houston & Southeastern Texas

Fly Fishing Houston & Southeastern Texas

by Robert H. McConnell


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Bayou City: An Angler’s Paradise

The fourth-largest city in the U.S. has a secret hiding in plain sight: All that water means it’s a fabulous place for fly fishing. Travel no further than to the city’s “concrete flats” to stalk carp with Houston’s iconic skyline as a backdrop. Just outside the metro area, wade in the secluded spring-fed waters of the Pineywoods to find spotted bass, largemouth bass, and a variety of panfish. Launch a canoe or kayak in nearby lakes and backwaters to search for gar and bowfin. Add some adventure with a trip to Village Creek, a fascinating biozone where bass and catfish thrive along with four varieties of carnivorous plants and 35 species of orchids. With Fly Fishing Houston & Southeastern Texas as your guide, discover the rewards for anglers this unique region offers, from inside the city limits to the countryside beyond.

  • 38 detailed on-the-water descriptions of "wades" located on 12 unique streams and waterways
  • Descriptions of access points for paddles in local lakes 
  • Suggestions for creating personalized fly boxes for southeastern Texas
  • More than 300 color photographs, including close-ups of the key sport fish available
  • QR codes supplying GPS coordinates for optimal parking for each wade location
  • Recommendations for the best gear to get started fly fishing
  • Angler-friendly breweries and fly shops
  • Local history, info, and events
  • Insider tips for sneaking up on fish
  • An overview of current water use regulations in the Houston area and how anglers can help keep streams, creeks, bayous, and even ditches available to fly fishing enthusiasts

 Silver Medalist, Outdoor Adventure Guides, 2023 National Outdoor Book Awards (NOBA).

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781945501609
Publisher: Imbrifex Books
Publication date: 02/07/2023
Series: The Local Angler , #2
Pages: 376
Sales rank: 443,510
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Robert H. McConnell was born and raised in Western Pennsylvania. It was in the shadow of the Allegheny Mountains where he developed an affinity for fishing and the outdoors. In college, Robert pursued a degree in geology, one of the only majors that offered frequent field trips to the great outdoors. After graduating, Robert began a career in the oil and gas industry, which brought him to the wilds of northern Pennsylvania. He began fly fishing in earnest after discovering the joys of hiking into remote streams in pursuit of native brook trout. In 2014, Robert and his wife, Ellen, moved from their home in rural Pennsylvania to Houston, Texas, where they reside today. Robert continues his passion for fly fishing, but instead of chasing native brook trout, he now pursues the multitude of warmwater fish species that live in the waterways surrounding Houston. Robert especially enjoys exploring the more remote waterways, including those in the Pineywoods of East Texas. Robert is also the author of Fly Fishing the Sam: A Guidebook to Exploring the Creeks, Rivers, and Bayous of Sam Houston National Forest.

Table of Contents

Part 1 First Things 9

Introduction to Fly Fishing Houston and the Surrounding Waterways 10

Chapter 1 A Brief Look at The Bayou City and Its Vast Waterways 11

Chapter 2 How to Use This Book 25

Chapter 3 Gearing up for Southeastern Texas 31

Chapter 4 A Southeast Texas Fly Box 43

Part 2 Pineywoods Waters 53

Behind the Pine Curtain 54

Chapter 5 West Fork San Jacinto River and Lake Conroe 57

1 Stubblefield Lake Recreational Area 61

2 The First Jungle 63

3 Stow-A-Way Marina 65

4 1-45 Wade (Wading or Paddling Downstream from 1-45 Bridge) 69

5 Woodloch Wade (Wading Upstream from the Community of Woodloch) 73

Chapter 6 East Fork San Jacinto River 79

6 Lone Star Hiking Trail (LSHT) Wade (Wading Upstream from the LSHT Footbridge) 83

7 Low Water Bridge (Wading Upstream from the Low Water Bridge) 88

8 One-Oh-Five Wade (Wading Downstream from the TX105 bypass bridge) 93

Chapter 7 Peach Creek and Caney Creek 99

9 The Bridge to Nowhere (Wading Upstream from the Bridge) 104

10 Roman Forest Wade (Wading Upstream from Roman Forest Boulevard) 109

11 Canoe Launch Wade (Wading Upstream from the Canoe Launch Road Parking Lot) 115

12 Confluence Float (Paddling Caney Creek, Upstream from the Confluence of Peach and Caney Creeks) 118

Chapter 8 Spring Creek 123

13 Riley Fuzz Wade (Wading Upstream from the Bridge) 126

14 Carter Park Wade (Wading Upstream from Carter Park Canoe Launch) 133

15 Bald Eagle Wade (Wading or Paddling Downstream from Carter Park) 134

Part 3 Legal, Safe, and Ethical 141

Know Your Rights, Be Safe, Respect the Resource 142

Chapter 9 Texas Laws Regarding Access to Our Shared Waterways 143

Chapter 10 Staying Safe in the Woods and Urban Fisheries 155

Chapter 11 Ethics of Fly Fishing 163

Part 4 The Concrete Flats and Other Urban Waters 171

Urban Fly Fishing 172

Chapter 12 Cypress Creek 175

16 Coyote Float (Paddling Downstream from Mercer Arboretum to Cypresswood Drive) 179

Chapter 13 Sheldon Lake 187

17 Garrett Road Kayak Launch 193

18 Pineland Road Boat Ramp 198

Chapter 14 White Oak Bayou and Little White Oak Bayou 201

19 Tidwell Wade (Wading Downstream from the Park) 207

20 Stude Park Wade (Walking Downstream from the Park) 211

21 Little White Oak Bayou at Woodland Park 215

Chapter 15 Buffalo Bayou and Its Tributaries 219

22 T-103 Ditch (Hiking Upstream from the Bridge) 225

23 Mason Creek (Wading Downstream from the Bridge) 228

24 Briarbend Paddle (Paddling Downstream from the Park) 232

Chapter 16 Brays Bayou 239

25 610 Flats (Wading Downstream from the Bridge) 246

26 Marmon Flats (Wading Downstream from the Bridge) 250

27 Bevlyn Flats (Confluence of Concrete Outflow and Brays Bayou) 253

28 Poor Farm Ditch (Confluence of Poor Farm Ditch and Brays Bayou) 255

29 Hermann Park Flats to 288 Flats (Wading Downstream from South MacGregor Way Bridge) 257

Chapter 17 Urban Park Ponds and Lakes 261

30 Burroughs Park 264

31 Northsbore Park 266

32 Mary Jo Peckham Park 267

33 Lake Friendswood Park 269

34 Marshall Lake 271

35 Tom Bass Regional Park 273

Part 5 Sporting Fishes of Southeastern Texas 275

A Grab Bag of Fishes 276

Chapter 18 King of the Bayous: The Black Basses of Southeast Texas 277

Chapter 19 Panfish: The Scrappy Flyweights 283

Chapter 20 Carp: Ditch Tarpon 289

Chapter 21 Gar and Bowfin: The Dinosaurs 295

Chapter 22 White and Yellow Basses: The "True" (Temperate) Basses 303

Chapter 23 Other Fishes, Including Exotics 307

Part 6 Farther Afield: Village Creek 313

A Brief History of the Big Thicket 314

Chapter 24 Village Creek 319

36 Baby Galvez Float (Paddling Downstream from the Bridge) 324

37 Panfish Paddle (Paddling Downstream from the Bridge) 328

38 Village Creek State Park (Paddling Upstream or Downstream in Close Proximity to the State Park) 331

Part 7 The Future of Houston Waterways 335

Surface Water and Demand 336

Chapter 25 An Angler's Role in Protecting Water Resources 339


Shops, Clubs, Guides, Liveries 347

Stream Access 353

Acknowledgments 357

Photo Credits 360

Sources and Further Reading 361

Index 365

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