Fly Me

Fly Me

by Daniel Riley


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A nation on the verge of a new era-and a girl caught between her past and the ever-expanding present.

Now a Los Angeles Times Bestseller!

The year is 1972, and the beaches of Los Angeles are the center of the world. Dropping into the embers of the drug and surf scene is Suzy Whitman, who has tossed her newly minted Vassar degree aside to follow her older sister into open skies and the borderless adventures of stewardessing for Grand Pacific Airlines.

In Sela del Mar, California-a hedonistic beach town in the shadow of LAX-Suzy skateboards, suntans, and flies daily and nightly across the country. Motivated by a temporary escape from her past and a new taste for danger and belonging, Suzy falls into a drug-trafficking scheme that clashes perilously with the skyjacking epidemic of the day.

Rendered in the brilliant color of the age and told with spectacular insight and clarity, Fly Me is a story of dark discovery set in the debauchery of 1970s Los Angeles.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780316362115
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Publication date: 07/03/2018
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 400
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.10(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Daniel Riley is a Senior Editor at GQ Magazine . He grew up in Manhattan Beach, California, and lives in New York City. This is his first novel.

What People are Saying About This

author of The Last Flight of Poxl West - Daniel Torday

“With thin wild mercury rhythms and electrifying prose, Daniel Riley’s debut announces the arrival of a masterful novelist, giving of flashes of DeLillo, Joan Didion, Dana Spiotta, even a glint of Pynchon. Fly Me does for ‘70s L.A. What Garth Risk Hallberg did for NYC in the same period. This is one to gulp down, and then savor.”

author of Thalassa and Half World - Scott O'Connor

"Fly Me is a vivid, virtuosic novel. Daniel Riley conjures a place and time as vibrant and compelling as the embattled young woman at the heart of his story."

author of All Soul's Rising and Master of the Crossroads - Madison Smartt Bell

"Daniel Riley's Fly Me conjures back the feeling of a long-passed decade in living color, flesh and bone—redolent of risk and possibility. This riveting novel is a window into a world we've forgotten we come from."

author of #1 IndieNext Pick Painted Horses - Malcolm Brooks

"Standing right on the corner of Don Winslow and Exile On Main Street, Daniel Riley conjures something remarkable—an unerring fusion of contemporary white-knuckled thriller and rawly elegant period piece, set at the moment the Viet Nam-era counter-culture cracked wide enough to fly a skyjacked plane through. If scintillating writing and Hitchcockian dread weren't enough, Riley also gives us Suzy Whitman, a classical heroine thrust by history and circumstance into the dangerous territory of modern autonomy, with uncharted modern consequences. Absolutely first-rate."

author of The Only Words That Are Worth Remembering - Jeffrey Rotter

"Fly Me digs under the endless summer sand of Southern California to confirm what every young person suspects: the world is a conspiracy. I cheered as Riley's heroine Suzy broke free from the sinister forces controlling her destiny to chart her own crazy flight plan."

The Invaders - Karolina Waclawiak

"In his assured debut novel Fly Me, Daniel Riley uses crackling dialogue and meticulously drawn prose to evoke a sun-bleached 1970s tableau that hums with a raw mix of possibility and danger. The kind you'd want to escape into."

National Book Award-winning author of Perfume River - Robert Olen Butler

"Suzy Whitman, Fly Me's central figure, is one of the most compelling and beautifully realized characters I've read in many a moon. And she inhabits an era—the Seventies—that has much to say to us in these parlous times of ours. This is a dazzling debut by an important new novelist."

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